Morgan State University 5 people were wounded in a shootin..

Morgan State University 5 people were wounded in a shooting

Morgan State University was the scene of a shooting incident on Tuesday. During the homecoming week festivities at the university, which took place on Tuesday, five individuals were injured in a shooting incident. Fortunately, none of the injuries were severe, and it all happened against the backdrop of an extended lockdown at the historically Black college.

Students took shelter in various places for nearly four hours while the police conducted searches in the rooms. Classes for Wednesday were canceled as a precaution.

No Life-Threatening Injuries

Police Commissioner Richard Worley revealed that the five victims, comprising four males and one female, were aged between 18 and 22. None of them sustained life-threatening injuries, as reported during a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Campus Shooting: Investigation Ongoing

Morgan State University Police Chief Lance Hatcher confirmed that among the casualties, four were students of the university. However, no arrests have been made, and the police have not released any information about potential suspects. Worley stated that investigators were still unsure how many shooters were involved.

Morgan State University

The shooting occurred shortly after the crowning ceremony at the Murphy Fine Arts Center and the conclusion of Morgan State University’s homecoming festivities, as students were making their way across campus.

Connor Crawford, a sophomore at Morgan State University, recounted how he and his friends were waiting for the start of the homecoming football game when they saw people running on campus. Initially, they were puzzled about the commotion and where they should go.

Gunshots Reported, Shelter-in-Place Lifted

Gunshots Reported

Worley mentioned that police heard gunshots and several windows in Chaturvedi Hall, a dormitory building, were shattered, leading authorities to initially suspect an active shooter on campus. He stated that they lifted the shelter-in-place order around 12:30 AM when officers cleared a building where a suspect had fled.

Students Leaving Arts Center Amid Chaos

In the hours after midnight, groups of students, wearing orange markers, began leaving the Arts Center building where they had sought refuge. Many individuals attempted to cope with the chaos and fear that had overshadowed what should have been a celebratory evening.

Markers and Crime Tape at the Shooting Scene

Orange markers on the ground outside a building across from Chaturvedi Hall, Chaturvedi Annex, indicated the location of the shooting. Yellow crime tape cordoned off the area as officers used flashlights to search for evidence.

Concerned Parents at Campus Checkpoint

Parents gathered outside the south gate of the campus, where police had set up a checkpoint. James Wollbe, a Morgan State student with a young daughter, said he would not leave until he had confirmation of her safety. He expressed his disbelief at the situation and emphasized that his daughter was there to promote positivity and that this incident was a stark contrast.

Classes Canceled, Emergency Meeting Called

David Wilson, President of Morgan State University, announced the cancellation of Wednesday’s classes and stated that they would hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday morning to determine whether homecoming-related events, scheduled for the rest of the week, would proceed as planned.

He expressed his sadness that this incident had occurred at the university, saying, “In no way will this define us as a university.”

University’s Historical Background

According to its website, the university, which has approximately 9,000 students, was founded in 1867 as the Centenary Biblical Institute with the initial mission of educating men for the ministry. It moved to its current location in Northeast Baltimore in 1917 and was purchased by the state of Maryland in 1939 to provide more opportunities for Black city residents.

Mayor Calls for National Gun Reform

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott noted a recent decrease in the city’s overall homicide rate and called Tuesday’s shooting a reminder of the need for gun reform at the national level. He emphasized the importance of addressing the issue of guns seriously.

“We have to deal with guns on a national level,” Scott said. “We can’t keep losing generations.”

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