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What to Know?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have surged ahead, starting with a 12.5-point advantage for the game. North Western has recently enjoyed a three-game home stand, but they’re about to confront their road challenges. Each week, following a brief break, the North Western Wildcats and Nebraska Cornhuskers are set to square off at 3:30 PM ET on October 21st at Memorial Stadium in Tom Osborne Field. Both teams are entering this game with previous victories. Just two weeks ago, a closely contested match unfolded, with North Western narrowly defeating Howard with a score of 23-20.

While the final result aligned with expectations, Howard’s performance injected an element of competitiveness beyond what was initially anticipated. Leading the charge for the Wildcats was Brandon Sullivan, who notched an impressive 131 yards and two touchdowns with a 72.2 percent completion rate, leaving an indelible mark in the touchdown category.

Embracing the Drama: Tennessee vs. Alabama

Embracing the Drama: Tennessee vs. Alabama

As you look forward to the Tennessee vs. Alabama matchup, remember that every game carries its own story, filled with exciting plays and standout performances, much like the encounter between North Western and Nebraska.

In contrast, they managed a victory against Illinois on October 6th with a score of 20-7. A win was much needed, considering Nebraska was coming off a 45-7 loss in their previous match. Plus, the upcoming matchup between Tennessee and Alabama promises to be an exciting one. While Nebraska didn’t witness a standout performance from any particular player, they managed to secure their victory thanks to the collective contributions of Heinrich Harberg and Anthony Grant.

Tale of Two Teams: North Western and Nebraska’s Season Progression

This recent win brought North Western’s season record to an even 3-3. In contrast, Nebraska is on a hot streak, with three victories in their last four matches, setting up a significant challenge for their current 3-3 season record. North Western faces a tough battle this week, and experts have labeled them as 10.5-point underdogs.

Meanwhile, the upcoming matchup between Tennessee and Alabama is also anticipated to be intense, promising some thrilling football action. North Western left Nebraska trailing in their previous encounter in August 2022, winning with a score of 31-28. The question remains: will North Western replicate their previous success, or has Nebraska devised a more effective game plan this time? We’ll soon find out.


  • According to the latest college football odds, Nebraska is a significant 10.5-point favorite against North Western. The Nebraska Cornhuskers have surged ahead, starting with a 12.5-point advantage for the game.
  • The over/under is set at 40 points. For more insights into college football picks, including this matchup, consult the latest SportsLine computer model. Make your choices now, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the Tennessee vs. Alabama game

Injury Report for Nebraska:

  •  Rahmir Johnson: Season-Ending Injury (Shoulder)
  •   Marques Washington: Out for the Season (Knee)
  •   Eric Gilbert: Out (Not injury-related)
  •   Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda: Season-Ending Knee Injury
  •  Gabe Ervin Jr.: Out for the Season (Hip
  •  Deontai Williams: Out (Undisclosed)
  •  Jake Lauer: Possible (Undisclosed)
  •   Frank Kowei Chol: Questionable (Undisclosed)
  •  Jake Fitzgerald: Questionable (Undisclosed)
  •  Chris Peterson: Questionable (Undisclosed)
  •  Jake Appleget: Possible (Undisclosed)

As you keep an eye on the Tennessee vs. Alabama game, it’s worth noting the series’ history between North Western and Nebraska. Additionally, Nebraska’s injury report highlights the challenges they face.

The Centennial Clash at Memorial Stadium

The Centennial Clash at Memorial Stadium

The 100th anniversary of Memorial Stadium marked an intense showdown. In the opening minutes of the game, Nebraska found itself in a precarious situation against North Western. In the early stages of the game, the Huskers faced adversity with their first two drives resulting in consecutive turnovers, which granted the Wildcats prime field position. However, Nebraska displayed resilience and determination, orchestrating a remarkable comeback that ultimately led to a hard-fought 17-9 victory.

Heinrich Harberg, despite a turbulent start with two turnovers, swiftly regained his stride. With a focus on avoiding costly mistakes, he completed 17 passes for a total of 85 yards and recorded a crucial touchdown. On the ground, he showcased his prowess, amassing 72 yards and adding another touchdown through 16 carries. Emmit Johnson emerged as the leading rusher for the Huskers, accumulating an impressive 73 yards on 12 carries.

Previewing the Tennessee vs. Alabama Showdown

As you stay tuned for the Tennessee vs. Alabama matchup, remember that in the world of football, resilience and determination often lead to come-from-behind victories, just like the one Nebraska achieved in this hard-fought battle against North Western. Although North Western ended up with more total yards in their favor, the Huskers’ defense proved formidable, holding the Wildcats to just nine points. Blake Shortz played a pivotal role, contributing eight tackles during the game.

Nonetheless, the Huskers had to work diligently to put points on the board. But when Nebraska did manage to score, it carried significant weight. Harberg’s early touchdown proved to be a game-changer, propelling the Huskers to a 17-6 lead with his impressive 44-yard touchdown pass to Malachi Coleman. As you anticipate the upcoming Tennessee vs. Alabama showdown, remember that pivotal plays, like Harberg’s touchdown pass, can shape the outcome of any football game.

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