Ohio Election Results 2024: Trump-Endorsed Bernie Moreno C..

Ohio Election Results 2024: Trump-Endorsed Bernie Moreno Clinches Victory in Ohio’s GOP Primary


Ohio election results bring exciting news from the heart of Ohio! In a significant turn of events, Bernie Moreno, the Senate hopeful backed by former President Trump, has emerged victorious in Ohio’s GOP Primary. The Ohio election results have underscored Moreno’s triumph as he clinched the nomination in a closely watched race. With Trump’s endorsement lending considerable weight, Moreno’s win signifies a notable shift in the political landscape. Ohio voters have made their voices heard, signaling their preference for Moreno’s vision and leadership. As the dust settles on the Ohio election results, Moreno’s victory sets the stage for an electrifying showdown in the upcoming Senate race.

Bernie Moreno’s Primary Victory

The former car dealership owner triumphed in a three-way race, defeating other fundamental challengers who experienced setbacks with Ohio GOP voters due to their association with former President Donald Trump. Speaking to supporters on Tuesday evening, Bernie Moreno expressed gratitude for Trump’s endorsement and trust, saying, “We’re going to take back the United States Senate. We’re going to keep President Trump in the White House. We’re going to finish America’s first agenda.” Moreno emphasized that if elected, he would focus on Trump’s policies, including securing American borders, restoring “law and order,” and reducing dependence on foreign energy, as the Ohio election results echoed.

Trump’s Rally for Moreno

Just days before the polls closed, Trump held a rally in Ohio for Moreno, labeling him as “America’s first champion” and “a political outsider who has spent his entire life building Ohio communities,” a sentiment that resonated strongly with the Ohio election results. Despite Democratic opponent Sen. Sherrod Brown acknowledging Moreno’s win on social media, stating, “It’s evident in Ohio: Bernie Moreno’s focus remains solely on his career and campaign, a sentiment echoed by critics. Trump’s sway was felt throughout the intense primary race, leaving its mark on the Ohio election outcome.”

Key Endorsements Influence Ohio Election Results

Senator Matt Dolan, a Republican candidate running against Moreno, received crucial endorsements from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and former U.S. Senator Rob Portman, key figures within the Ohio GOP establishment, which added an intriguing dimension to the Ohio election results. Another fundamental rival of Moreno, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, declared his support for the former president. However, it was Moreno who received Trump’s endorsement late last year, with the former president having a strong track record of support within the state. This factor significantly influenced the Ohio election results.

Moreno’s Senate Challenge

Trump-Endorsed Bernie Moreno
Moreno’s Senate Challenge

Moreno will challenge Democrat Brown in what promises to be a closely watched Senate race, with its outcome potentially shaping the balance of power in the Senate next year, a critical aspect highlighted by the Ohio election results. This victory marks the first for 57-year-old Moreno, a Cleveland-area entrepreneur who once owned a luxury car dealership.

Moreno, whose family immigrated from Colombia to America when he was a child, poured more than $5 million of his own money into the race. However, he faced late advertising pushes from a political action committee aligned with Democratic senators and nearly $2.7 million in ads promoting his Trump-endorsed rival as “extremely conservative for Ohio,” factors that contributed significantly to the Ohio election results.

Tight Race Among Candidates

Recent polls showed Moreno and Dolan neck and neck in the race, while LaRose, initially considered a front-runner when he entered the race, fell behind due to running a modestly funded campaign with fewer high-profile endorsements, an aspect reflected in the Ohio election results. Both Moreno and Dolan reported nearly $2.4 million in their campaign accounts in their latest FEC filings. Dolan loaned his campaign $2 million, while Moreno loaned his campaign $1.2 million.

LaRose, who lacks personal wealth, was down to less than $600,000 in cash on hand heading into the primary’s final stretch. Brown, who faced no fundamental opposition, has raised nearly $6.6 million over the past few months. Brown’s cash on hand is now approximately $14.6 million, nearly three times as much as the combined total of the other three candidates, underscoring his financial advantage in the Ohio election results.


As the dust settles on the Ohio election results, Bernie Moreno’s victory in the GOP Primary stands as a testament to the power of grassroots support and strategic endorsements. With Trump’s backing, Moreno has not only secured his place as the Republican nominee but also set the stage for an intense Senate race ahead. Ohio voters have spoken loud and clear, signaling their trust in Moreno’s leadership and vision for the state.

Now, as the focus shifts towards the general election, all eyes will be on Moreno and his Democratic counterpart as they vie for a chance to represent Ohio in the Senate. With the stage set and the stakes high, the Ohio election results have set the tone for a captivating political showdown in the days to come.


  1. Who won the Ohio GOP Primary?

Ans:    Bernie Moreno, endorsed by Trump, emerged victorious.

  1. What makes Bernie Moreno’s victory significant?

Ans:    His win reflects Trump’s influence and sets the stage for the Senate race.

  1. Why did Trump endorse Bernie Moreno?

Ans:    Trump labeled Moreno a political outsider dedicated to Ohio’s communities.

  1. What are Bernie Moreno’s priorities if elected?

Ans:    He aims to focus on Trump’s policies, including border security and law enforcement.

  1. How does Bernie Moreno’s win impact the Senate race?

Ans:    It adds momentum and intrigue to the upcoming contest, potentially altering Senate dynamics.

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