Ohio State Emerges Victorious With a 17-14 win over Notre Dame.

Ohio State
  • Ohio State made a strong statement in their first drive when Kyle McCord flipped the script on 3rd and 12 by targeting Ameika Igboaka.
  • Notre Dame’s defense rose to the occasion. With the Irish at the 22-yard line, 4th and 1, quarterback Kody Simon was shut down.
  • Ohio State was pushed three and out, and forced to punt.

1st Quarter:

  •  End of the first quarter: Ohio State 0, Notre Dame 0. Irish QB Sam Hartman is 9 for 10, throwing for 88 yards.
  •  Notre Dame converts a 47-yard field goal.

2nd Quarter:

  • Ohio State, after failing to convert 4th and 1 with Kyle McCord, turned the ball over to Notre Dame on their own 1-yard line. They stopped Myron Williams on the third and goal without any gain.
  • The Buckeyes’ scoring drive: 13 plays, 70 yards in 7 minutes and 11 seconds.
  • OSU forces Notre Dame to punt after colliding with Notre Dame in the air and intercepting it through safety Josh Proctor. 3:46 remains in the first half.
  • Amerika Igboaka leaves a 15-yard touchdown catch wide open after catching back-to-back passes.
  • Jayden Fielding kicks a 31-yard field goal with 26 seconds remaining in the first half. Ohio State leads Notre Dame 3-0.

3rd Quarter:

  • Notre Dame replicates and sends the ball over the down with Lathan Ransom and Sony Styles.
  • Combined with a clean Heartman, the Bucks have the OSU ball at the 39-yard line.
  • TreVeyon Henderson covers 61 yards for his first touchdown. The Buckeyes lead 10-0 with 11:14 left in the second from last quarter.
  • Maroon Harris Jr. was injured in this drive. Harris was turned when a Notre Dame guardian spun him as Harris set a key block for Henderson.
  • Notre Dame ends a 13-play, 75-yard drive with a speedy one-yard TD run by the 7-minute mark. The Bucks are still ahead 10-7.
  • Notre Dame ran the scoring drive for up to 54 yards.
  • Maroon Harrison Jr. is back in the game.
  • Ohio State is forced to punt.
  • End of the second from last quarter: Ohio State 10, Notre Woman 7.Fourth Quarter:
  • Notre Dame starts the fourth quarter from its own 4-yard line.
  • Notre Dame scores on a short TD pass from Hartman, completing an 11-play, 96-yard drive. Notre Dame now leads OSU 14-10.
  • McCord completes a 40-yard pass to Zavier Johnson for OSU.
  • Ohio State goes for it on a fourth-and-1 at the Notre Dame 11-yard line but gains zero yards.
  • Ohio State forces Notre Dame to punt. The Buckeyes take the ball back at their 27-yard line with 1:26 left in the game.
  • Several completions have brought Ohio State into the red zone.
  • South Bend, IN – Trayanum made a leap over the goal line from a yard out with one second left and #6 Ohio State beat #9 Notre Dame 17-14 on Saturday night. Trayanum’s score capped a dramatic drive by Kyle McCord and the Buckeyes that included a fourth-down conversion and a third-and-19 completion, which got them to the Notre Dame 1.

 After an incomplete pass on first down, the Buckeyes went for it on a running play, and on the other side of the loaded defense, only 10 defenders were shown for the Fighting Irish. Ryan Day, Ohio State’s coach, was fired at that time when it was over, and Luke Holtz, Notre Dame’s former coach who had called out the Buckeyes’ toughness earlier in the week, was going to see him off. 

Ryan Day Inquires About Lou Holtz’s Location

Ohio State
Buckeyes’ toughness earlier

“I want to know where Lou Holtz is right now,” Day said during a post-game interview. “He said something about our team, and I can’t believe it. There’s a tough team here. We take pride in being from Ohio. Ohio’s always been against the world, and Ohio’s going to stay against the world. But I’ll tell you this: I love these kids. We have an extreme group.” Notre Woman (4-1) started to lead the pack when Sam Hartman tossed a 2-yard score pass to Rico Flores Jr. with 8:22 left. 

Hartman then threw a 96-yard TD drive to the top for Notre Dame, making it 14-10. Fighting Irish defense came up with a stop at their own 11-yard line on the next drive. But the defense couldn’t stop the next defensive stop. Notre Dame hasn’t lost to Ohio since 1936. 

It seems Ohio State had control when the Buckeyes stopped Hartman on fourth and 1, and in the next drive, Maroon Harrison Jr.’s block of Trayveon Henderson on a 61-yard sprint from the sideline below made it 10-0 in the early moments of the third quarter.

Irish Stage a Turnaround

 A Turnaround The Irish finally got on the board when they came back from the brink when Gi’Bran Payne took a snap straight from center and scored on a 1-yard run. Hartman then threw a TD pass to Flores with 8:22 to go, capping an 11-play, 96-yard drive to put Notre Dame up 14-10.

 Ohio State: Kyle McCord made the biggest step forward with a win for the Buckeyes. Ohio State needed this kind of play from him, like the last series he played in. McCord threw for 240 yards instead of 37, with 21, and Henderson ran for 104 yards. Notre Dame: Hartman has completely transformed the Irish’s perception. His quick reads, accurate throws, and fast decisions are definitely strengthening the Irish. 

But with three possible undefeated opponents in the next three weeks, they need to beat Hartman with their best performance. The Buckeyes were 17 for 25 against the Irish. 

Fresh Injury Ohio State

Harrison suffered a leg injury when he slipped during Henderson’s scoring run. Harrison spent several minutes in the Buckeyes’ injury tent but returned in the next series. Notre Dame: When blocking an 18-yard run on Notre Dame’s touchdown drive, receiver Jayde Thomas also went to the injury tent. Next Up Ohio State:

 The Buckeyes will host Big Ten rival Penn State next Saturday. Notre Dame: Next Saturday, when they visit Duke, they’ll face a second-tier opponent.

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