Olivia Rodrigo Surprise School Run with Jimmy Kimmel's Kids
Olivia Rodrigo Surprises Jimmy Kimmel's KidsOlivia Rodrigo Surprises Jimmy Kimmel's Kids

Olivia Rodrigo’s Parenting Fun

Olivia Rodrigo helped Jamie Campbell earn some major cool parent points with her children. 

The “Driver’s License” singer, along with her partner Molly McCook and their two kids, 9-year-old Jane and 6-year-old William, jammed to “Sour Candy” by Lady Gaga in their minivan while heading to school, live on Jamie Campbell’s segment released on Tuesday.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Surprise Hitchhiker

In the clip released on Tuesday, Campbell and his second half are sitting upfront, while Jane and Billy appear a little bored in the backseat, having a debate about how much they like school.

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo

“Oh, there’s a hitchhiker there. Should we pick him up?” asked Campbell when his car showed that he’s standing there with his thumb in a black sweater and black shorts.

“Oh my gosh, Billy, it’s Olivia Rodrigo,” Jane exclaimed, covering her face with her hands.

“Hey, if I get in a crash, will you guys hate me?” “Rodrigo inquired with a radiant smile as she ascended to the central backseat.”

Musical Bond with Olivia Rodrigo

As both kids looked surprised, Olivia Rodrigo did a great job of charming them when she asked Jane what her favorite song was.

“Um, I really like ‘Homesick Girls’!” Jane shared.

“That’s one of my favorites too. It’s so lovely. Thank you for saying that,” Rodrigo replied. When encouraged by his mom, Billy made his top choice: “‘Gate Is Back’ song.”

After that, all three took turns singing songs on the car stereo, starting with Jane’s choice, followed by Billy’s. When they arrived at school, Olivia Rodrigo bid farewell to the siblings, hugging them tightly. “Thank you guys, I feel so loved!”

Heartwarming Farewell

As his mom helps her strap on her backpack, Jane lets out another “Oh my gosh” as she walks away from the car.

“Hey, get up soon and thank you for giving your children a real thrill,” Campbell said later in the show, explaining to listeners that his kids listen to her music every morning during their car ride.

Olivia Rodrigo's Surprise Jimmy Kimmel's Kids On the way to school
Olivia Rodrigo’s Surprise Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids On the way to school

“It was so much fun. I hope they had a good time,” Olivia Rodrigo replied, as Campbell thanked her again for the experience. “Oh, it was a joy.”

Olivia Rodrigo’s Album Experience

For Olivia Rodrigo, seeing people experience her music is still a new experience, as she told people before launching her sour album last month, which won three Grammy Awards. “I’ve never had to experience events like album releases!” the three-time Grammy-winning artist shared. 

“I’m very engaged with my fans, so when you’re making an album, you always have your favorite song, and my producer always has his favorite song, and the label has their favorite song, but sometimes you don’t really know what songs people will pick as their favorites. It’s coming out. So I’m really excited to see what people like the most.


In this heartwarming encounter, Olivia Rodrigo brought pure joy to Jamie Campbell’s family, earning her major cool parent points. The “Driver’s License” singer, alongside her partner Molly McCook and their children, Jane and Billy, created a memorable morning, sharing music and laughter during their school run. 

Olivia’s down-to-earth charm and genuine interest in their favorite songs left the kids and parents beaming. The experience was a delightful reminder that music can bridge generations and create lasting connections, even for a three-time Grammy-winning artist like Olivia Rodrigo. Her excitement to discover which songs resonate most with her fans reflects her humble and engaging approach to her music journey.

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