PAC-12 Championship: No. 3 Washington Secured Playoff Spot..
PAC-12 ChampionshipPAC-12 Championship


Washington’s journey to the Pac-12 Championship was nothing short of thrilling. The Huskies, living on the edge, faced the formidable No. 5 Oregon in what could be the last title game for the conference. Friday night witnessed a game that not only decided the championship but also secured a coveted spot in the College Football Playoff for the third-ranked Huskies.

The Game Unfolds

Living on the Edge

Washington, accustomed to one-possession games, faced the challenge of a six-game winning streak from Oregon. The Huskies didn’t panic, showcasing resilience built over three consecutive narrow victories in the regular season. The team’s trust and love were unmatched, and MVP Michael Penix Jr. made sure to emphasize that.

The Huskies’ Response

After losing a 17-point lead and trailing by four, Washington mounted a comeback, marked by a drive that defined the game. The team’s ability to thrive under pressure secured not only the Pac-12 championship but also a spot in the College Football Playoff.

Michael Penix Jr.: The Game MVP

Penix’s exceptional performance, passing for 319 yards and a crucial touchdown, earned him the game MVP. His leadership and decision-making in critical moments showcased the depth and experience of the Huskies.

The Pac-12 Championship

The Last of Its Kind

The game held additional significance as it was likely the final Pac-12 Championship in its current form. With 10 out of 12 teams set to join different conferences next season, the tradition-rich conference faces an uncertain future.

Conference Realignment

The impending conference realignment raises questions about the continuity of the Pac-12 championship. Only Oregon State and Washington State are set to remain, tasked with preserving the rich traditions that defined the conference.

Washington’s Previous CFP Appearance

Washington’s victory marked its second appearance in the College Football Playoff, the last being in the 2016 season. As 9 1/2-point underdogs, the Huskies defied the odds, emphasizing their resilience and determination.

The Thrilling Finale

Despite being underdogs, Washington scored

Underestimated Huskies

Despite being underdogs, Washington scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, securing a 34-24 lead. The underestimated team displayed tenacity, turning the tables in a match that seemed to slip away.

Late-game Surges

The game’s final moments witnessed Oregon attempting a comeback with a late touchdown, only to fall short. The Ducks’ failure to recover the onside kick sealed their fate, highlighting the importance of every play in high-stakes matchups.

The Turning Point: Penix and McMillan

Key plays, including Penix’s 31-yard pass to Jalen McMillan, set the stage for Washington’s decisive touchdown. The synergy between key players showcased the strategic prowess of Coach Kalen DeBoer’s team.

Notable Performances

Dillon Johnson’s Heroics

Dillon Johnson’s impressive run of 152 yards and two touchdowns played a pivotal role in Washington’s triumph during the PAC-12 Championship. The running back’s contribution underscored the team’s multifaceted strengths.

Washington’s Dynamic Receivers

Receivers Jalen McMillan and Rome Odunze, both surpassing 100 yards, demonstrated the Huskies’ versatile offensive capabilities during the PAC-12 Championship. Their performance added depth to the team’s offensive strategy.

Bo Nix’s Effort for Oregon

Despite the loss, Oregon’s Bo Nix showcased remarkable skills during the PAC-12 Championship, passing for 239 yards and three touchdowns while rushing for 69 yards. Nix’s performance highlighted the intense competition and emotional toll of high-stakes games.

Ducks’ Slow Start

Oregon’s slow start proved costly in a four-quarter fight against a resilient Washington team. Coach Dan Lanning acknowledged the challenge, emphasizing the need to match the intensity of elite teams from the beginning.

Missed Opportunities

The Ducks rued missed opportunities, particularly in the early stages, and the inability to capitalize on key moments. In high-stakes matchups, every missed chance can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Coach Lanning’s Reflection

Ducks’ coach Dan Lanning expressed the pain of the loss, acknowledging that starting slowly against a formidable opponent is a recipe for disappointment. The defeat serves as a reminder of the unforgiving nature of competitive sports.

A Spectacular Showdown

High-scoring Tradition

The Washington-Oregon rivalry continued its tradition of high-scoring, intense matchups. The Pac-12 Championship showcased the passion and skill that define this long-standing rivalry.

Regular-season Clash

The regular-season meeting between the two teams ended with a close 36-33 victory for Washington. The championship game lived up to the expectations, providing fans with another thrilling installment of this fierce rivalry.

The Intensity of the Rivalry

As the conference faces an uncertain future, the intensity of the Washington-Oregon rivalry remains a constant. The memorable clashes between these teams have left an indelible mark on the Pac-12 legacy.

Washington’s Domination

Early Lead

In the Championship, Washington’s early 20-3 lead set the tone for the game, showcasing the Huskies’ ability to control the proceedings from the beginning. This commanding start laid the foundation for their eventual victory.

Oregon’s Comeback Attempt

Despite a spirited comeback attempt by Oregon in the PAC-12 Championship, Washington responded promptly, regaining the lead and maintaining control. The ebb and flow of the game highlighted the resilience of both teams in this high-stakes championship clash.

Penix’s Leadership

Coach Kalen DeBoer, in the PAC-12 Championship, commended Michael Penix Jr.’s leadership, emphasizing his ability to make crucial plays when it mattered the most. Penix’s experience and strategic decision-making in the championship game proved instrumental in Washington’s success.


In a captivating showdown, Washington emerged victorious, securing the Pac-12 Championship and a coveted spot in the College Football Playoff. The game’s intensity, marked by Washington’s resilience and Oregon’s valiant effort, added another chapter to the rich history of the Washington-Oregon rivalry. As the Pac-12 faces an uncertain future, this championship game stands as a testament to the conference’s legacy.


Is this the last Pac-12 Championship?

Ans:    While not confirmed, the impending conference realignment raises questions about the continuity of the Championship in its current form.

How crucial was Michael Penix Jr.’s role in the game?

Ans:    Penix’s leadership and strategic plays were pivotal, earning him the game MVP and guiding Washington to victory.

What does the future hold for the Pac-12 conference?

Ans:    With 10 teams set to join different conferences, the future of the Pac-12 conference remains uncertain.

How did Oregon’s slow start impact the game?

Ans:    Oregon’s slow start proved challenging in a matchup where starting strong was crucial, leading to difficulties in catching up.

Will the Washington-Oregon rivalry continue in the new conference alignments?

Ans:    While uncertain, the intensity of the rivalry is likely to persist, leaving fans eager for future matchups.

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