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Can You Hide a Child’s Face From A.I.? Parents should think about it.

Navigating the Digital Dilemma: Balancing Online Sharing for Parents

In Today’s Interconnected world, parents grapple with a vital question: How much of their children’s lives should they disclose on the internet? This question gains even more significance with the proliferation of platforms like TikTok, where the boundary between personal and public life becomes increasingly indistinct. A notable case is that of Kodye Elyse, a prominent TikTok influencer, who encountered a distressing situation when a video of her daughter garnered unwanted attention. These incidents underscore the unforeseen risks that lurk in the digital realm.

The Unintended Outcomes of “Sharenting”

“Sharenting,” a term used to describe parents who regularly share their children’s moments online, has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. While it’s natural for parents to share their children’s milestones and cherished memories, the digital traces they leave behind can have enduring consequences. Advances in artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies have opened doors for malicious individuals to exploit children’s online content in unprecedented ways.

The Power of Facial Recognition: A Dual-Edged Tool

A Dual-Edged

Facial recognition technology, once relegated to science fiction, has now become a tangible part of our everyday lives. Platforms like Pimm Eyes have made it possible to locate a person’s photos across the internet within seconds. Kody Elyse’s experience with Pimm Eyes, where she stumbled upon an unfamiliar photo of her son, serves as a testament to the technology’s capabilities. Nevertheless, the very same technology that enables parents to monitor their children’s online presence can also be manipulated by stalkers and other malicious entities.

Empowering the Right to Digital Autonomy


Lucy and Mike Fitzgerald, accomplished ballroom dancers hailing from St. Louis, exemplify a growing demographic of parents dedicated to bestowing their offspring with the autonomy to shape their digital personas. By abstaining from posting their children’s images online, they aspire to shield them from potential misuse and grant them the liberty to mold their online narratives in the years to come.

Preparing for a Future in the Digital Limelight

The upcoming generation, born into the era of the internet, will inevitably grapple with the ramifications of their online identities. Some, like the progeny of Amy Webb, the CEO of Future Today Institute, recognize the value in maintaining a discreet digital presence. Being an “online phantom” can prove advantageous in a world where the boundaries between personal and professional life are becoming increasingly intertwined.

A Call for Action: Safeguarding the Digital Purity of Youth

The digital age unveils both opportunities and challenges. While technology offers unparalleled connectivity and access to information, it simultaneously presents significant risks, particularly for the impressionable youth. As articulated by Arielle Geismar, children serve as “Technology’s Experimental subjects,” and it is our shared responsibility to ensure their security.

In conclusion, as technology relentlessly evolves, it is imperative for parents and guardians to remain well-informed and exercise discernment when deciding whether to share children’s content online. The digital landscape is expansive and unpredictable, yet with awareness and proactive measures, we can guarantee a safer online environment for the subsequent generation.

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