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Powerful Tributes Remembering the (Late) Bob Barker: Hollywood Celebrities Pay Their Respects

Hollywood’s Actors Tributes to Bob Barker

” After his recent demise at 99, the iconic Bob Barker from Hollywood’s realm has surfaced on social media for a tribute. He was renowned as the longtime host of the game show ‘The Price Is Right,’ which has been commemorated by celebrities and fans alike.

Adam Sandler’s Tribute to Bob Barker

Adam Sandler shared a photo on Instagram with Bob Barker, accompanied by the caption, ‘The man. The myth. The legend. The kind, hilarious, and beautiful man I got to roam with. Loved talking to him. Loved laughing with him. He liked getting me mad. He will be remembered by everyone I know! Heartbreaking day. Love to Bob and his family forever! Thank you for everything you gave us!’

Bob Barker Appeared in Comedy

He appeared in the 1996 comedy ‘Happy Gilmore,’ playing a famous golfer for whom Sandler’s character competes, and in which Barker portrayed himself. Sandler’s character competes in golf against Barker’s ‘Happy Gilmore’ and the scene concludes with a memorable brawl, in which Barker comes out on top.

Bob Barker Funeral
Bob Barker Funeral

Rob Schneider Tribute BobBarker

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider also paid tribute to him and their beloved chemistry. Bob Barker wrote on Twitter, ‘The best thing I ever heard in showbiz was Bob Barker saying, ‘I went to Hollywood to become an actor, and the only person who let me be one was Adam Sandler!’ The scene with him will be in my heart and always be hilarious! God bless you, Bob.’

Drew Carey’s Tribute to Hollywood Actor Barker

Drew Carey, who currently hosts ‘The Price Is Right’ and carries on Barker’s legacy, expressed his sorrow on Twitter, ‘A very sad day for the ‘Price Is Right’ family and animal lovers all over the world. There hasn’t been a day that I didn’t think about Bob Barker and thank him for not only the opportunity to follow in his footsteps but for the knowledge he passed along. I’ll always carry his legacy in my heart. #RIPBobBarker We love you.’

Bob Barker hollywood's actor
Bob Barker
Fremantle Shared Their Thoughts

Fremantle, the producer of ‘The Price Is Right,’ also released a statement, saying, ‘It is with much sadness that we hear of the passing of Bob Barker at 99. Fremantle’s famous host of ‘The Price Is Right,’ 35-year animal advocate, radio host, husband, and iconic game show legend, will forever hold a place in our hearts. Bob will be remembered, and we thank him for bringing joy to our homes for so many beautiful years. Our thoughts are with ‘The Price Is Right’ family of staff and contestants, and with our condolences to the audience and fans.’

Adam Sharp Shared Thoughts About Barker

‘Bob Barker was a television mainstay in homes across generations. Adam Sharp, President and CEO of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, said in a statement that Barker helped define the game show genre, a ‘Powerhouse format [that] remains virtually unchanged for over half a century.’ The statement continued, ‘You were always in the right, Bob. His championing of skill and animal welfare was equal to his enthusiasm and exuberance. The entertainment community will remember his presence dearly.'”

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