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Preventive Healthcare: Mother’s Health Scare – A Wake-Up Call For Prioritising Wellness

Unexpected Health Crisis

She is now a proactive advocate for preventive healthcare and a strong supporter of stroke awareness. In 2019, at the age of only 44, Shelly Christie experienced a sudden and severe headache. She couldn’t let go of the object in her left hand, and her condition was far from normal.

A Mother’s Struggle

She sat on her bed, trying to communicate with her husband, Craig, in their Mount Martha home. He struggled to comprehend her speech and noticed that her face had drooped. It was obvious that a terrible situation was developing.

A Startling Diagnosis

Medical tests were conducted rapidly, and it was confirmed that Shelly had suffered a stroke. This was an unexpected turn of events, something she had never anticipated, and an experience that would transform her life.

From Health Challenges to a Stroke Survivor

While she had been dealing with common health issues like high blood pressure and had experienced a DVT incident two years earlier, Shelly never thought she would become a stroke survivor.

A New Lease on Life

Today, she leads a fit, healthy, and active life, spending more quality time with her two daughters and husband. She is focused on activities and warning signs, ensuring her well-being. Shelly’s journey is a testament to the power of preventive healthcare.

The Power of Community

As an active member of the Go Soccer Mums community football group, Shelly emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and health consciousness, promoting the benefits of preventive healthcare.

A Life-Altering Perspective

She says, “Such an experience changes your mindset. You realize the value of health, and it has given me the time to relax. Embracing the principles of preventive healthcare has transformed my life.”

Taking Action for Stroke Awareness

Shelly and her daughters are actively participating in the annual physical activity fundraiser, Stride4Stroke, initiated on November 1st. This event not only promotes physical activity but also underscores the importance of preventive healthcare in stroke awareness.

The Impact of Physical Activity

Stride4Stroke encourages participants to focus on increasing their physical activity to promote the “move moment,” whether walking, running, dancing, cycling, swimming, or contributing to stroke recovery. It’s an inspiring example of how physical activity aligns with the principles of preventive healthcare.

The Role of Physical Activity in Stroke Prevention

Dr. Lisa Murphy, CEO of the Stroke Foundation, highlights the significance of physical activity in stroke prevention. She emphasizes that controlling blood pressure, managing cholesterol, eating healthily, staying active, avoiding smoking, and moderate alcohol consumption can reduce stroke risk by up to 80%. This underlines the connection between physical activity and preventive healthcare.

 Alarming Stroke Statistics

Globally, every year, one million strokes are linked to physical inactivity. Regular exercise, just 30 minutes five times a week, can reduce your stroke risk by 25%. These statistics emphasize the crucial role of preventive healthcare in reducing the risk of strokes.

The Sudden Impact of Stroke

A stroke can strike the brain, altering one’s life in an instant. Every 19 minutes, an Australian will experience a stroke. This highlights the urgency of embracing preventive healthcare measures.

Stride for Stroke: An Opportunity for Positive Change

Dr. Murphy states, “Stride4Stroke is an excellent way to improve our health, feel better, and raise funds for the Stroke Foundation.” It’s a platform encouraging individuals to take proactive steps towards better health through preventive healthcare.

Join the Stride4Stroke Movement

“It doesn’t take long to register with Stride4Stroke, no matter where you are. Reduce your stroke risk and make a positive impact on the stroke community.” By joining this movement, individuals can actively support and promote preventive healthcare.

 Awareness is Key

Dr. Murphy emphasizes that in Australia, everyone should be aware of F.A.S.T. (face, arms, speech, and time) at every home and workplace.

The Importance of Quick Action

“Time is the brain. When a stroke strikes, it affects 1.9 million brain cells. Saying triple zero at the first sign of a stroke is crucial.”

A Personal Transformation

In conclusion, Shelly’s health scare was a life-changing event that led her to appreciate the value of health and well-being. She is now a proactive advocate for preventive healthcare and a strong supporter of stroke awareness.

Preventive Healthcare: A Lifesaver

Preventive healthcare is a crucial aspect of leading a healthy life. Shelly’s story serves as a reminder that taking proactive measures to maintain good health can make a significant difference in preventing life-altering health events.

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