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Rebecca Loos Expresses Frustration Over David Beckham’s Lack of Accountability in Their 2004 Alleged Affair

The 2004 Beckham Scandal

Let’s dive into the story of Rebecca Loos and David Beckham’s former assistant, the person who ignited a media storm back in 2004. It was the time when they sold a story to the News of the World, claiming an affair with the football star. At the end of the week, they revealed to the Daily Mail that they were “stressed” about it.

In their recent documentary series “Beckham,” the 2004 deception scandal involving Beckham is rather vaguely addressed. There are no specific details mentioned about the Dr. Mabeena affair, and Rebecca Loos(the former assistant) doesn’t refer to Beckham by name. Instead, the focus seems to be on how the tabloid circus around the story affected the football player, his wife Victoria Beckham, and their young children, who were hounded by the paparazzi.

Rebecca Loos: Emotions and Revelations

Rebecca Loos explained, “With each sunrise, we uncovered new layers to the situation. I feel like we both felt we weren’t losing each other but drowning, honestly. It requires honesty.”

He added, “Victoria is everything to me. Seeing her hurt was unbearable to the extreme, but we are fighters. And at that point, we needed to fight for each other – we needed to fight for our family. And the bond we shared was worth defending.”

Rebecca Loos
Rebecca Loos

Loos told the Daily Mail that the recent quotes were what caused him to speak out now. He explained that it was Beckham who was causing him the most distress, having seen “Beckham” and that’s why he’s speaking out at the moment.

Loos stated, “He is the source of the suffering. This is his modus operandi. This is his lie.”

Rebecca Loos: Beckham’s Assistant Journey

Rebecca Loos, a former model, revealed that she was working for an international recruitment agency before meeting Beckham, where she began getting gigs as a personal assistant to sports personalities. When Beckham was signed by Real Madrid in 2003, a colleague recommended that she work with him after he had moved to Madrid and started speaking Spanish fluently.

She mentioned that her job was to find Beckham a home in Spain while he was playing football in Asia, and his wife Victoria was in London. She claimed that during the house-hunting process, Victoria Beckham told her to speak to her directly, not her husband.

Nevertheless, Loos claimed that she began receiving “late-night” messages from David Beckham while looking for a house. She said she texted him to tell him that his wife had given her specific instructions not to contact her directly. Beckham’s response, according to her, was, “We don’t need to tell anyone.”

Rebecca Loos Stands Firm Against Beckham

“The stories were terrifying, but they were true,” she told the Daily Mail. And he carries the sole accountability for the whole of it. He’s responsible for his wife’s pain. He’s the one who decides to lie to her, saying, ‘We don’t need to tell my wife.’ He made all these choices.”

While David Beckham has publicly questioned the veracity of the affair at a public level, Rebecca Loos is standing her ground. She informed the Daily Mail why she decided to publicize the affair in 2004. She said that she found out that David was sending “filthy” texts to friends, and they were joking about it. She further stated that this revelation made her “sick” and forced her to “tell nothing” about the details of her relationships.

Rebecca Loos: Embracing Truth

Rebecca Loos stated, “I’ve come to accept my choices a lot, and I’ve come to terms with the mistakes I’ve made, I’ve agreed with them.”

She pointed out that she has much less power than Beckham in this situation, and she has become a target of public anger for something she says she participated in with both of them.

Loos remarked, “I also have a family and children who can easily access information through Google and documentaries. And I want them to know that their mother [Beckhams] was brave enough to stand up against her. And stand up for the truth.”


The 2004 Beckham-Loos scandal, revisited in the recent documentary “Beckham,” focuses on the pain it caused the Beckham family. Rebecca Loos speaks out, reaffirming her claims while emphasizing the importance of standing up for the truth. It’s a reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the pursuit of honesty.

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