The Representative is under Investigation for Sounding the Fire alarm because McCarthy Compared it Since January 6th.

The fire alarm, which was suggested by Bowman's office to be accidental

The fire alarm, which was suggested by Bowman’s office to be accidental, went off when Democrats were trying to delay a vote, while Republicans were pushing to pass the Stopgap action.

Washington — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has demanded answers from Representative Jamaal Bowman, D-NY, regarding his role in setting off the fire alarm at the Capitol building after it was compared to the January 6th attack by rioters. McCarthy expressed that when we consider how individuals were treated upon entering and the events inside the building, they were motivated to alter the situation.

McCarthy went on to say that the Ethics Committee should take the fire alarm issue seriously. “It should not go without consequences,” McCarthy said. “I will be speaking with Democratic leadership about it. But it should not go without consequences. It’s embarrassing.” Bowman later issued a statement, saying it was unintentional.

He explained, “Today, while I was hurrying to cast my vote, I approached a door that is usually left open for voting, but to my surprise, it was closed,” he mentioned on Wednesday night. I accept full responsibility for accidentally setting off the fire alarm, thinking the door would open. I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused by any confusion resulting from this.”

However, I want to make it crystal clear that I had no intention whatsoever of trying to postpone any vote. It was quite the opposite – I was trying to expedite the vote, which I ultimately did, and joined my colleagues. He also mentioned that it was a collaborative effort from both sides to ensure that our government remains operational.

Security Footage Assists in Identifying Alarm Triggered.

Security footage screen grabs were distributed to officers to help identify the person who triggered the alarm, someone familiar with the matter said. A photo from September 30, 2023, showing Representative Jamaal Bowman in the Capitol while the fire alarm was being pulled.

The fire alarm, which was suggested by Bowman’s office to be accidental

Democratic leader Representative Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY, said he hasn’t seen the video of the fire alarm being pulled yet. He stated, “I won’t have any more to say until I’ve had a chance to watch the video,” he inquired. According to a statement by the U.S. Capitol Police, which did not mention Bowman by name, an investigation is underway, and the House Administration Committee is also investigating.

An account under the control of the Republican Committee posted on X, “A fire alarm was pulled in Cannon this morning, which was previously known by the Twitter handle, including incorrect spelling of a congressperson’s first name. Investigations are underway as to why it was pulled.” Committee Chairman Bryan Steil, R-Wis, signed off on the post.

And New York Republican colleague Nicole Malliotakis said on X that she would propose an agreement to remove Bowman from the incident. This is the United States Congress, not a high school in New York City, This action warrants expulsion from the country, and I am proposing an agreement to do so,” she wrote.

The fire alarm went off in the Cannon Office Building, connected to the Capitol through an underground tunnel, as Republicans were trying to begin voting on a 45-day spending measure to keep the Republican government open.

A Capitol Police spokesperson said in a statement, “At 12:05 p.m. today, the fire alarm sounded in the Cannon House Office Building.” “The building was evacuated as U.S. Capitol Police officers conducted a sweep of the building. They reopened the building once they confirmed that there was no danger. The investigation into what happened and why it happened is ongoing.”

Democrats were seen as attempting to delay the start of voting, which received very little attention. Many complained that Democrats were trying to vote before Republicans had time to read the bill.

Democratic leader Representative Hakeem Jeffries delivered a 52-minute speech, seen as an attempt to give time to fellow members and staff to see if their party would support the bill. Voting finally began over two and a half hours after the scheduled start time, and Democrats overwhelmingly voted in favor of the bill.

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