Rep. Zinke Puts New House 'Generals' on the Right Path...

Rep. Zinke Puts New House ‘Generals’ on the Right Path With Inquiry


Representative Ryan Zinke, from Montana, a former Navy SEAL, revealed on Tuesday that the House Republicans are taking the helm of investigations into allegations against President Joe Biden.

Leadership Roles

In a recent development on “American Agenda,” Zinke highlighted the selection of James Kamar, R-Ky., Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Jason Smith, R-Mo., as chairs of the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees, respectively.

Zinke’s Perspective

Speaking as a SEAL, I may not have been an expert in the best jumps, dives, or explosive materials, but I always knew who the leaders were and how leadership positions can be the most impactful,” Zinke remarked. “I trust Jim Jordan. I trust Kamar. I trust Jason Smith. These individuals are the best and have been working in their roles for the longest time, and when they say it’s time to investigate, I’m there with them.”

Eager for Inquiry


This is the next step. And I think all roads lead to the truth,” Zinke continued. “I believe [an inquiry] will assist us. Get there quickly so we can make the right decision.”

Positive Outlook

Zinke noted that thanks to the work of Kamar, Jordan, and Smith, the House Republicans are now in a better position to conduct inquiries into allegations of misconduct and bribery from Biden and his family members, which surfaced when they controlled the chamber in January.

Focusing on Truth

“We should be worthy of the truth and follow the money trail. Because that’s what it is, instead of ‘quid pro quo,’ and this is the definition of bribery and misconduct,” Zinke emphasized.

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