Rex Tillerson: A Unique Journey from Exxon CEO to Secretary of State”

Rex Tillerson
Rex Tillerson


A Surprising Pick for Secretary of State

Rex Tillerson’s appointment as Secretary of State raised eyebrows due to his background as an engineer and CEO of Exxon, rather than a career diplomat. His ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had awarded him a high honor, stirred controversy during his confirmation process.

 Navigating Rough Waters at the State Department

Upon assuming office, Tillerson faced the daunting task of restructuring the State Department and foreign aid agency. His decision to delay filling top positions until a survey on streamlining was completed was unprecedented in Washington.

Rex Tillerson’s Challenges and Disagreements

Tillerson’s tenure was marked by challenges in aligning with President Trump’s foreign policy. During the GCC crisis, his calls for diplomacy were often contradicted by the President’s more aggressive stance. Similarly, in North Korea, Tillerson’s diplomatic approach clashed with Trump’s fiery rhetoric.

 Tensions with the President

Tensions between Tillerson and President Trump came to a head following the Charlottesville protests, where Trump’s remarks were widely criticized. Tillerson’s response, asserting American values, was seen as a rare rebuke of the President.

  A Rocky Departure

Reports of Tillerson calling Trump a “moron” and contemplating resignation strained his relationship with the President further. His departure, less than a year into the job, raised concerns about the stability of American foreign policy.

Closing: Despite his efforts to shape American foreign policy, Tillerson often found himself at odds with President Trump. His departure highlighted the challenges of serving in an administration known for its unpredictability.

Rex Tillerson’s net worth

Rex Tillerson’s net worth

Rex Tillerson’s net worth is estimated to be around $300 million. This significant wealth is primarily attributed to his successful career at ExxonMobil, where he served as CEO for many years. His compensation package included a mix of salary, bonuses, and stock awards, reflecting his high-level position within the company.

Rex Tillerson’s house

Rex Tillerson
Rex Tillerson’s house

Rex Tillerson’s house is located in Texas, where he has a sprawling ranch-style home. The property features spacious living areas, beautiful landscaping, and all the amenities you’d expect from a luxurious estate. It’s a private and serene retreat, reflecting Tillerson’s taste for comfortable and elegant living.


As the Prime Minister’s advisor, you’ll be crucial in shaping and executing Government Policies.

This includes leading cabinet committees and task forces and overseeing the implications of devolution following the UK’s exit from the EU.

You’ll also be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Union, managing constitutional affairs, and supervising all policies within the Cabinet Office.”

Previous holders of this role

The Rt Hon Damian Green MP

Damian Howard Green, born on January 17, 1956, is a British politician affiliated with the Conservative Party. He held the position of First Secretary of State and Minister for the Cabinet Office from June to December 2017 in the Second May government. Additionally, he has served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ashford since 1997.

The Rt Hon George Osborne

The Rt Hon George Osborne

“George Gideon Oliver Osborne CH was a newspaper editor and politician in the United Kingdom. As a member of the Conservative Party, he held the positions of First Secretary of State in the Cameron administration from 2015 to 2016 and Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010 to 2016. From 2001 until 2017, Osborne served as Tatton’s member of parliament.

The Rt Hon William Hague

The Honorable Before retiring in 2015, William Hague, the 26-year member of the British House of Commons, was known as Lord Hague of Richmond. He held several high-level jobs throughout his time in office, most notably as Leader of the Conservative Party from 1997 to 2001 and First Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary between 2010 and 2014. In addition to his active involvement in numerous corporate and charity initiatives, he presently holds a seat in the House of Lords. In addition, Lord Hague is a well-known author who writes for the Daily Telegraph every week and has achieved best-selling fame for his historical biographies.”

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