Rich Paul's Secret Union: Adele's Comedy Club Confession
Adele's Secret Marriage to Rich PaulAdele's Secret Marriage to Rich Paul

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Adele and Rich Paul are married – and now there’s a claim on a famous gossip site that it’s confirmed by a well-known personality who verified the news during a comedy show.

Adele’s Emotional Marriage Confession at Ellen’s Show

During a comedy show in Los Angeles with her close friend Ellen DeGeneres last week, 35-year-old singer “Easy On Me” Adele casually revealed the news about her marriage in a moment on stage, according to two audience members who shared details with the gossip account Deuxmoi.

“I was present at Ellen’s comedy show last night, and Adele was part of the audience,” one attendee revealed. “During the performance, Ellen singled her out in the crowd and asked if she was married, to which Adele joyfully responded, ‘I do.'” Another fan informed Deuxmoi, “When Ellen inquired if anyone had recently tied the knot, Adele enthusiastically exclaimed, ‘I did!’ It was all very sweet and lovely, but she drowned in tears before it even ended.”

I had the pleasure of sitting in front of Adele and her friend, and spending time with her was absolutely delightful. Security was only there to bring her snacks,” they continued. “She didn’t care if people knew she was there.”

Adele’s Playful Nods to Marriage with Rich Paul

This isn’t the first time that the Grammy winner seemingly confirmed being bound in the bonds of matrimony with the 41-year-old sports agent. In September, during one of her Las Vegas residency shows, Adele referred to Rich Paul as her “husband” while chatting with an audience member.

Adele's Playful Marriage Nods with Paul
Adele’s Playful Marriage Nods with Paul

“You can’t marry me. I’m straight, my love, and my husband is here tonight,” Adele revealed in a video posted on TikTok, addressing the female fan. When a fan pressed her, asking, “Can you try?” Adele playfully replied, “No, I’m not up for giving it a shot. I’m with Rich. You’re crazy, leave me alone.”

A few days later, during another residency performance, “Hello” singer referred to herself as Paul’s “wife.” Talking about sports, she admitted that she is not the “biggest wife” of Paul, whose clients include LeBron James and Zion Williamson, because she struggled to understand and accept American football.

Rich Paul Confirms Happy, Low-Key Marriage with Adele

Last month, Rich Paul confirmed those rumors about their marriage on a radio show, mentioning that he and Adele are indeed married but keeping it low-key. CBS Mornings anchor Gayle King asked the actor when she saw him, “When I see her, should I say, ‘Hello, Mrs. Paul’?” In response, Paul laughed and said, “Feel free to express yourself however you like.”

He noted that they make a great match because they value privacy and maintain their relationship. “It’s not for the media. It’s not for the paparazzi. It’s for us,” he clarified. “We’re in a good place. Happy. She’s fantastic.”

The couple first made their relationship public during Game 5 of the NBA Finals in July 2021. An insider revealed at that time that they had been dating for “a few months.” Adele gave a glimpse into their relationship last year, telling Elle that she had never been “in this kind of love” before. “I’m mad about him,” she added.

Adele’s Love Declarations and Rich Paul’s Memoir Insights

In December, she publicly declared her love for Rich Paul during her Las Vegas show, kicking off a “Happy Birthday” song for him as he turned 41. “I love you more than my life,” she said while pointing at Paul. Fans speculated about their relationship in October when Rich Paul referred to himself as Adele’s “husband” during another residency performance.

In October, Paul talked about his love for Adele in an interview before the release of his memoir, “Lucky Me: A Memoir of Changing the Odds,” published by Roc Lit 101 from Cleveland, Ohio. In his book, Rich Paul shares the deep impact of his crime-ridden upbringing in the 80s and 90s in Cleveland, Ohio, where he struggled with his mother’s battle with addiction, and sometimes she wouldn’t come home for several days.

“I constructed this emotional barrier in my childhood,” he explains, “to grasp the concept of moving forward and accepting that she wouldn’t be there. Like, Mom’s not coming home.” This reality, he adds, “for me, to live again and to write was one of the most challenging things.”

Rich Paul’s Childhood Resonates with Adele

In other challenging moments, he has to dodge bullets from rival neighbors or escape for his life after winning a high-stakes dice game. “The thing about it is,” he says, “I was never a child, really.”

Adele Relates to Rich Paul's Childhood
Adele Relates to Rich Paul’s Childhood

This passion, and the depth of his childhood trauma, is what resonates the most with his partner of over two years, Adele. “It was very emotional,” they say about his reaction to the star’s response to his memoir. “I think there’s a lot that resonates from his childhood at home, so yeah, it was difficult for him to read.”

Adele is opening up about her childhood struggles in the past. Raised between Tottenham and Brixton, London, the Grammy winner shares about her dear grandfather, who tragically passed away when she was just 10 due to cancer. Besides, her father, Mark Evans, also remained absent from her life for years, only reappearing when her career started again in her 20s.

Rich Paul: Adele’s Success Shaped by Late Grandfather

Rich Paul credits Adele’s late grandfather for being a significant influence in her life, encouraging her not only to learn the art of survival in her challenging childhood but also to strive for success in the successful world she now navigates.

Rich Paul speaks about his father, saying, “I had a big example that you should be what a man should be and what a man should do. Like. I had my hero growing up, seeing my dad play a game that was a battle from a storm, sometimes even a picnic. He was my hero in this series.”

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