Robert Hur: Biden & Allies Push Back on Special Counsel's...

Robert Hur: Biden and Allies Push Back on Special Counsel’s Memory Claims


In recent developments, special counsel Robert Hur has brought forth allegations that President Joe Biden and his Democratic supporters find themselves during a heated defense against. The accusations suggest that the 81-year-old president might have trouble remembering important moments from his past, which has led to a spirited reaction from Biden and his backers. This article dives into the ongoing debate about Biden’s memory and examines how his allies are working to dispute the claims made by the special counsel.

Biden Allies Defend Against Claims

President Joe Biden and his Democratic allies have launched a vigorous defense against explosive claims by special counsel Robert Hur, suggesting that the 81-year-old president couldn’t remember significant milestones in his life. They’re trying to downplay the significance of the prosecutor’s allegations that Biden was forgetful and mishandled classified material.

Biden’s Defiant Response

Biden expressed anger just hours after the release of a report by special counsel Robert Hur, rejecting the findings of the report and insisting he did not forget the year of his son Beau’s death, as alleged by Hore. Capitol Hill and Democrats nationwide swiftly followed suit.

“It’s the least surprising thing for Republicans to say Biden is old in American politics,” said Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii. “They’ve got nothing else.”

Biden’s Age Defense

Democrats, led by special counsel Robert Hur, intend to answer questions about the 81-year-old president’s age and readiness on a broad scale, affirming that Biden is fit to be Commander-in-Chief and accusing those who portray him as weak. This approach is in contrast to former President Donald Trump, a 77-year-old Republican front-runner who himself faces allegations and multimillion-dollar lawsuits.

Biden’s Crucial Support

Special Counsel's Memory Claims
Biden’s Crucial Support

Support signals for Biden, particularly amidst the scrutiny led by special counsel Robert Hur, are crucial as he gears up for tough elections against Trump. Even before the report’s release, concerns were mounting that the alliance aiding Biden’s 2020 election victory was faltering, making it more crucial for Biden to keep his supporters strong.

Clarifying Robert Hur’s Role

The talking points also stress that Robert Hur “is a lawyer – not a doctor – so people should obtain his legal conclusions and disregard his political opinions.”

The White House also noted Biden’s cooperation with Robert Hur, who denied allegations of illegally holding secret documents against him, while Trump faces a felony charge in Florida following the seizure of records from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI.

Kamala Harris Criticizes Report on President’s Behavior

Vice President Kamala Harris said Friday that, in light of the report released by special counsel Robert Hur, ‘The way the president’s behavior has been highlighted in this report, the facts can’t be more wrong and politically motivating, can’t be more baseless.’ ‘I would say when it comes to the role and responsibility of the prosecutor in such situations, we should expect more integrity than we’ve seen.’

Biden’s Strong Reaction

Anger spread to South Carolina, where Biden scored a resounding victory in the country’s first Democratic primary on Feb. 3, a show of strength his campaign designed to make. Some saw Biden’s strong reaction as a hopeful sign.

“I believe that he’s showing the best performance in a president. He’s showing that he’s a fighter,” said Lajoya Burton, a 42-year-old small business owner in Columbia who voted for Biden in the primary.

Biden’s team, considering the report by special counsel Robert Hur, won’t address age questions directly. They aim to strengthen his support base, emphasizing voters’ reluctance to return to Trump’s era and highlighting Biden’s actions and a strong economy.

Age vs. Issues: Voter Priorities

Biden's Reaction
Age vs. Issues: Voter Priorities

“The president recognizes that voters have legitimate concerns about age. However, for independent or swing voters nationwide, issues like the safety of their children at school due to gun violence and the possibility of losing national abortion rights might weigh more heavily on their minds,” said Kate Bedingfield, former deputy communication director at Biden White House. “You can think about the president’s age, but at the end of the day, the choice is clear,” Bedingfield said. “Donald Trump is wrong on all of these issues.” Some Democrats weren’t as hopeful, especially in light of the report by special counsel Robert Hur.

“This is a scandal. When you’re running a presidential campaign, you don’t want a scandal,” said Jim Messina, who led the final campaign of former President Barack Obama.

Comparing Election Influences

Messina likened the special counsel’s report to a situation back in October 2016 when then-FBI Director James Comey announced further investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private emails, right before the election. Many believe Comey’s announcement, made just 11 days before the vote, played a role in Trump’s victory over Clinton.

In this case, the report was released on Election Day, Nov. 5, nine months ago.

“It’s still early to get through all this,” Messina said. “Trump has all the tests coming in. I’d find it surprising if this remains a significant concern a month from now. Still, Trump’s allies got a boost this week.

Election Dynamics and Reactions

Amidst Biden’s adviser’s clarifications, Trump secured uncontested delegates in Nevada. Trump Jr. accused Biden of jeopardizing national security. Donors anticipated Biden’s support, but none else emerged. Despite allegations, support for Biden remains intact. Legal expert Robert Hur stresses the need for thorough examination before accepting accusations.

Injustice and Political Confidence

Trump has recently targeted former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Republican foe Nikki Haley. Biden, on Thursday, declined to assist the Egyptian leader by referencing him as the president of Mexico.

“There’s a clear injustice that people feel,” said Rep. Dean Goldman, D-NY., a former American attorney, calling Biden’s mental health review by the special adviser “inappropriate,” “improper,” and “shameful.” Rep. Robert Hur, D-Calif., noted that House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., also recently entangled Iran with Israel. “Who cares?” Hur said about the gaffes. “We’re going to win the presidency. I feel really good about it. The most important thing is that he’s going after a criminal who has been convicted of 91 felonies.”


In the ongoing discourse surrounding the claims made by the Special Counsel regarding Biden’s memory, Robert Hur stands as a voice advocating for careful examination of allegations. As Biden and his allies push back against these claims, Hur’s perspective underscores the importance of due diligence in assessing such assertions.


  1. Who is Robert Hur?

Ans:    Robert Hur is a legal expert known for advocating a thorough examination of allegations and claims before accepting them as facts.

  1. What are the memory claims made by the Special Counsel?

Ans:    The Special Counsel has made claims regarding Biden’s memory, which have sparked controversy and pushback from Biden and his allies.

  1. How is Biden responding to these claims?

Ans:    Biden and his allies are pushing back against the memory claims made by the Special Counsel, aiming to refute and discredit them.

  1. Why is Hur’s perspective significant in this discussion?

Ans:    Hur’s perspective is significant as he emphasizes the importance of careful examination and scrutiny of allegations, suggesting a cautious approach amidst the controversy.

  1. What does this debate mean in the bigger picture?

Ans:    This debate shows how legal scrutiny, political discussions, and public opinions all come together, showing how tricky it can be to judge accusations against public figures like Biden.

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