Rosalynn Carter Joins Husband in Hospice Care at 96: A Journey of Love and Legacy

Rosalynn Carter
Rosalynn Carter

Rosalynn Carter’s Hospice Care

Rosalynn Carter, the wife of Jimmy Carter, is undergoing hospice care at home for health reasons. The former First Lady and the 39th President of the United States are spending quality time together in the final stages of their lives, as revealed by their family on Friday.

In a statement issued by their grandson, Jason Carter, on behalf of the Carter Center, it was announced, “Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter is receiving hospice care at home.” The statement emphasized the enduring support and love within the Carter family, known for its commitment to privacy and expressions of gratitude.

Rosalynn Carter’s Health Challenges and Triumphs

Rosalynn Carter, who married Jimmy Carter in 1946, faced the diagnosis of dementia in May 1976 after the Democrats won the election, leading them to the White House for more than three decades. Despite refusing further medical interventions for various health issues earlier this year, she entered hospice care in February.

Having successfully battled melanoma and undergoing treatments, Rosalynn Carter declared herself cancer-free at the end of the year, only to face several falls, resulting in hospital care for bleeding on the brain and a transformation in her condition at the age of 94.

Jimmy Carter: Legacy, Health, and Family Loss

Jimmy Carter, known for his political career and serving as the former governor of Georgia, turned esteemed international diplomat after leaving office. Despite facing multiple health challenges, including extracting a mass from his liver in 2015 and later revealing a melanoma that spread to his brain, he declared himself cancer-free at the end of the same year with the help of immunotherapy.

A Journey of Love and Legacy
A Journey of Love and Legacy

Before his political career, Jimmy Carter, a passionate painter and peanut farmer, was one of three siblings, two sisters, and a brother. Unfortunately, both sisters and the brother passed away between 1983 and 1990 due to cancer. His parents, James Earl Carter Sr. and Bessie, also succumbed to the disease in 1953 and 1983, respectively.

Jason Carter Celebrates Grandparents’ Southern Roots

Jason Carter, their grandson, celebrated Jimmy Carter’s 99th birthday last month, praising the long life and achievements of his grandfather and grandmother. In a heartfelt tribute, he acknowledged their roots in the small town of Plains, Georgia, where they were born and raised.

He expressed, “In my perspective, a considerable source of comfort for our family is that, despite the numerous contributions of my grandfather and grandmother, they authentically embody the essence of the Southern Georgia couple who resides in the same farmhouse in a village of 600 people where they were born.”

Allies Laud Jimmy Carter: Mental Health Advocacy Spotlight

Political allies also expressed admiration, with Donna Brazile, former national chair of the Democratic Party, stating, “If Jimmy Carter were a tree, he would be a large, ancient Southern oak. He is as good and tough as they come.”

Since the May statement, the Carter Center has maintained silence about Rosalynn Carter’s health, focusing on her renowned advocacy for mental health. In a message acknowledging her significant contribution, Jason Carter emphasized the challenges faced by individuals and their families in seeking and obtaining crucial mental health support.

“Mis Carter has been a dedicated advocate for mental health in our country. We recognize, as she has for more than half a century, that the stigma surrounding mental health is often a barrier preventing individuals and their families from seeking and getting the essential assistance required.” he mentioned.

Rosalynn Carter’s Vision

As the creator of the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers, she frequently emphasized the existence of only four types of individuals in this world: those presently serving as caregivers, those who have previously fulfilled caregiving roles, those destined to become caregivers, and those who will inevitably require caregiving.

Highlighting the universality of caregiving in their family, Jason Carter concluded the statement, expressing hope that sharing news about their family would contribute to discussions on caregiving nationwide.


In the final stages of their lives, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and President Jimmy Carter find solace together amid health challenges. United in love, the Carter family, known for their commitment to privacy, faces these trials with resilience. Their legacy extends beyond politics, embracing advocacy for mental health and caregiving. As the Carters navigate this chapter, their grandson Jason hopes their story sparks vital conversations nationwide.

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