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FBI Apathy Unveiled by Special Agent Johnathan Buma

A special agent, Jonathan Booma, has revealed that the FBI’s handlers had no concerns about connecting Rudy Giuliani with Russian intelligence. His revelations in the Senate have raised questions about the beginning of the Giuliani and Hunter Biden-Burisma story. Booma, an espionage intelligence expert, speaks Russian and holds an active top-secret security clearance. His statements create serious concerns that the Republican allegations campaign is spreading false information that the Russian intelligence operators are involved in and could have been unmasked and silenced years ago. Booma’s account could change the narrative and interactions of the FBI with Trump’s circle.

 FBI Apathy Unveiled by Special Agent Johnathan Buma

FBI Apathy Unveiled by Special Agent Johnathan BumaDuring Trump’s presidency, Trump’s personal lawyer, Giuliani, raised concerns about Ukrainian oligarch Gulyani, who received $300,000 from Paul Fuks. Fuks had contacted Trump about Trump Tower construction in Moscow and had previously traveled to Washington for Trump’s inauguration. The FBI’s intelligence report suggested Fuks had “shared assets” with Russian intelligence services. The payment coincided with Giuliani’s Ukrainian endeavors to gather information on Hunter Biden and Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company, to pressure Ukrainian officials to initiate investigations. FBI agent Boma claims that during his tenure with the FBI, he expressed concerns about Giuliani’s possible connections with Russian intelligence and that they prevented him from reporting anything related to Trump and his circle.

1: Targeting Hunter Biden and Burisma in 2019 Election Efforts

In 2019, President Donald Trump‘s campaign to focus American voters on Hunter Biden and Burisma involved a series of allegations. Giuliani claimed that Biden’s ties to Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, were initiated through his laptop’s contents. However, Special Agent Johnathan Buma’s disclosures contradict this, stating that Biden left his laptop at a computer repair shop in April 2019, months before Boma claimed he contacted the Department of Justice prosecutors to discuss Hunter Biden. This contradicts the 2020 election campaign’s focus on Hunter’s work for Burisma as unlawful. Buma also alleged that George Soros, a billionaire known for conspiracy theories, was heavily involved in large-scale money laundering. The origin of the Hunter-Burisma story remains unclear, but it is evident that the beginning of Trump’s favored political narrative traced back to Ukraine, not Delawyer. Giuliani’s efforts to inject the story into the mainstream were part of a broader attempt to affect the 2020 American political landscape.

Point 2: DOJ Removes Jeffrey Berman at a Convenient Time for Rudy Giuliani

Boma characterizes the FBI’s investigation as a failed covert operation to probe Giuliani, which was abruptly shut down. According to him, a few months ago, Jeffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, whose office had authorized the operation, was abruptly removed from his position by Attorney General Barr. Both Barr and Berman have denied any involvement with an insider informant.

Point 3: Obvious Political Bias Within the FBI Cuts Both Ways

A series of FBI agents has alleged that there are elements within the Bureau attempting to oust Trump. Some have sought financial aid from partisan donors. Everyone has been given a platform under the GOP-controlled Congress. However, according to Boma, we aren’t getting the full story. Working out of satellite offices scattered with thousands of employees, the FBI is a federal agency rife with ideologically diverse and unusually secretive factions. A common thread among them is a desire to paint the Bureau with broad strokes to gain political points. Boma says that congressional hearings by the GOP “are not telling the whole story.”

Point 4: Becoming a Whistleblower Isn’t Easy

Former FBI agent Boma believes that the agency retaliated against him, directing him to stop looking into Trump and his entourage, silencing his finest sources, and assigning him to a low-priority task. With a $ offer he had submitted in February, the bureau attempted to resolve Boma’s City of Bluer complaint, but Boma rejects it. He feels as though he was the victim of a “character assassination” as a result of the retaliatory treatment, and he has reason to believe that one or more of his sources may have given true information that was damaging to the people the agency was trying to protect.

Point 5: Becoming a Whistleblower Isn’t Easy

Boma claims that the FBI retaliated against him, ordering him to halt investigations related to Trump and his circle, silenced his valuable sources, and reassigned him to a low-priority assignment overseeing a human intelligence squad. In February, the Bureau attempted to settle his City of Bluer complaint for $14,000, which Boma filed. He refuted the offer, stating that he initiated a process he considers vindictive treatment and a genuine character assassination. Boma is unaware of why he was treated this way, but suspects that one or more of his sources provided accurate information that was detrimental to individuals the Bureau was trying to shield.

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