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Sean Combs “Diddy” and Diageo: A Powerful Resolution to Long-Standing Disputes

The music mogul and entrepreneur, Sean Combs “Diddy”, and global liquor giant Diageo have officially announced the resolution of their protracted legal battle. This resolution, revealed on a Tuesday morning, marks the end of a complex disagreement where Combs alleged a lack of support from Diageo regarding marketing agreements involving Ciroc vodka and DeLeón tequila. The parties have not only settled their disputes but have also severed their business ties.

The Resolution Statement

In a joint statement, Sean Combs and Diageo have reached an agreement to settle all disputes. Mr. Combs has chosen to withdraw all allegations previously made against Diageo and will voluntarily dismiss his lawsuits against the company with prejudice.It further emphasizes that there is no ongoing business relationship between Diageo and Mr. Combs, particularly concerning Cîroc vodka or DeLeón tequila, which Diageo now solely owns.

Legal Background

Sean  Combs’ Lawsuit

In May 2023, Sean Combs filed a lawsuit against Diageo in the New York Supreme Court, alleging neglect of Ciroc and DeLeón under their joint control. He contended that Diageo had not provided the same level of marketing and promotion for these spirits as it had for other brands in its portfolio. Additionally, Combs accused Diageo of undermining the business by branding Ciroc and DeLeón as “urban,” rather than appealing to the general market.

Diageo’s Response

The following month, Diageo responded by calling for the dismissal of the suit and declaring the termination of their collaboration with Combs. Diageo asserted that Sean Combs had not fulfilled his previously agreed-upon obligations, leading to the breakdown of their partnership.

Current Legal Landscape

Legal Landscape
Legal Landscape

Simultaneously, Combs faces several lawsuits related to sexual assault charges, resulting in his temporary resignation as chairman of Revolt and the cancellation of his Hulu reality show.

History of Partnership

Sean Combs Wines and Spirits entered a marketing agreement with Diageo in 2007 for the promotion of Ciroc. In 2013, Diageo co-purchased DeLeon with Combs’ company.

Diageo’s Perspective

Diageo expressed disappointment in Mr. Combs’ portrayal of the dispute, characterizing it as a business matter turned into something more damaging. The company stated that Combs’ actions had breached contracts and left them with no choice but to terminate the relationship. Diageo highlighted its commitment to the CIRÔC and DeLeón brands, citing significant investments made to foster their success.

Legal Drama Unfolds

Diageo’s attempt to sever ties with Combs drew a strong response from John C. Hueston, Combs’ attorney, who likened it to firing a whistleblower exposing racism. Hueston asserted that Combs had raised concerns about racially insensitive comments and biased decisions within the company. According to Hueston, the lawsuit was brought to ensure Diageo honored its contract, which required treating DeLeon the same way as its other tequila brands.

Diageo’s Liquor Portfolio

Diageo owns a vast portfolio of over 200 liquor brands, including Don Julio tequila and Casamigos tequila, acquired from celebrity founder George Clooney and his partners in 2017.


The resolution between Sean Combs “Diddy” and Diageo brings an end to a chapter of legal disputes and business challenges. While both parties part ways, the impact of this clash on their respective endeavors remains to be seen.

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