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Mitch McConnell

After the January incident, Mitch McConnell will consult with a doctor; he’s making a second attempt to speak in this hot season. Senator Mitch McConnell froze before journalists on Wednesday, expressing concern about the health of the 81-year-old Republican leader once again.

 During an event in Kentucky on Wednesday, he was asked about participating in the 2026 elections, and he began to respond immediately before remaining silent for 7 seconds.

 For less than two months, this is the second instance where the senator had to step away from the microphone during a press conference.

 Before his next program, the Senate Minority Leader will consult with a therapist, as revealed by one of McConnell’s aides who requested anonymity while discussing openly. This occurred on Wednesday when McConnell was at the US Senate.

 His office hasn’t provided answers to numerous questions about how this condition persists, nor has it disclosed what prior medical advice or diagnosis McConnell has received.

 On the first day, McConnell spoke candidly about the potential government shutdown and possible short-term spending agreements. President Joe Biden, who learned about the incident shortly before making public remarks about the federal response to Hurricane Adelia, said he would reach out to McConnell.

Biden told reporters, “I’ll try to reach out to him after three o’clock. I don’t know, to find out.”

McConnell ignores Trump

What happened to McConnell?

 At the end of last month, during a press conference at the US Capitol, McConnell suddenly stopped speaking and remained silent for almost 28 seconds. He was then escorted away from the lectern by his Republican colleagues.

 Someone from McConnell’s team, who preferred to stay anonymous while speaking candidly, shared with USA Today that following the incident in July, the Kentucky Republican “experienced a touch of dizziness and stepped aside briefly.” When he reappeared at the press conference, McConnell’s demeanor was described as completely alert, and he even motioned towards the media, showing his usual quick-wittedness.

 In March, McConnell was admitted to a hospital due to a fall at a hotel in Washington, suffering from a fractured shoulder and discomfort.

 McConnell has fallen at least twice this year – once on July 14th at Washington, DC’s airport, and again in February during an overseas trip – confirmed by a close source familiar with his work habits, according to USA Today.

 McConnell’s spokesperson denied commenting on waterfalls but noted that GOP leaders are still circling the Capitol after several months, giving floor remarks and engaging with the media’s pivotal role. For protection, he continued to use a walker in specific situations.

 McConnell’s spokesperson told USA Today at the end of last month that “this is a cautious and prudent step in a concentrated area.”

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