Senator Mitch McConnell's Successor Hunt Begins: Texas Sen..
Senator Mitch McConnellSenator Mitch McConnell's Successor Hunt Begins: Texas Sen. Cornyn Throws Hat in GOP Leader Race


A race has begun in the Senate to replace Senator Mitch McConnell, who is expected to step down in November. John Cornyn, a senator from Texas, has entered the race for the Senate Republican leadership. His decision marks the initial move in this race as senators strive to step into McConnell’s shoes.

Cornyn, who previously served as McConnell’s second-in-command before term limits forced him to step down five years ago, made his candidacy public on Thursday through a statement to his fellow senators. Emphasizing his prior experience in leadership roles, Cornyn aims to position himself as a capable successor. However, he also seeks to distinguish himself from Senator Mitch McConnell, expressing confidence in the Senate’s ability to move forward, stating, “I am confident the Senate will move on — this is no one’s seat.”

“I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work in the Senate through my experience,” Cornyn stated. “And I believe Senate Republicans can restore our institution to its vital role in our constitutional republic.”

The Three Johns’ Succession Race

For a long time, speculation has been rife that Cornyn, South Dakota’s Sen. John Thune, and Wyoming’s Sen. John Barrasso — the “three Johns” — will vie to succeed Senator Mitch McConnell if and when McConnell resigns. But Wednesday’s surprising announcement by the veteran leader that he will not seek reelection as Republican leader after the November elections has jumpstarted the electoral race, beginning nearly nine months before GOP senators gather behind closed doors to choose a new leader.

Cornyn, a former Texas attorney general first elected to the Senate in 2002, is a prominent member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a popular figure in the GOP conference, seen as a steady hand. He has successfully bridged some deep divides within the caucus in recent years and has occasionally reached across the aisle, as he did on bipartisan gun legislation in 2022. He’s also a major fundraiser for the party, having already amassed $13 million for the party’s Senate campaign in the 2024 cycle and Republican Senate candidates.

Cornyn’s Leadership Track Record

In his statement, Cornyn said he believes he has “a track record of listening to colleagues and building consensus while leading the fight against harmful policies for our nation and conservatism.” Cornyn said they would work to improve communication, move spending bills individually, and strive to involve every member in decisions. These are responses to frequent complaints from some senators about big spending bills at year’s end and Senator Mitch McConnell’s top-down leadership approach.

Thune and Barrasso’s Potential Run

McConnell's Successor
Thune and Barrasso’s Potential Run

Thune, the current number 2 Republican, and Barrasso, chairman of the Senate GOP conference, left the door open to run after Senator Mitch McConnell’s announcement. A formal campaign has yet to be launched for the job. Thune told reporters on Wednesday that Senator Mitch McConnell’s departure leaves “big shoes to fill,” but now it’s time to “reflect on his service and honor it. And then we’ll move on from there.” Barrasso said he intends to talk with fellow senators and listen to what they have to say about “where they want to go.”

The bulk of the leadership race will likely occur privately in the coming months, through phone calls, one-on-one meetings, and private gatherings. Unlike the House, where both parties vote publicly on the speaker — and where things got messy recently — Senate party leadership elections are conducted behind closed doors in conference meetings through secret balloting. Cornyn was already making calls and reaching out to his fellow senators within hours of Senator Mitch McConnell’s announcement.”

GOP Senatorial Leadership Stagnation

Republican senators have not elected a new leader since Senator Mitch McConnell was elected in 2007. This was before most of the current GOP senators took on leadership roles. It’s unclear which of these “Johns” would benefit from their colleagues’ support. Though Cornyn is well-liked and has garnered attention for his fundraising, Thune could benefit from McConnell’s current deputy’s power. Barrasso has the most track record among the three, being the first to secure former President Donald Trump’s endorsement for the GOP presidential nomination.

Thune and Cornyn have criticized Trump in the past, particularly since January 6, 2021, following the Capitol riot by Trump supporters. But ultimately, each has endorsed him as a potential party presidential candidate this year.

Potential Party Contenders Emerge

It’s likely that other contenders from within the party, including Trump allies like Senator Rick Scott of Florida, could also enter the fray. Scott challenged Senator Mitch McConnell in 2022, securing 10 votes, and he could run again. Scott has said he’s focused on his reelection bid this year but is open to a race afterward. “There’s a better way to run the Senate,” Scott said after McConnell’s announcement. “So we’ll see what happens.”

The sudden turmoil over the next leader comes as the 82-year-old Senator Mitch McConnell faced growing and vocal criticism from some within his party. They said it was time for a change in leadership. They criticized Senator Mitch McConnell’s support for spending bills at the end of the year and, more recently, his clear backing for aid to Ukraine. Opposition within his conference has grown, saying it’s better spent on the border with Mexico or elsewhere inside America.

Conflict Between Senator Mitch McConnell and GOP

U.S. Senate GOP leader
Conflict Between Senator Mitch McConnell and GOP

There has been discord between Senator Mitch McConnell and the Republican leader, with McConnell saying they were “morally and practically responsible” for the Capitol attack. Neither has spoken before, and Trump often attacks him publicly. Senator Mitch McConnell acknowledged his critics in his Senate floor speech, saying he would step aside from that role. “Believe me, I know the politics inside my party right now. I’ve got plenty of faults, but being clueless about politics isn’t one of them,” he said. He also addressed the return of his critics, demanding the “next generation” to take power.

In the hours following the announcement, as the surprise wore off, many senators praised McConnell’s legacy, which includes confirming three conservative Supreme Court justices who tilted the court rightward. Others were more focused on the future. “It’s a good move,” said Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, who is often a critic of McConnell’s. “My question is, why did it take so long?”


In conclusion, Senator John Cornyn’s bid for GOP leadership marks the beginning of a heated race to succeed Senator Mitch McConnell in the Senate. With Cornyn stepping forward, the stage is set for a dynamic shift in Republican leadership. As contenders emerge and the succession scramble unfolds, the future direction of the party hangs in the balance. Only time will tell who will ultimately take the reins and lead the GOP forward in the Senate.


  1. Why did Senator Cornyn announce his run for GOP leader?

 Answer: Senator Cornyn aims to fill the leadership vacuum left by Senator McConnell’s impending departure.

  1. Is Senator Cornyn the only one vying for the GOP leadership?

 Answer: No, there may be other contenders emerging as the succession scramble unfolds.

  1. What experience does Senator Cornyn bring to the table?

 Answer: Senator Cornyn highlights his track record of consensus-building and fighting against harmful policies.

  1. How long has it been since a new GOP leader was elected?

 Answer: The GOP has not elected a new leader since Senator Mitch McConnell’s election in 2007.

  1. What does Senator Cornyn’s announcement mean for the future of the Republican Party?

 Answer: Senator Cornyn’s bid signifies a pivotal moment as the GOP navigates its leadership transition amidst a scramble to succeed Senator McConnell.

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