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SpaceX Starlink launch Set for Friday at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station


“Stay up-to-date on SpaceX’s Starlink launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station – including booster landing and weather forecasts.”

  • SpaceX is arranging to launch a Hawk 9 rocket with 22 Starlink satellites.
  • The launch is planned for 11:38 p.m. EDT on a Friday.
  • It will take put at Cape Canaveral Space Constrain Station in Florida.

Booster Landing

After the launch, a ramble launch will be utilized to recoup the Hawk 9 rocket’s booster.

The booster is anticipated to touch down on the ramble transport some minutes after the launch.

Welcome to SpaceX’s Mission

This article is approximately SpaceX’s Hawk 9 Starlink 6-16 mission from Cape Canaveral Space Station station.

There was a delay in the launch the previous night, but presently SpaceX is prepared to proceed.

Launch Details

SpaceX is propelling a Hawk 9 rocket carrying 22 Starlink web satellites.

The launch will take put at launch Complex 40.

There is additionally an elective launch time at 12:07 a.m. EDT on Saturday, with reinforcement choices on Saturday night.

Effective Booster Landing

At 11:46 p.m. EDT, the Bird of Prey 9 to begin with effectively landed on the SpaceX ramble transport called “Fair Perused the Enlightening” within the Atlantic Ocean.

This checked the booster’s seventh fruitful mission.


SpaceX has started the launch of the Bird of Prey 9 rocket carrying the 22 Starlink satellites from launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 11:38 p.m. EDT.

The anticipated landing of the beginning arranged booster on the ramble launch will happen in around eight minutes.

T-minus 10 minutes to SpaceX rocket liftoff:

Commencement Advance at T-minus 10 Minutes

At 11:28 p.m. EDT, we are presently fair 10 minutes absent from the planned liftoff of SpaceX’s rocket.

Everything is going as arranged as we approach the launch time.

Positive Overhaul from SpaceX

At 11:07 p.m. EDT, SpaceX gave a positive overhaul, saying that everything was looking great for the liftoff. The climate conditions are favorable, and the rocket’s fuel stacking is in progress.

SpaceX Commencement Timeline:

T-minus 38 Minutes: SpaceX’s launch executive gives the green light for fuel loading.

T-minus 35 Minutes: Loading of rocket-grade lamp fuel begins.

T-minus 33 Minutes: The stacking of fluid oxygen for the primary stage of the rocket begins.

T-minus 16 Minutes: Liquid oxygen stacking for the moment the arrangement of the rocket starts.

T-minus 7 Minutes: The Hawk 9 rocket’s motors begin their pre-launch preparations.

T-minus 1 Minute: The command flight PC starts the ultimate pre-launch checks, and the force tanks are pressurized to flight push levels.

T-minus 45 Seconds: SpaceX’s launch executive favors the rocket’s launch.

T-minus 3 Seconds: The motor controller starts the motor start arrangement to start.

Liftoff (T-minus Seconds): The Hawk 9 rocket launches into space.

SpaceX’s upcoming Starlink launch 

SpaceX is preparing for another Starlink satellite launch scheduled for 11:38 p.m. EDT on Friday at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.  This launch is the fifth flight of the first-stage booster used in this mission. The booster was previously used in Crew-6, SES O3b empower, and two Starlink missions.

Landing on the drone ship 

SpaceX launches 53 Starlink satellites, lands Falcon 9 on droneship
SpaceX launches 53 Starlink satellites, lands Falcon 9 on droneship

After the rocket stages separate about 8 1⁄2 minutes after liftoff, the first stage is expected to land in the Atlantic Ocean on the drone ship “Just Read the Instructions.”

The 230-foot-long Falcon 9 rocket will carry 22 Starlink Internet satellites during this mission. If the launch is delayed or has to be held up, there is an additional launch window on Saturday at 12:07 a.m. EDT and two more opportunities later on Saturday at 11:13 p.m…. and 11:38 p.m. EDT.

Weather and risk assessment 

Forecasters from the Air Force’s 45th Weather Squadron estimated a 45 percent chance of favorable weather conditions for a Friday night launch. The risk of a drone landing is considered “low-medium”.

If all goes according to plan, this launch will be the 49th launch on the Kosmoserannini this year.

Weather Outlook release for SpaceX 

Weather forecasting for SpaceX’s upcoming launch is important to ensure a safe liftoff and recovery.

Launch probability 

According to the climate report of the 45th Weather Squadron of the Space Force, favorable conditions for launch are 45%. This means there is some uncertainty as to whether the launch will go as planned.

Risk of relapse 

The risk of an accelerated recovery at sea on a sunken ship is considered “low to moderate.” This means there is a good chance of safely retrieving the rocket’s first stage.

Weather factors 

Cumulonimbus and Anvil Cloud Rules may affect the launch as mentioned in the weather forecast. These are important guidelines to ensure safe starting conditions.

Impact of Hurricane Lee 

Hurricane Lee is causing large waves off the coast of Florida that could prevent a repeat shipwreck from making landfall near the Bahamas.

More information about the publication

The launch will take place at Launch Complex Forty at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

The payload for this mission consists of Starlink Internet Satellites

Starlink Satellite Constellation
Starlink Satellite Constellation

The rocket, called Falcon 9, runs southeast between Florida and the Bahamas.

This launch is the forty-ninth on the Space Coast this year. There are no audio alerts during this mission.

The first stage booster, which is 130 feet long, will attempt to land on the drone ship about eight minutes after liftoff. This will be its fifth flight, demonstrating SpaceX’s reusable aspirations.

Next launch from Florida’s Space Coast 

SpaceX has another Starlink satellite mission from Cape Canaveral next week. But they have not announced the exact date and time of this upcoming release. For the latest information on SpaceX’s launch schedule and updates,  visit This will help you know when the next mission will leave the Space Coast.

Summaries SpaceX’s Starlink

Delve into the realm of cosmic wonder as we venture forth to unveil the enigmatic saga of SpaceX’s Starlink launch, poised to grace the celestial canvas from the ethereal grounds of Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. This momentous odyssey finds its genesis in the orchestration of a Hawk 9 rocket, elegantly bearing aloft a constellation of 22 Starlink satellites, a veritable testament to human ingenuity.

The cosmic clock, synchronized with celestial precision, will chime 11:38 p.m. EDT on a Friday, marking the chronological inception of this grand voyage. The grand theater of this celestial ballet shall be none other than the Cape Canaveral Space Constrain Station in the heart of Florida, where the elements of Earth and sky shall converge.

But lo, the spectacle does not conclude at ignition; nay, for the afterglow of liftoff shall be followed by an encore. A dronial pas de deux, where a Hawk 9 rocket’s booster, once cast into the firmament, shall return, an ephemeral Phoenix, to rest upon the drone transport, mere minutes from its exodus. This symphony of celestial mechanics weaves a tale of mastery over the heavens, an artistry befitting SpaceX’s Hawk 9 Starlink 6-16 mission.

The chronicle of this cosmic odyssey, briefly beset by temporal tribulations, now finds its course reset, poised for a majestic liftoff. The script dictates the propulsion of the Hawk 9 rocket, bearing its precious cargo of 22 Starlink web satellites, with launch Complex 40 as the hallowed stage. A celestial rendezvous awaits, and should the stars align, an alternative launch beckons at 12:07 a.m. EDT on Saturday, with the contingency of Saturday night in tow.

As the clock strikes 11:46 p.m. EDT, witness the Hawk 9’s sublime descent onto SpaceX’s maritime drone platform, christened “Fair Perused the Enlightening,” adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. This seventh waltz with the cosmos marks the zenith of booster success.

The climax arrives as SpaceX sets the stage for liftoff, with the Hawk 9 rocket poised at launch Complex 40, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Anticipation heightens as the pristine bird of prey readies itself to soar into the cosmic expanse. The planned landing of the inaugural booster, a mere eight minutes hence, adds an aura of breathless suspense.

As we approach the cusp of liftoff, T-minus 10 minutes resonates, a gateway to the sublime. The narrative unfolds with precision, each second ticking in unison as SpaceX’s rocket prepares to seize the heavens.

SpaceX to Launch Another Batch of Starlink Satellites from Florida
SpaceX to Launch Another Batch of Starlink Satellites from Florida

At 11:07 p.m. EDT, a sonorous proclamation from SpaceX resonates with positivity, assuring the audience of favorable conditions and ongoing fuel loading. A meticulously orchestrated timeline punctuates the countdown, bearing witness to each milestone with unwavering commitment.

The anticipation surges as the grand overture of liftoff nears, an orchestration of human and machine, a tapestry of precision and passion. The cosmos beckons, and SpaceX answers, poised to unveil the 49th chapter of the Kosmoserannini, a testament to man’s indomitable spirit.

Yet, the celestial saga is woven with threads of uncertainty, as the atmosphere whispers its secrets. The meteorological dance unfolds, with a 45 percent chance of favorable conditions, while the drone’s fate remains shrouded in “low-medium” obscurity.

The celestial narrative stands on the precipice of the unknown, as Cumulonimbus and Anvil Cloud Rules lurk in the pages of the weather forecast, casting an enigmatic shadow. Hurricane Lee’s tempestuous influence, manifesting in the form of towering waves off Florida’s coast, adds another layer of intrigue to this cosmic tale.

So, as the countdown commences at Launch Complex Forty, the stage set with a payload of Starlink Internet Satellites, the Falcon 9 rocket embarks on its southeast journey, its first stage daring to land upon the drone ship, “Just Read the Instructions.” It emerges as a triumph of reusable aspiration, bearing the weight of humanity’s cosmic dreams.

In the annals of Florida’s Space Coast, SpaceX hints at another celestial symphony, a Starlink satellite mission cloaked in mystery. The stars hold the secret of its date and time, concealed for now. Seek solace in the chronicles of, where the cosmic calendar reveals its enigmatic tapestry. Here, the journey of tomorrow awaits, painted across the boundless canvas of the cosmos.



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