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The 10 Best Private Special Needs Schools in the United States

Every student possesses unique Learning Abilities

While Comprehensive Education often aims to include all students of a particular age or grade level in the same classroom, there are instances when certain students’ needs are better met in a more specialized setting often called special needs schools. From early intervention through high school, educators and parents may determine that a student would thrive in an environment that combines smaller classrooms, purposeful activities, and faculty trained to cater to individual abilities.

Our website recognizes that grouping various learning styles and needs under a single category is not always productive or accurate. A student with hearing loss, for example, has different requirements than a student diagnosed with autism. In the future, we aim to compile separate lists to assess the numerous schools designed for specific needs. Nonetheless, while acknowledging the limitations of umbrella terms, our editors are eager to start with this list titled ’50 Best Private Special Needs Schools in the United States.’

The umbrella term is used broadly to describe any student facing challenges in an academic environment, whether due to a need for physical accommodations, cognitive challenges, or emotional obstacles. Schools for students with special needs address a range of academic, physical, social, and emotional issues. In this list, we outline the specific services offered by each ranked school.

Our rankings consider both boarding and Day Schools, and when a ranked boarding school offers day school options, we provide that information.

1.Rich Curriculum and Offerings for Students:

The school boasts a comprehensive curriculum enriched with a wide range of offerings and tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of its students.

2. Low Student-Teacher Ratio and Qualified Faculty:

Ensuring a low student-teacher ratio is a priority at this school. This is especially vital for institutions catering to students with varying learning abilities. When students face challenges in multiple areas, our school excels in providing specialized attention from highly-trained educators. A significant majority of our faculty members hold advanced degrees, with over 50% possessing Master’s degrees or higher.

3. Award-Winning Excellence

Our commitment to providing outstanding instruction and our outstanding architecture have earned us honors and recognition in the field of education,” the statement reads.

4. Unique Programs Beyond Academics:

“Our school provides exceptional programs that go above and beyond the conventional academic curriculum. These programs encompass a wide array of options, including animal therapy, college partnerships, online learning opportunities, sports, and the arts.”

5.Geographical Diversity:

Every effort has been taken to make sure the schools we select follow our methodology and are spread across the globe.

6.Tuition and Additional Fees:

“Please note that all tuition prices mentioned here are subject to change and may be approximate. They do not encompass additional fees, such as entry or incidental fees, costs for books, meals, technology, or medical care.”

7.Editorial Note:

“This article adapts its language to match the terminology used by individual schools. For instance, if a school refers to its students as having ‘special needs,’ ‘learning disabilities (LD),’ ‘learning (dis)abilities,’ or ‘learning differences,’ our editors align with the school’s terminology in our descriptions.”


1. The Devereux Glenholme School, Washington, special needs schools

Special Needs Schools

At The Glenholme School, one of very qualified special needs schools we stand as a beacon of support for young individuals dealing with a spectrum of challenges, including Asperger’s, attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, and various social and emotional learning differences. Our primary aim is to address the unique needs of our students and equip them for success in higher education and post-graduation employment. We achieve this through tailored tutoring, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and personalized positive behavior therapy for both individuals and families.

Beyond academic support, Glenholme students can immerse themselves in our renowned equestrian and theatre arts programs. We also encourage active participation in school-wide community service initiatives, fostering a sense of community and compassion among our students.

School Profile:

  • Co-ed Therapeutic Boarding School catering to ages 10-21.
  • Exceptional student-faculty ratio of 4:1 ensures personalized attention.
  • Tuition: $119,720 per year.”

2. Little Keswick School, special needs schools

special needs schools

“At Little Keswick School, we welcome boys who arrive with moderately severe emotional and social challenges, alongside academic learning disabilities. Through meticulous assessments and the creation of personalized learning plans, our school equips students to navigate social situations and prepare for future academic pursuits. Our team of dedicated teachers and clinical specialists collaborates closely with each student to establish academic and behavioral objectives. We offer individual, group, and family therapy to reinforce positive emotional and behavioral management. In addition to our academic curriculum, students can explore a range of activities, including art, woodworking, sports, and our renowned equestrian program.

School Profile:

  • An all-boys therapeutic boarding school serving ages 9-15.
  • We maintain an impressive student-faculty ratio of 7:1 to ensure individualized attention.
  • Awards: Proud recipient of the Partlow Insurance Best Practice Award (2011).
  • Tuition: $106,294 per year.”

3. Brehm Preparatory School, Special Needs Schools


“At Brehm, one of very qualified special needs schools we proudly define ourselves as a holistic boarding school that comprehensively attends to the academic, social, and emotional requirements of students with complex learning disabilities and learning differences. With a student body of 90, our dedicated team of 150 faculty and staff members follows a multi-tiered schedule tailored to each student’s needs. Beginning students receive intensive, one-on-one instruction and progress, according to their individual needs and preferences, to more generalized classes of 8 or 9 students taught at grade level.

Brehm boasts a team of five full-time speech-language pathologists, and our educational program is renowned for its robust offerings in educational technology. This includes digitized textbooks and the Kurzweil literary software.

School Profile:

  • A co-ed boarding school catering to grades 6-12, offering day school options as well.
  • We maintain a remarkable student-faculty ratio of 5.7:1, ensuring personalized attention.
  • Awards: Proudly recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Tuition: $66,900 per year for boarding students; $41,400 per year for day students.”

4. Triad Academy at Summit School,  A special needs schools

Triad Academy at Summit, School special needs schools

Triad Academy, a division of Summit School, is dedicated to providing the additional attention required by students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences. Summit School, as an institution, aims to stimulate its students to think creatively, reason systematically, and collaborate effectively. By offering specially trained educators and personalized classes, Triad Academy enables students to acquire the necessary techniques and support to excel in a conventional classroom setting.

At Triad, students focus on nurturing their unique talents across all subjects and engage in daily two-hour sessions dedicated to language development. This approach reinforces their knowledge acquisition across all areas. Equipped with this foundational knowledge, students can confidently transition to other divisions of Summit School, fully aware of their learning styles and secure in the knowledge that the teachers and methods they encountered at Triad Academy are still available to assist them.

School Profile:

  • A co-ed day school serving grades 1-9.
  • Outstanding student-faculty ratios: 3:1 for remediation classes; 8:1 for content classes.
  • Awards and Recognition: Nominated for Best Private School by Triad Moms on Main (blog) in 2011. Recognized as one of’s Top Eleven Private Learning Disabilities Schools in the United States and Canada.
  • Tuition: $27,800 per year.”

5. The Vanguard School, Lake Wales, FL, Special Needs Schools

The Vanguard School

“In 2004, the Vanguard School faced significant challenges after being hit by three storms. In response, the entire campus underwent a transformative renovation and rebuilding process. This renowned institution, founded in 1960, emerged from this adversity with renewed vigor, featuring modern dormitories, state-of-the-art classrooms, administrative facilities, a clinic, and a cutting-edge Visual and Performing Arts Center. Offering both boarding and day school options, Vanguard serves students aged 10 through high school. It also provides a distinctive post-graduate program designed to assist students in transitioning between high school and their chosen path, whether it be college, vocational school, or the working world.

Vanguard one of very qualified special needs schools caters to students facing challenges related to Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, dyscalculia, or attention deficit, which can affect their academic progress. However, it does not provide therapy to students with significant behavioral needs. Vanguard is especially renowned for its competitive sports teams, offering students the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports with neighboring schools. Moreover, the school places a strong emphasis on life preparation. Graduating students are awarded either an academic diploma, indicating their intention to pursue college, or a practical arts diploma, signifying their goal to enter a vocation or career.

School Profile:

  • A co-ed full-time boarding school serving students from ages 10 through post-high school, with weekly boarding and day school options.
  • Exceptional student-faculty ratio of 8:1 ensures personalized attention.
  • Tuition: $44,000 per year for boarding school; $22,500 per year for day school.”

6. The Hill Center, Durham, NC ,Special Needs Schools

The Hill Center

At The Hill Center, we are dedicated to Assisting Students with learning differences and attention deficit disorders in understanding and accommodating their educational needs. Each student spends part of their school day at The Hill Center and then returns to their private or public school for the remainder of the day. This unique approach enables them to seamlessly transition to a traditional school setting full-time after completing individualized instruction, typically within 3-4 years.

The Hill Center is staffed by specialists who are well-versed in addressing academic challenges, such as spelling and math comprehension, as well as social difficulties, like immature behavior and restlessness. These dedicated professionals empower students to comprehend their learning differences. Graduates of The Hill Center not only acquire the skills needed to integrate successfully into mainstream schools but also retain their distinct personalities and unique approaches to learning. They depart with a profound understanding of their individual learning styles and the tools required to thrive in a world that may not always embrace learning differences. After participating in The Hill Center’s individualized, multi-sensory instruction, students gain self-confidence, motivation, and the knowledge essential for navigating their future education.

School Profile:

  • A co-ed day school serving grades K-12.
  • An exceptional student-faculty ratio of 4:1 ensures personalized attention.
  • Awards: Honored in the Social Impact Exchange National Business Plan Competition in 2013.
  • Tuition: $17,300 per year (for 3 hours of daily instruction).”

7. New Leaf Academy, Special Needs Schools

New Leaf Academy,

New Leaf Academy provides therapeutic services tailored to pre-adolescent and adolescent girls who wrestle with behavioral challenges that hinder their academic success and social adjustment. Our school is thoughtfully designed to guide girls in making healthy choices, whether it’s forming friendships, adhering to school regulations, maintaining a balanced diet, or excelling in their studies. At New Leaf Academy, we address each student’s unique needs and strive to foster the personal growth required for every girl to evolve into a successful and positive woman.

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Bend mountains, our program offers a range of enriching experiences, including equine studies, team sports, dance classes, and a variety of electives such as artistic expression, modern history, and gardening.

School Profile:

  • An all-girls therapeutic boarding school serving ages 10-15.
  • The exceptional student-faculty ratio of 6:1 ensures personalized attention.
  • Tuition: $87,000 per year (includes the summer program)

8. Ann Arbor Academy, Ann Arbor, MI, Special Needs Schools

Ann Arbor Academy

Ann Arbor Academy’s middle and high school programs cater to students with average to above-average intelligence, whose unique learning needs encompass autism, language-based disabilities, or attention disorders. These students require specialized attention in specific academic subjects or personal management skills. While the school serves students within a particular age range, it recognizes that age or grade does not always align with one’s skill set. Instead of rigidly assigning grades, Ann Arbor Academy evaluates students’ performance based on individual progress. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are thoroughly assessed, addressed, and communicated with parents/guardians throughout the school year.

Among its diverse offerings, the school organizes an ‘experiential learning’ trip to Europe for upper-level students. Additionally, Ann Arbor Academy places a strong emphasis on self-advocacy and personal organization techniques, benefiting all learners.

School Profile:

  • A co-ed day school accommodating students in grades 4-12.
  • The exceptional student-faculty ratio of 5:1 ensures personalized attention.

9. Carrollwood Day School: Oakland School – Nurturing Students with Learning Differences- A Special Needs Schools

Carrollwood Day School:

Oakland School is an institution that is both well-established and at the forefront of educational innovation. It is situated in Keswick, Virginia, which is renowned for its pre-Revolutionary background. The historic grounds provide a tranquil backdrop for students with learning differences and communication needs to immerse themselves in academic subjects and personal growth. Oakland School is a supportive educational community that addresses its students’ needs by cultivating small classes, which place a strong emphasis on reading and math skills. This includes the unique Upward Lift program, an intensive summer school dedicated to reading education.

In addition to its exemplary academic curriculum, the school prioritizes character development, instilling traits such as respect, trustworthiness, and citizenship in its students. Students benefit from a rich curriculum supplemented by art education, literature appreciation, and life skills modeling, leaving Oakland School well-prepared for their next educational journey.

School Profile:

  • A co-ed boarding school with day school options catering to ages 6-14.
  • Outstanding student-faculty ratio of 5:1 ensures individualized attention.
  • Tuition: $46,500 per year (boarding); $27,500 per year (day).

Carrollwood Day School: We have expanded our presence to embrace a partnership with Oakland School, a renowned institution serving students with learning differences. Together, we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience tailored to the unique needs of each student.”

10. Chartwell School,  A Special Needs Schools

Chartwell School a special needs school

Chartwell School one of the Special Needs Schools is nestled in the breathtaking Monterey Bay region of California, welcoming students from elementary through middle school. It also hosts The New High School Project, a distinct high school program. The school primarily serves students who face challenges with reading, writing, memorization, and other academic tasks. These students greatly benefit from smaller class sizes and specially trained faculty who excel in teaching alternative learning methods. Chartwell School places a strong focus on preparing students for successful transitions into future education or employment opportunities.

Distinguished by its numerous architectural and environmental awards, Chartwell School is thoughtfully designed to minimize electricity consumption and maximize natural light as a stimulant for classroom learning. The school capitalizes on its scenic surroundings by offering an academic curriculum that incorporates gardening, art appreciation, and even water sports.

School Profile:

  •  A co-ed day school catering to ages 5-18.
  • Exceptional student-faculty ratio of 5:1 ensures personalized attention.
  • Awards (selected): Recognized with the Top 10 Buildings in the World Award by the American Institute of Architects (2009), Livable Buildings Award by the Center for the Built Environment at U.C. Berkeley (2009), LEED Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (2007), and the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award by California CPA (2007).
  • Tuition: $21,480 per year for grades K-3; $31,880 per year for grades 4-8.

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