Stay Connected on Public WiFi: Pro Tips for Travelers
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The world is becoming a less boring place to live under Wifi technology dominance, and so is our environment. Our job approaches have also evolved. Over time, hybrid working is more suitable in today’s age; no one has to be stuck for hours in the offices.

Moreover, people prefer cafés, public libraries, or uneasy places like cruise ships and vans, as so many people get to work from home, it is also reliable for a change of perspective.

However, you may travel for business purposes or spend holidays and want to stay updated on your social media, email, and business application while traveling, perhaps from a hotel, conference room, or airport site.

You are well aware when it comes to the use of public Wifi during traveling, it is just like entering into a massive digital universe where networks are created and knowledge swirls freely. But besides digital places, it is significant to remember the use of security and privacy.

There is a high risk of free-of-cost public Wi-Fi for everyone, but there is no surety that your info data is safe while linking to it. Here are some steps to shield your privacy and data from getting fumbled while using public Wifi.

1. Neglect accessing personal details

When connecting to public Wifi, it is very important to neglect accessing any of your personal or sensitive information, such as bank accounts, e-mails, or even social media accounts. Sign in only to those websites that do not ask for any type of personal data, like you can watch videos via streaming platforms through free public Wifi. But try to avoid using those sites which can put your data at risk.

2. Accessing VPN

First thing first, make VPN your best buddy. A friend who will help you out through thin and thick. During your travel adventures, accessing a VPN secures your details and links your mobile or laptop and internet connectivity. 

Ensure you utilize a premier and reliable VPN before connecting to public Wifi to protect your online actions. With the assistance of a VPN, you can thoroughly land on your interested site.

3. Switch off automation

Ever imagine why your mobile always connects automatically to neighboring Wifi? Automatic Wifi connectivity is unwelcome and can not be trusted instantly. 

Therefore, always ensure to turn off the automatic option to the public network to offer you a guarantee that you are connecting via a secure network.

 4. HTTPS websites

While you journey abroad, it is your most important responsibility to put a veil on your data; precautions are better than crying over spilled milk. However, use HTTPS websites because they restrain you from sharing your sensitive details and defend your information rather than HTTP.

5. Switch off Wi-Fi when not using

Switch off wifi
Switch off wifi

The modern time has modern problems. Your sensitive information could be stolen in numerous ways or due to your negligence. So, it is highly advised to discontinue your Wifi when you are not utilizing it to avert hackers from exploiting your data while using the public internet.

6. Turning off file sharing

Everything that is labeled as free doesn’t mean it’s safe. Ensure that the file-sharing option in your device isn’t switched on, and if it is, then make a small change in the setting and disable the option from the device as it provides access to unauthorized websites.

7. Software of the device

Your smartphone is the sole source to access all of your details. To shield your smartphone from spyware, keep its software up-to-date. And if you have a laptop, make sure you have downloaded antivirus software beforehand.

8. Enabled firewall

The most common issue around the world is, daily, that someone is getting hacked through a free internet connection. It is suggested to laptop consumers while surfing video streaming like Jiocinema in Pakistan, enabled firewall on free-of-cost public Wifi. The firewall functions as a barrier or guard against malware.

9. Track your devices

We know strangers sometimes peek at the screen while traveling. So never leave your phone behind in public places or on vehicles; there is a massive risk of strangers accessing your details. Be alert of your circumstances and careful about people around you.

10. Mindful of public Wifi types

Lastly, people need to learn that public Wifi is of two kinds: secured and unsecured. By the title, you already get a rough idea of which is safer for you to connect. Whenever you get any opportunity, always link to a secured connection. It always asks for your permission for registration or agreement to terms and conditions or requires you to enter your credentials before connecting to the internet.


To put it into simple words, while traveling, you need Internet connectivity to stay in touch with your social life and family members but carry precautions with you. With the above tips, you can access free public Wifi without threatening your security while you travel around the world. 

Still, some key elements to remember are to use solid passwords always, to be careful of what you post while using free public Wifi, and it is finer to use a smartphone hotspot as it is secure for the device. It is convenient to use public Wifi, but it also drags you in danger by revealing your sensitive data.

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