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Steve Harwell Latest Health Update: Smash Mouth Singer

Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth is currently in the hospital for ‘a little while longer’ only, confirmed a representative of Smash Mouth.

Steve Harwell Health Updates

The band’s manager, Robert Heitz, stated in a statement, “Steve is resting at home, and his daughter and hospice are taking care of him.”

“Although Steve Harwell hasn’t been part of Smash Mouth for the last two years, and the band is presently tour with their new vocalist, Zach Goode, his musical influence will live on,” the statement emphasized.

Steve Harwell famous voice is one of the most recognizable voices of his generation. He loved his fans and enjoyed performing,” Heitz further mentioned.

The statement concluded with the hope that people will respect Steve Harwell and his family’s privacy during this difficult time.

Steve Harwell
Steve Harwell

TMZ was the first to report on Sunday that the former lead singer, 56, is in the hospital under treatment for alcoholism-related issues in the final stages of liver failure. According to the outlet, Harwell’s manager stated that the artist has “only a week or more to live.”

Harwell, Smash Mouth’s frontman from the late ’90s, has been struggling with health complications for quite some time. After his diagnosis of cardiomyopathy and encephalopathy in 2013, Steve Harwell revealed to the public in 2021 that Steve Harwell would retire from the band due to his mental and physical health.

At that time, Harwell said, “Since I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a rock star who performed in front of cheering crowds on sold-out fields, and I feel very fortunate to have fulfilled that dream.”

Steve Harwell
Steve Harwell

He continued, “Performing with my bandmates throughout all these years is an honor, and I cannot imagine going on this wild journey with anyone else.”

“We’re deeply thankful to our dedicated and amazing fans,” they conveyed their appreciation.”I’ve exerted every conceivable effort to tackle my physical and mental health hurdles and give one last performance in front of you, but regrettably, it wasn’t feasible.”

Steve Harwell
Steve Harwell

This announcement came a day after Harwell appeared in a TikTok video during a show in New York, where he was seen stumbling and uttering profanities.

Harwell’s representative told people that despite Steve’s best efforts to overcome these illnesses, he’s heartbroken to say that it’s impossible for him to continue doing what he loves most, performing in front of the band’s millions of fans worldwide,” the representative said.

Close sources to Harwell also told people that the musician has suffered “significant damage” from years of substance abuse, leading to some physical and mental health issues.

Smash Mouth is best known for its contributions to the Shrek franchise’s soundtrack with hits like “All-Star” and “I’m a Believer.” The group also released songs like “Walkin’ on “the Sunshine” and “Never Get Enough of You, Baby.”

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