Suns vs Nuggets: Kevin Durant leads Suns to 117-107 OT road win

Suns vs Nuggets
Kevin Durant Guides Phoenix Suns to Statement 117-107 Overtime Road Victory

Introduction: Suns vs Nuggets Playoff

Suns vs Nuggets Playoff: What a game it was! The Phoenix Suns pulled off an incredible upset, catching a nail-biting 117-107 overtime win against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. Led by the phenomenal performance of ex-NBA MVP Kevin Durant, who scored a whopping 35 points, the Suns displayed sheer grit and determination on the court. It was a tough battle against a strong opponent, but Phoenix rose to the occasion, securing a crucial victory that boosted their standing in the fiercely competitive Western Conference.

Nuggets’ Recent Resurgence

After a skid of three games in mid-February, the Nuggets had recently found their form again, entering the Suns vs Nuggets game with six wins in their last seven matchups. Nikola Jokic, the Denver Nuggets’ star player, led his team with an impressive performance, scoring 25 points, grabbing 16 rebounds, and dishing out five assists. It seemed like the Nuggets were on track for their seventh consecutive victory until Kevin Durant made a clutch step-back three-pointer with only 27 seconds remaining, tying the game. Durant struggled with shooting throughout the game, going 1-8 in the fourth quarter, but he stepped up in crucial moments. 

“I knew half of it was coming down: ‘It’s either going to go in or it’s not, I need to make this shot or the game could be over,'” Durant said, according to the NBA. “My fundamentals were right on that one.” “It felt good to leave my hand… I like hearing that silence from the crowd. It always feels good on the road,” Durant reflected after the Suns vs Nuggets matchup.

Thrilling Suns vs Nuggets Comeback

After scoring 12 points from the bench to bring the Nuggets within three, allowing them to complete their comeback from 22 points down in the third quarter, the Suns vs Nuggets matchup intensified. In overtime, the Suns surged with 15 points – including five from Bradley Beal – while Denver managed just one bucket, ultimately sealing the win for Phoenix.

With star guard Devin Booker sidelined due to a knee injury for the second consecutive game, the Suns received crucial support from Greivis Vasquez’s 28 points, including eight triples, in the Suns vs Nuggets matchup. “Look at the overall season, it’s clear, the ultimate result is always important, playing in the playoffs, trying to win championships, those are important,” Durant commented. “But you celebrate small moments.”

Jokic Misses Game-Winning Shot

Kevin Durant
Jokic Misses Game-Winning Shot

In a thrilling Suns vs Nuggets matchup, Nikola Jokic, known for his entertaining moves, missed a crucial last-second floater, leaving the game undecided. Despite his efforts, the Phoenix Suns clinched a thrilling 117-107 overtime victory over the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. Led by the outstanding performance of former NBA MVP Kevin Durant, who scored an impressive 35 points, the Suns showed remarkable resilience and determination on the court. This significant win underscores their strength and strengthens their position in the fiercely competitive Western Conference standings.

Murray Shines Against Suns

Jamal Murray put up an impressive performance with 28 points, seven rebounds, and nine assists for the defensive-minded Nuggets in the Suns vs Nuggets matchup. The Nuggets, now third in the Western Conference, also saw Michael Porter Jr. contribute with 20 points and seven rebounds. “This one feels different from yesterday,” Murray remarked. “We were feeling optimistic with clearer minds and more positive energy yesterday, but today, it’s tough. It wasn’t just one person struggling with their shots, it was all of us.” The Suns secured their second consecutive victory against the Nuggets, positioning themselves sixth in the Western Conference as they continue to battle for a playoff berth.


In summary, Kevin Durant’s outstanding performance propelled the Phoenix Suns to a significant 117-107 overtime victory against the Denver Nuggets in the Suns vs Nuggets matchup. Durant’s leadership was evident as he guided his team to a crucial win on the road. Despite facing a tough opponent, the Suns demonstrated resilience and teamwork, securing an important victory in their quest for a playoff spot. This win not only boosts the Suns’ confidence but also cements their position as a strong contender in the competitive NBA scene. The Suns vs Nuggets game showcased the Suns’ abilities and set a positive tone for the rest of their season.


  1. What was the final score of the Suns vs Nuggets game?

Ans:    The Phoenix Suns clinched a 117-107 victory over the Denver Nuggets.

  1. Who scored the most points for the Phoenix Suns in the Suns vs Nuggets matchup?

Ans:    Kevin Durant led the Suns with an impressive 35-point performance.

  1. Where did the game between the Suns and Nuggets take place?

Ans:    The Phoenix Suns secured an overtime road win against the Denver Nuggets.

  1. How did the Suns secure their victory in the Suns vs Nuggets game?

Ans:    The Suns showcased resilience and teamwork, ultimately winning in overtime.

  1. What impact does this win have on the Suns’ standing in the league?

Ans:    This win solidifies the Suns’ position as strong contenders, boosting morale and playoff aspirations.

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