Suspect Captured in Ambush Murder of LA Sheriff's Deputy

Suspect Captured in Ambush Murder of LA Sheriff’s Deputy

A Los Angeles District Sheriff Deputy named Ryan Clinkunbroomer was shot in the head and murdered amid an ambush. But presently, they have captured an individual they accept is capable of the crime.

Arrest of the Suspect

On a Monday morning, a suspect was captured in association with the killing of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer. This capture happened approximately a day and a half after the delegate was shot and killed.

Sheriff Robert Luna of Los Angeles Province held a news conference on Monday to talk about the capture. He said that they were exceptionally beyond any doubt that they had caught the proper individual. In any case, he inquired about the open for any data that might help with the investigation.

The Suspect’s Identity

In Memory of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, LA County Sheriff’s Department: Navigating the Tragedy of an Ambush. Remembering a Hero.

The suspect’s title is Kevin Salazar, and he is 29 a long time ancient. He lives in Palmdale. He is as of now being held at the Palmdale sheriff’s station. Sheriff Luna said that they do not accept there are any other suspects included in the crime.

Sheriff Luna clarified that 36 hours after Deputy Clinkunbroomer’s kill, their division was able to capture Kevin Salazar. They encompassed the house where Salazar was and asked everybody interior to come out. Family individuals came out, but Salazar remained interior and blockaded himself for a few hours.

After attempting to converse to Salazar and calm the circumstance down, Uncommon Requirement agents utilized chemical operators, and at last, the suspect surrendered.

Evidence Found

During the examination, the agents found a few guns and a vehicle of intrigue at the house where Salazar was captured. This is often vital proof that might offer assistance with the case.

Salazar’s family, including his mother and sister, say that he has mental health issues. They clarify that he has been put in psychiatric care for 72 hours two times before, and they’ve indeed called the sheriff’s office on him in the past. They need individuals to understand that his activities weren’t purposeful but were related to his mental condition at the time.

Community Help in Recognizing the Suspect

Information from individuals within the community made a difference in crime examiners to distinguish the suspect and discover the suspect’s vehicle. Be that as it may, the rationale behind the wrongdoing is still obscure, and the examination is ongoing.

Deputy Clinkunbroomer’s Awful Death

Vigil for Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, a victim of an ambush-style killing in Palmdale, Calif. Suspect focus. (Photo: Alex Welsh for The New York Times)

Deputy Clinkunbroomer was on obligation and had fairly cleared out the Palmdale station. He was sitting at a ruddy activity light at the crossing point of Sierra Thruway and Road Q around 6 p.m. on a Saturday when a great Samaritan found him drooping over the wheel of his stamped patrol car. Sheriff Luna emphasized that Deputy Clinkunbroomer didn’t indeed have a chance to guard himself.

Deputy’s Appalling Passing

Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer was taken to Gazelle Valley Restorative Center after the occurrence, but tragically, he didn’t survive his wounds. He was a youthful officer, only 30 a long time old.

Sheriff’s Determination

Sheriff Luna communicated his assurance to capture the individual dependable for this appalling occurrence. He stated that all accessible assets of the Los Angeles District Sheriff’s Division would be utilized within the interest of the suspect.

Video Prove Beneath Investigation

Investigators are looking at a video that shows a car gradually coming up behind a police vehicle from the Los Angeles District Sheriff’s Office (LASD) at the time when the shooting happened. After the occurrence, the car rapidly sped absent. Sheriff Luna specified this amid a press conference.

Depiction of the Suspect’s Vehicle

Sheriff Luna depicted the vehicle they are inquisitive about as a dull gray Toyota Corolla made between a long time 2006 and 2012. This data is basic for the investigation.

Sheriff Luna made a supplication to the open, inquiring for their help in finding the individual dependable for ambushing and slaughtering one of their deputies. He pushed the significance of getting this person off the boulevards to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Details approximately Delegate Clinkunbroomer

Sheriff Luna shared a few data approximately Deputy Clinkunbroomer. He had been a portion of the sheriff’s office for around eight a long time and had as of late moved to the Palmdale station in July 2018. He had been working as a field preparing officer for about two a long time sometime recently this appalling incident.

Sheriff Luna highlighted that not fair anybody gets to be a field preparing officer; it’s often the foremost gifted and committed officers. Delegate Clinkunbroomer was one of these extraordinary officers.

A Bequest of Service

Deputy Clinkunbroomer came from a family profoundly associated with the Los Angeles District Sheriff’s Division (LASD). He was the third era in his family to serve in this capacity, taking after his father and granddad. Sheriff Luna emphasized that a solid sense of benefit ran in his blood.

Recent Engagement and Appalling Loss

Tragically, just four days sometime recently the occurrence, Deputy Clinkunbroomer had gotten locked into his sweetheart. In any case, he has presently cleared out behind his fiancée, guardians, and grandparents.

Emotional Sheriff Luna

Sheriff Luna communicated his profound feelings about the misfortune, portraying it as unjustifiable and excruciating. He communicated the collective melancholy of the office, saying that they are harming severely which may be an appalling circumstance. He amplified his ardent condolences to Deputy Clinkunbroomer’s family.


A suspect named Kevin Salazar has been captured in association with the murder of deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer with Sheriff Luna expressing certainty about the capture while looking for open help within the progressing examination. The capture was taken after a standoff amid which the suspect blockaded himself and proof was recouped at the scene.

The suspect’s family recommends mental health issues, and the thought process remains obscure as the examination proceeds. Deputy Clinkunbroomer, a devoted field preparing officer, deplorably misplaced his life, clearing out behind his fiancée, guardians, and grandparents, inciting a passionate reaction from Sheriff Luna, who is committed to bringing the culprit to justice.

Also, examiners are analyzing a video showing a car close to the scene of the shooting and looking for a dull gray Toyota Corolla from 2006-2012, encouraging the public’s help in finding the suspect dependable for ambushing Delegate Clinkunbroomer.


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