Suspect & Person of Interest in Romeoville Case Dead in OK Crash

A terrible incident involving a family in Illinois. Four people from a town called Romeoville were killed. Recently, the police discovered more information about the case. They found two people who were suspected to be involved in the crime, but something bad happened to them too.

The two suspects were in a car, and it caught fire after a crash in a place called Catoosa, Oklahoma. Sadly, one of the suspects, a man named Nathaniel Huey Jr. who was 31 years old and from Streamwood, Illinois, was shot and died. The other person, a woman who the police didn’t mention by name but thought might have been involved, was also shot and is now in very critical condition in a nearby hospital.

The policeman inquiring about the suspect's crime
The policeman inquiring about the suspect’s crime
  • A woman was being represented by a lawyer.
  • The police in Romeoville, a place in Illinois, were looking for a specific SUV because they believed it was connected to a shooting incident where two people named Alberto Rolón and Zoraida Bartolomei were killed on a Sunday.
  • Oklahoma authorities used a special camera that reads license plates to identify this SUV.
  • On a Wednesday, the police in Catoosa, Oklahoma, saw the SUV and tried to stop it.
  • The person driving the SUV tried to escape from the police, but unfortunately, the SUV crashed and caught fire.
  • The woman who was in the SUV, according to her lawyer, later died in a hospital in Oklahoma.

As police officers went to check on the well-being of people at a house. When they approached a vehicle, they heard two gunshots, and both the man named Huey and the woman with him got shot. It all started when the police were called to the house on Concord Avenue around 8:43 p.m. on a Sunday. That’s what we know about the situation right now.

Romeoville Police Summoned for Residence Wellness Check

The policeman inquiring about the suspect's crime
The policeman inquiring about the suspect’s crime
  • One of the family members didn’t go to work at 6 a.m. on a Sunday.
  • This person didn’t answer phone calls from their family all day, which worried them.
  • The police went to the family’s home to check on them.
  • When the officers arrived, they found four people in the family who had died. A pair of grown-ups and a pair of kids were present.
  • They also found three dogs in the house, and all of them had been shot.
  • Two adults, Alberto Rolon and Zoraida Bartolomei, were found and declared dead at the place where the incident happened.
  • There were also two children, aged 7 and 9, who were also found dead at the same location.
  • The article mentions that these two children were students at Robert C. Hill Elementary School, as confirmed by a statement from the Valley View Community Unit School District 365U.

The officials, which means the people in charge, believe that the shooting took place between 9 p.m. on Saturday evening and 5 a.m. on Sunday morning.

“Not a Random Act”

  • The police released an update on Tuesday.
  • They concluded that the shootings were not random, which means they were not by chance or without a specific reason.
  • They also stated that there is no longer a danger to the general public.
  • On the same day, the police mentioned that there was a woman they were interested in because she had a connection to a man named Huey.
  • This woman was reported as missing by her family on Tuesday. They couldn’t find her.
  • Because of this, the Romeoville police, where she was connected to the investigation, issued a bulletin that was sent out to the whole state. This bulletin likely asked for help in locating her.
  • In the morning, a special camera that reads license plates detected a car that was connected to the two people the police were interested in. This happened in Catoosa, Oklahoma.
  • The authorities in Catoosa tried to stop the car, but the driver of the car quickly tried to run away from the police.
  • Because the driver was trying to escape, the car ended up crashing all by itself. The accident happened with no other vehicles
  • The car eventually started burning or catching fire.
  • The police who were there heard some sounds that they thought were two gunshots.
  • After the car fire was put out, they found a man named Huey dead in the driver’s seat, and there was a woman in the passenger seat who was very badly hurt. Both of them had been shot.

The investigation, or the process of finding out what happened, is still ongoing and changing.

  • The person named Burne didn’t explain how Huey was connected to the family involved in this situation.
  • However, they mentioned that there is some evidence that suggests a connection between the person they suspect (Huey) and the victims of the crime. There might also be a reason why this happened, which is called a “motive.”
  • But Burne didn’t want to say more about this possible reason for the crime.

Family Releases Official Statement

The family of Zoraida Bartolomei was one of the four people killed in a tragic incident. The family issued the statement on Wednesday evening.

The family of Zoraida Bartolomei, who was one of the victims of a tragic event, wants to thank everyone for their kindness and support. They are very grateful for all the help and love they have received from their friends and the community. Right now, their main concern is to make sure their family and loved ones get the support they need. They want to let everyone know how much they appreciate the understanding and help they have received during this difficult time.

The family of the victim can’t talk much about what happened because the police are still investigating, and they’re going through a very tough time after the murders. A neighbor named Carol Love shared that it was a sad situation, but the Bartolomei family was kind and didn’t cause any trouble. She hopes that the police find out who committed this terrible act.

Alex Hernendaz who is a friend of the woman being looked at closely by the police in the case, talked to NBC Chicago on Wednesday.

He’s perplexed about what went amiss or where things derailed in the situation. He mentions that he spent Thanksgiving with the people involved, and sometimes he even leaves his kids with them. Now, he’s feeling very lost and troubled by what has happened.

Attorney Advocating for Family of Female Person of Interest Speaks

An attorney representing the family of a woman who was killed in Oklahoma stated on Thursday that the family thinks she was taken against her will (kidnapped) and had no involvement in the terrible murders.

Attorney John-Paul Ivec is speaking at a press conference. He says that Ermalinda Palomo, who was considered a person of interest in the murder case of a family in Romeoville, was actually in a car with someone named Huey Jr. The police chased their car, and it crashed. Later, both Palomo and Huey Jr. were found with gunshot wounds inside the crashed vehicle.

Huey Jr. died at the place where the car crashed, and Palomo passed away later at a nearby hospital. The attorney, John-Paul Ivec, clarified that even though Palomo was engaged to Huey Jr., she was not involved in the murders of the family.

Attorney John-Paul Ivec asserts that they are highly confident that Ermalinda was at home, in a state of slumber, when the homicides occurred in Romeoville. He mentioned that many family members can confirm this.

However, the police have not officially said whether Palomo had any involvement in the crime or how she died. So, there is still no public information about the cause and manner of Palomo’s death.


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