Technical SEO Consultant’s Guide: How to Evolve an SEO Strategy with Key Elements to Review

Technical SEO Consultant's Guide: How to Evolve an SEO Strategy with Key Elements to Review
Technical SEO Consultant

Engage a Technical SEO Consultant to Refresh Your SEO Strategy with Regular Audits

Keeping your SEO strategy dynamic with regular updates is crucial. Each year, when updating your plans, consider examining the areas for auditing, leveraging the expertise of a technical SEO consultant. Adapting to Changes Within Your Company and the Broader Digital Landscape

To craft an effective SEO strategy that remains relevant amidst changes within your company and the vast digital panorama, it’s essential to evolve it over time. Conducting an annual review is key to keeping your perspective fresh and results-oriented.

This article outlines crucial internal and external elements that warrant assessment during the refreshment of your SEO plan, spanning from changes on your website to algorithm updates impacting competitive shifts, while also considering the insights of a technical SEO consultant.

Partnering with a Technical SEO Consultant: Crafting Your SEO Wisdom Amidst Constant Evolution

You can shape your SEO wisdom with continuous alterations and adaptations that shimmer in a dynamic SEO roadmap or craft a more defined annual or semi-annual action plan.

For the purpose of this piece, let’s work under the assumption that this is an annual review, determining whether there have been shifts in priorities over the past year (i.e., favoring cascading over briskness, among those who think so).

 Assessing Internal Elements for Review

Technical SEO Consultant's Guide: How to Evolve an SEO Strategy with Key Elements to Review
SEO Plan

A year is a considerable span, and things can change internally, be it practices or priorities. Before basing any changes to your SEO strategy on external elements, it’s crucial to ensure support from the brand and company—it matters for business.

 Penetrating Your SEO Wisdom

Begin the audit by checking what’s been implemented successfully or what projects have been approved—translating refined SEO wisdom from the first iterations of the translated SEO wisdom through the roadmap of SEO, considering insights from a technical SEO consultant.

If possible, you’ll also want to see the impact of these changes. It allows you to start mapping out those particular elements that affect your website and potentially your industry.

 Your Website

As one of the key elements of your SEO wisdom, understanding any changes in the background of your website is essential. If you’re fortunate, you’re likely already familiar with it, either as part of the advancements team or within their workflow and on good terms with the owners of the product or program.

It’s also crucial to understand changes from a content perspective on your website. Enterprise-level SEO tools alter records as part of their software or you can use tools like, considering insights from a technical SEO consultant.

  • VisualPing
  •  Hexometer

Alternatively, you might be able to utilize the “last modified” or “last edited” date within your CMS if those fields record the amendments made.

Refining Your Offerings/Proposals with a Technical SEO Consultant

Your offerings and your company undergo changes. This year might have seen a fundamental shift, focusing attention from Product A to launching and supporting Product B. Alternatively, business objectives, goals, or missions might have changed, with less attention on acquiring new customers but sustaining current business.

This fundamentally alters both content strategy and website technical focus and should be informed by your SEO wisdom.

 Your Actions

Improvements may have been made, and numerous tasks unblocked that you couldn’t manage last year, or possibly the opposite. While not exhaustive, these are good places to start understanding how things under your control have changed in the last 12 months and how they might evolve in the next 12.

 External Elements

Understanding external changes involves assessing factors beyond your control. Determine if immediate action is needed or if it’s better to resolve before it becomes more delicate. This could become a subject of broader business discussion requiring leadership approval, so be prepared for potentially time-consuming actions.

Google Algorithm Updates or Feature Changes

SEO wisdom will always be somewhat responsive. Though a good SEO strategy may come close to adapting to Google’s algorithm changes, true progress lies in anticipating and acting on future changes in search methods. It’s eyeing things that might seem small now but are evolving, like E-A-T or “Experience” in Google’s SGE.

Assessing Competitor Activities with a Technical SEO Consultant

Technical SEO Consultant's Guide: How to Evolve an SEO Strategy with Key Elements to Review
Google Algorithm Updates

While I advocate for an infinite game in business, it doesn’t mean you should ignore what’s happening in your market. Instead, it means not measuring your success against it. If your marketing efforts have shifted towards long-term shaping, writing materials for thought leadership, it’s at least on the periphery of your mind. But can you formulate your SEO wisdom to cope? That’s dependent on your broader objectives.

Understanding market perspectives differs from showcasing a reaction, and it’s essential to inform the correct, timely understanding of your SEO wisdom where you operate.


One recommendation from various practical wisdom by Ian Lurie that has stuck with me is to consider diversification, including insights from a technical SEO consultant.

  • What happens if there’s a new disruptor in the market? 
  • What if there’s a global catastrophe?
  • What if you receive fantastic media coverage?
  • What if Apple recalls their phones?

These hypotheticals stretch your strategic muscles. They help you understand both the margins of your operations and how elastic your wisdom can be. Note, in such cases, you might need to adapt or completely overhaul your wisdom.

 Looking Ahead

Engage in elevating your SEO wisdom by:

  • Updating SEO goals and objectives.
  •  Transferring any strategic pillars that are either internal or external reactions.
  •  Incorporating new strategic pillars based on the ever-evolving landscape.

With this fresh information, you’re in a good position to prepare your SEO wisdom, keep the documentation alive and dear, showcasing its proof in the future, in collaboration with a technical SEO consultant.

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