The Arkansas Razorbacks Ended Their Six-Game Losing Stre....

This remarkable play led Arkansas to a nail-biting 39-36 victory over Florida in a hard-fought overtime matchup last weekend, bringing an end to a daunting six-game losing streak for the Razorbacks and marking their first win of the season. In Gainesville, Florida, a thrilling football game unfolded as KJ Jefferson and Tyrone Broden’s heroic connection in overtime resulted in a 4-yard touchdown. 

Arkansas Shakes Up Florida’s Winning Streak And Florida’s Coaching Shake-Up

In a surprising turn of events, Kenny Geiton assumed the role of play-caller for the first time, leading the Razorbacks (3-6, 1-5 SEC) to a thrilling victory that halted Florida’s five-game winning streak on their home turf and unfolded in overtime. This triumph also positioned the Gators (5-4, 3-3) on the precipice of bowl contention for the second consecutive season. Adding to the drama, during the farewell week on October 22, the Gators made a significant coaching change by parting ways with their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Dan Mullen, following a 7-3 loss to Mississippi State.

KJ Jefferson’s Heroic Performance Seals Victory With A Thrilling Run

KJ Jefferson had a standout performance, throwing for 255 yards and two touchdowns and rushing for 92 yards, including a crucial touchdown. While most of his heroics unfolded in the later stages of the game, the highlight was an electrifying 20-yard run during overtime. Jefferson left a trail of awe-struck defenders in his wake before connecting with Broden for the game-winning touchdown in the thrilling overtime.

Coach Sam Pittman’s Memorable Victory And Florida’s Missed Opportunity

Florida’s special teams struggled, a reflection of the extended issues they faced during the season. In the third quarter, the Gators managed to secure an additional point in overtime, forcing the game into overtime due to an illegal substitution penalty.

Under the leadership of Sam Neepair, the Gators aimed to change their fortunes in time. As they chase their sixth victory, the upcoming three regular-season games present formidable challenges, including matchups against No. 13 LSU, No. 14 Missouri, and No. 4 Florida State, in which overtime performance will be crucial. These games constitute a tough stretch where the repair team has the potential to spring surprises in overtime.

Arkansas Jumps To An Early Lead; Florida Stages A Late Comeback

Arkansas appeared poised for victory as they embarked on their initial possession, covering a 75-yard distance for a touchdown. In the very next play, Jaylon Braxton made a remarkable 33-yard gain after stripping Pierceall. Arkansas surged to a 14-0 lead in overtime before the Gators secured their first down in overtime.

However, Florida not only mounted a comeback in overtime but also capitalized on several opportunities involving shorter field positions in overtime, ultimately gaining the advantage in the second half of overtime.

Rahim “Rocket” Sanders’ Impact On Arkansas’s Victory

The return of Rahim “Rocket” Sanders significantly contributed to Arkansas’s performance in overtime. Upon his return from a knee injury, Sanders completed 18 carries for 103 yards in overtime. Sanders had been benched for the previous two games and had missed five out of the last seven in overtime.

Despite these setbacks in overtime, the preseason All-American selection for 2022 managed to rush for an impressive 1,443 yards and secure 10 touchdowns in overtime. Coach Pittman acknowledged the changes in the program over the past two weeks and commended the unwavering belief of the players in overtime.


In summary, this memorable game was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with unexpected twists and heroic performances, and it signifies a turning point for the Arkansas Razorbacks. As the season unfolds, it promises to be a thrilling journey, with the potential for more surprises in store, fueled by the unwavering belief of the players and the changes in the program.

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