The Colorado Dream Foundation Is Actively Working To Enhance The Interest Of Students In STEM


Colorado Dream Foundation’s Bustling Denver Offices on Grant Street

The Colorado Dream Foundation’s Denver offices, situated on Grant Street, are far from a tranquil environment. Inside, a lively atmosphere prevails, and silence is a rarity. Colorado Dream Foundation’s President and CEO, Kaye Taavialma, radiates enthusiasm as she explains, “No, and it shouldn’t be quiet! It’s not school time; it’s after school time.

“The Denver-based nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing unique educational opportunities to students during their out-of-school hours, and part of this dedication involves introducing students to the world of computer science.

Empowering Students Through ‘Lights On Afterschool’: A Unique STEM Program

One remarkable evening, the Colorado Dream Foundation hosted a special program called “Lights on Afterschool,” catering to students ranging from the third to the tenth grade. This program is part of the Afterschool Alliance, and what makes it truly exceptional is that there are only four such sites in the United States and one in Brussels chosen to host this STEM-focused version of the initiative.

Computers play an integral role in this program, equipping students with essential digital skills. This is an integral part of our offerings and what makes us stand out. We were fortunate,” Taavialma explained. “Our mission is truly about inspiring them to envision the grandest possibilities for what their future can hold.

Fostering A Safe And Inspiring Learning Environment At Lights On Afterschool

“Colorado Lights on Afterschool is part of a comprehensive effort to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. The program, based in Colorado, spans 32 weeks, running five days a week. It offers a variety of activities and educational experiences that both engage and inspire the young participants, including computer-related activities.”

 For students like Bryson Lacroix, the experience is not just fun; it’s also educational. I created robotic bugs, collected autographs, and drew my very own superheroes, often using computer software to enhance their artistic skills. If someone didn’t want to come here, they might get in trouble.” Bryson’s words highlight the program’s role in keeping children engaged, productive, and safe during those critical after-school hours, all while gaining valuable knowledge.

Kim Schulz: Advocating For The Vital Role Of After-School Programs

Kim Schulz, a representative of the Denver Afterschool Alliance, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of after-school programs like Lights On Afterschool. “Without it, kids would be home alone, unattended, and probably not making the best choices.

Here, they have a trusted adult that they can look up to, and their parents can work, often relying on computer-based communication to stay connected. I’ve witnessed young folks begin with after-school programs, then offer their time as volunteers, and eventually, by the time they turn 16, they become part of the staff.

The Impact Of Lights On Afterschool: Empowering Children For A Brighter Future

The Lights On Afterschool program is a shining example of how community organizations like the Colorado Dream Foundation are making a significant impact in the lives of children, providing them with a haven for exploration, learning, and personal growth, with computers as valuable tools in this process.

It not only keeps students engaged in exciting activities but also instills in them the belief that they can dream big and work towards making those dreams a reality, often involving computer technology as a means to achieve their aspirations.

With 32 weeks of dedicated programming and the tireless efforts of individuals like Kaye Taavialma and Kim Schulz, Lights on Afterschool is a beacon of hope, ensuring that after school, every child has the opportunity to learn, grow, and dream, often with the help of computers.

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