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The Tuohys Describe Michael Oher’s Filing As “Painful” And View It As An Attempt To Extort Them.

Shaan and Leigh Anne Tuohy are addressing Michael Oher’s allegations that they labeled him as “foreign,” “troublesome,” and “ridiculous” and claimed he was part of a “scam” through the former NFL player’s aggressive tackles that strained his relationship with the Tuohy family. This all stems from the movie “The Blind Side.”

First released on Tuesday through attorney Martin Singer on and later obtained by the Associated Press, the singer stated that Tuohy’s hearts are broken and accused Oher of threatening to tell a negative story about him unless they pay him $15 million.

The Tuohys hope that Oher will reconsider his recent decisions and that they can reconcile.

The statement reads, “However, during this time, they will not hesitate to defend their good names, confront this disturbance, and defeat this malicious lawsuit.”

Oher filed a petition in Shelby County Probate Court on Monday, requesting the judge to terminate the conservatorship initiated by Tuohy in 2004 – just a few months after he turned 18.

“Oher’s Shocking Revelation: The Deceptive Conservatorship and the Missing Tuohy Family Connection in February 2023”

He joined the Tuohys during his senior year of high school and later attended Ole Miss in Mississippi. Oher is demanding a full accounting of his finances because his life story generates millions of dollars, and he claims he hasn’t seen any of it.

The Blind Side
The Blind Side

Oher, who has distanced himself from the movie portrayal of his life, also stated in the request that he expects compensation and punitive damages to be determined by a jury and the courts.

In their statement, the Tuohy family said that the idea that they attempted to exploit Oher is “not only untrue but also transparently absurd.” They argue that their wealth is in the “hundreds of millions of dollars” and disprove the belief that they want to withhold “a few thousand dollars.”

The singer noted, “They have always treated him as one of their own, consistently as a son, and similarly among their three children.” Their response was a reaction to his threats, including threatening to tell a negative story about them in the press until they pay him $15 million.

The statement also stated that agents had engaged in preliminary discussions with the production company for the nominated film “The Blind Side,” based on the book written by Michael Lewis, a friend of Sean Tuohy. It includes “a small percentage of net profits” that is equitably split with Tuohys, according to his request.

The singer noted that the benefits of the film, including checks and studio accounting statements, won Tuohy’s “Sandra Bullock” an Oscar.

When Oher refused to cash the statement as part of his “shakedown attempt,” the statement said, the Tuohys included his share in a trust account established for their son.

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