The Ensemble And Personalities of ‘The Wheel of Time’
Season Two.

Familiarize Yourself With a Selection of Cast Members and Their Respective Characters Appearing in The Second Season of ‘The Wheel of Time.

The Wheel of Time” Season Two has returned to Prime Video, based on the best-selling novels set in the world of Robert Jordan. This series follows a young farm boy who learns he is the Dragon Reborn—a dangerous figure destined either to save the world or to destroy it. The Women’s Circle is making efforts to protect him from the Dark One. Season Two brings fresh additions to the Prime Membership, where Prime members are enjoying savings, convenience, and entertainment all under one roof.

In Season Two, the characters are scattered across the world, seeking new means of power with a new, reluctant leader. Below, you’ll get to know some of the cast members and characters, and what to expect in Season Two.

The Wheel of Time” Season Two premiered on Friday, September 1, with three episodes. New episodes will debut on Prime Video every Friday until October 6

Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Damodred

Moiraine Damodred
The Wheel of Time

 Moiraine, a once-powerful Aes Sedai, embarks on a journey across two rivers in search of the Dragon Reborn during Season One. Now, she has found him in the form of Rand al’Thor. Moiraine’s ability to channel the One Power has been severed. In Season Two, Pike’s character is passionate about showing a different side of Moiraine. Pike said, “I remember the channeling. I remember doing magic. But I’ve really enjoyed presenting Moiraine’s real bravery—bravery that, let’s face it, goes beyond anyone who’s stronger than her, which she is, and she’s doing it against people who are way stronger, who, if they had the power, they would be doing what she’s doing. Empty-handed, as it were.”

Daniel Henney as Lan Mandragoran

The Wheel of Time.
The Wheel of Time.

 Lan Mandragoran is a skilled swordsman with a deep sense of duty and honor, serving as an Aes Sedai’s Warder—a male companion and protector. Since Moiraine can no longer channel the One Power, their bond is broken, and Lan struggles to find his way without that connection. Henney describes it as, “Imagine your marriage of 30 years, and then one day, you just don’t know them anymore. Now, what does that mean for this relationship and moving forward?”

In Season Two, Moiraine is still dedicated to her mission but won’t let Lan inside. Henney adds, “It’s very frustrating for him because he feels like she’s lying to

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