Tom Sandoval Surfaces as Aquatic Crooner in DWTS Season 3...

Tom Sandoval Surfaces as Amphibian Singer in DWTS Season 32


 When the announcement came that Ariana Madix’s Dancing with the Stars Season 32 would feature Tom Sandoval, people went crazy. Partially because the WGA strike had delayed other ABC stars from moving forward but also because this Scandowol deal was so massive.

Tom Sandoval had also attempted to participate in reality competition shows after the breakup. He is still on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Season 2 (which is on Mars but feels like it’s among the stars on Earth).

The Masked Singer Season 10 had long teased him being a scuba diver. Anyone who has seen “Touch an Angel” will know that 1) he can negotiate deals and 2) he can recognize Sandy’s moves on a diver’s performance. On October 4th, it was confirmed: that Sandoval had plunged into the depths of the sea.

Ken Jeong’s Surprise at Reality TV’s Latest Villain

Gloved singer Judge

Gloved singer Judge Ken Jeong was left astonished by the latest and the biggest villain in reality TV. Sandoval had concluded his stint on Masked Singer’s Season 2. On the other hand, Max is still competing on DWTS Episode 3. Before the Masked Singer reveal this week, some fans had already suspected Tom Sandoval over Vanderpump Rules. In recent episodes, Sandoval had alluded to his cheating scandal with phrases like “hating everyone’s favorite person” and “sacrificial lamb for every bad friend.” Panelist Ken Jeong, who had correctly identified Anthony Anderson’s true identity in the season’s premiere, immediately recognized Jenny McCarthy.

Jeong’s Perspective on Sandoval’s Elimination

Jeong’s Perspective

Jeong said before revealing his identity, “For me, all the talk of past mistakes and the one person who can make decisions on a public level, he is in all the new“Amidst the NFL-themed extravaganza, featuring pro footballers, Super Bowl tunes, and dancing footballs, Sandoval faced elimination as the next contender.”Panelists expressed sympathy for Sandoval throughout the episode, acknowledging his vulnerability and honesty.

Sandoval’s Emotional Unmasking

“I’ve made mistakes, but honestly, I did it for love,” Sandoval said before removing the mask. After the reveal, Sandoval with fewer mustaches said, “It’s so much fun… no decision is being made, it’s only based on my performance, it was terrific… I felt safe under the mask. This outfit is incredible. There are so many talented people here, I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Vanderpump Rules Scandal

The widely known topic known as #Scandoval started when in Vanderpump Rules Season 10, the reality star became a whirlwind when viewers discovered that his partner, actress Raquel Leviss, had a month-long affair with one of her best friends. The mistress? Ariana Madix. The couple was dear to Vanderpump Rules fans, so much so that they even bought a house together in 2019. But in March, the duo’s separation was announced when Madix spat out a clear video of Leviss and Sandoval on her phone. Despite the scandal, Season 10 broke rating records and even earned Emmy nominations.

Sandoval’s Special Forces Journey

Outside of Vanderpump Rules, Sandoval is making waves on the reality competition series Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. Adorned in a scuba diving helmet and looking like a squid tentacle, Sandoval performed a rendition of “I’m Not Afraid” on stage, resembling an auto-tuned republic. During the season’s premiere, he admitted that this costume saved him from the red faces in the news. Before removing the mask, Sandoval said, “I’ve always waited to become a household name; I didn’t know it would be for everyone to hate me.”

Standout Songs on NFL-Themed Episode

Every contestant sang

Every contestant sang a standout song during the NFL-themed episode. Gailey kicked off the night with Bruno Mars’s “Treasure,” Gazelle serenaded with Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away,” S’More moonwalked to Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger,” and the new contestant Pickle, dressed in a top hat, amazed the panel with The Who’s “Pinball Wizard.”

NFL Legends Shine on Special Performances

In the NFL-themed episode, former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell raced backward and former Chargers tight end Antonio Gates and former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson took pride in their special performances. In the previous week’s show during the season premiere, Anderson, who was dressed as a rubber duck, was unmasked, and on September 10th, it wasn’t someone else but Demi Lovato who emerged as Anonymous.

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