Top 10 Personal Branding Best Rules For SEO Excellence

Top 10 Personal Branding Best Rules For SEO Excellence

Strong personal branding is unique, but it shares some qualities. And what’s common among these qualities? It is quite extraordinary!

Here are my top 10 principles of personal branding, ranging from unexpected to extraordinary:

1. Be Extraordinary, Not Just Okay!

If you focus on eliminating weaknesses, you become ‘okay’ in many things. ‘Fine’ is the ugliest word that starts with the letter F. Clarify your strengths and incorporate them into your daily activities. Ignore all weaknesses except those that become obstacles to your success. Your primary focus should be on strengthening your abilities.

2. Do Your Own Thing

When you agree, you become one among many. When you express your uniqueness, you become a type. You stand out. You dictate attention. Identify what makes you exceptional in what you do. Reflect on what makes you enthusiastic or interesting to your stakeholders. Then, make it visible.

3. Keep Your Destiny Alive

When you or others defy your destiny, you diminish your ability and impact (and highlight the happiness element in your work). Clearly define your most critical destinies and devise a plan to keep them straight, so you have a daily tank filled with enthusiasm.

4. Amp Up Your Emotions

Whether your emotions are connected to your work or not, you need to bring them into your work. Besides providing energy, they help you connect with others (provided they share your emotions), as passionate individuals create curiosity about why they care so much.

5. Consistently Pursue Your Purpose

Your purpose is your reason. When you’re clear about why you do what you do and the impact it has, you can make decisions that lead you towards success rather than away from it.

6. Raise Your RAS

Goals direct your brand. To achieve them, keep them in mind. This is where your RAS (Reticular Activating System) comes in. It’s a part of your brain that determines what it makes of your sensory input. Posting your goals and reading them daily helps your RAS focus on activities that assist you in achieving those goals.

7. Don’t Change When It’s Time to Shine

Perseverance is one of the three Cs of all strong personal branding (along with clarity and consistency). It’s what you commit to. When you persevere consistently, people know what to expect from you.

8. Gain Selective Fame

The biggest misconception about personal branding is that it’s about being famous. It’s not. It’s about being visible, accessible, and valuable to that small subset of the world that can help you reach your goals. Stay famous among your target audience and remain entirely unclear among the rest – that’s selective fame.

9. Start with a Bang

First impressions are crucial for building a powerful personal branding. Strong brands know that every interaction needs to be relevant, impactful, and memorable in both the real and virtual worlds.

10. It’s About You, Not In You

While personal branding may seem self-centered, the most successful personal branding focuses on others. By asking, ‘What can I do for you?’ and ‘What can I do for you?’ you can build deep relationships with others.”


In conclusion, creating a powerful personal branding involves being extraordinary, true to yourself, and consistently pursuing your purpose. It requires embracing emotions, persevering through challenges, and selectively gaining recognition. The journey is not just about self-promotion but also about building meaningful connections with others. By following these principles, individuals can craft a personal branding that is both distinctive and impactful.

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