Top Canva Design Trends for 2024 – A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Enthusiasts

Canva Design Trends 2024
Canva Design Trends 2024

The predictions for 2024 are all about Canva design trends. As we countdown to the new year, designers, agencies, and industry leaders are sharing their forecasts.

Will the canva design trends in 2024 evolve from the aesthetics of this year, or are we in for a shift towards foundational styles? Quinoa, the online graphic canva design platform, has thrown its predictions into the mix. 

What it says is this (for more predictions, check out our round-up for graphic canva design trends in 2024 and typography trends in 2024).

1. Motion Collage

We’ve observed the significance of motion for several years now. Quinoa believes that in 2024, Zen Culture, handcrafted script books, and intricate shifting motion collages inspired by visual collages will be seen transforming in all their glory. This attention-grabbing style pulls you in and introduces a slightly retro, handmade feel that blends well with other ongoing trends. Something to take note of…

2. Flow and Form

Living heart murals, flowing walls… Quinoa describes its “Flow and Form” as an ideal blend of geometric and dynamic shapes. It suggests that this simple yet impactful abstract style feels professional yet vibrant, making it ideal for brands targeting youth who aspire to “capture hearts and transform minds.” We’ve seen this approach gain popularity in the past year, and it’s expected to continue in 2024.

3. Realism

Margaret and Dolly are making a comeback. Quinoa says that realism is back (again). This imaginative art, ethereal canva designs, and surreal connections anticipate a resurgence as people “escape the real world and envision a new perspective with unreal scenes.”

4. Pixelation

While we’ve witnessed the return of the ’90s and Y2K vibes in recent years, Quinoa highlights pixelation as a prominent trend in the canva design of 2024.


Drawing from 8-bit video games and computer animations, it gives birth to a nostalgic yet chic reminiscence of old memories. It works well for some brands and products, not just reminiscing about the past (check out our piece on ASCII text art).

5. Bold Rebrands

Now, I have some concerns with Quinoa’s definitive canva design trends for 2024 because branding is not something to blindly follow trends with closed eyes. It suggests that “bold choices can be seen as a risk, but a big payoff is always worth a shot,” creating the voice of rebranding like a chaotic science, and if ‘shot’ seems wrong to you, it’s too expensive.

It’s true that we’ve seen some brands boldly step up in recent months. Some have done well (Bolt, 7UP, Fanta, even National Landscapes), but we’ve also seen legacy brands attempt disastrous transformations (think only about the failed Bahlsen rebrand or consider Odido… we started with Kia logos).

Through bold branding, Quinoa specifically means “fluorescent color schemes and gold sans-serif fonts.” It says that “organizations seeking generational change will be attracted to this trend, bringing positivity, entertainment, and optimism.”

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The Canva design landscape for 2024 promises a dynamic and diverse array of trends, as predicted by industry leaders and canva design platform Quinoa. From the captivating allure of motion collages, blending retro aesthetics with contemporary appeal, to the ideal fusion of geometric and dynamic shapes in the “Flow and Form” style, the upcoming year is poised for a visually stimulating experience. 

Realism makes a notable return, with imaginative art and surreal connections offering an escape from reality, while pixelation taps into nostalgia with a chic nod to ’90s and Y2K influences. However, Quinoa’s assertion about bold rebrands sparks a note of caution, emphasizing that branding should not blindly follow trends. 

The potential risks associated with bold choices, such as fluorescent color schemes and gold sans-serif fonts, are acknowledged, urging careful consideration in the pursuit of generational change. As designers gear up for 2024, these trends offer exciting possibilities, but strategic discernment remains crucial in navigating the ever-evolving world of canva design.

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