Travis Hunter from Colorado leaves the game after halftime..

Travis Hunter from Colorado leaves the game after halftime, goes to the hospital

Mikey Harrison caught the crucial two-point conversion and went on to score both touchdowns in overtime, prompting CU fans to rush the field for the second consecutive week.

Shilo Sanders, the safety who made some big plays, including a pick-six, mentioned, “Last week, I hung around on the field for a while after the game, but this time, I headed straight to the locker room. It can get pretty wild out there. So, we’re working on improving not just our game performance but also making wise choices off the field.

In the end, Colorado faced off against Colorado State in an eagerly anticipated match, amidst the backdrop of Coach Jay Norvell and the Sanders’ sunglasses-and-hoodie habit that had garnered criticism in press conferences earlier in the week. Amidst the brief exchanges in the midst of the crowd, no coach revealed anything.

BOULDER, Colo. – Colorado‘s versatile player, Travis Hunter, who plays on both sides of the field, left the game on Saturday night’s 43-35 double-overtime victory against Colorado State and was subsequently taken to a local hospital, as announced by the school.

Head coach Deion Sanders mentioned after the game that Hunter would likely be sidelined for “a few weeks,” although he didn’t specify the exact nature of Hunter’s injury. Hunter had initially started the game, contributing as a wide receiver and cornerback in the first half but didn’t return to the field after halftime. He managed two catches and two tackles before his exit.

Hunter went down briefly after a late hit in the first quarter, but it’s uncertain if that was the moment when he sustained his injury. No official explanation for his departure was provided.

BOULDER, Colo. – Boulder took center stage in the college football world as No. 18 Colorado managed to secure a thrilling 43-35 double-overtime victory against Colorado State, capping off their nonconference play undefeated.

There were several tense moments during the game where it appeared that the Buffaloes might falter, but they consistently rallied to keep the game alive. Coach Deion Sanders expressed his team’s resilience: “We showed that we were resilient. We showed that we would fight. We demonstrated our resilience and determination, which is quite impressive for a relatively new team.

The most critical juncture came when Colorado State held a 28-20 lead, punting and pinning the Buffaloes at their own 2-yard line with just over two minutes remaining in the game. For a Colorado offense that hadn’t scored a touchdown in eight consecutive drives, the prospect of a 98-yard drive and a required two-point conversion seemed daunting. Some fans even began leaving Folsom Field.

However, those who stayed witnessed quarterback Shedeur Sanders orchestrating a seven-play touchdown drive, highlighted by a 45-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Horn Jr.

“We practice situations like these all the time, so it’s not really a surprise to us,” Sanders commented on the 98-yard drive. “We thrive in high-pressure moments, and I guess that’s where we live.”

“I’m happy for my brother. I really am,” said Sanders. “I’m happy he competed; he played well. I’m happy he’s the head coach. I’m happy for any brother that’s doing this and being a successful man. I really am. I really am. I’m not sure where all of this originates. I had to answer it because my mom taught me to.”

However, Sanders also confessed that during the game, there was a moment when he allowed the thought of beating Norvell to creep into his mind. “Honestly, it’s a point in the game. I said we can’t let our friend win,” Sanders said. We can’t allow our friends to win under any circumstances. If we let our friend win, the press conference would be unbearable.”

Folsom Field underwent a transformation, with notable figures such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson making an appearance after serving as the ESPN College GameDay guest picker. After Ralphie, the school’s live buffalo mascot escaped briefly, Lil Wayne removed his fur coat with swagger during the pregame show. Other celebrities like NBA player Kawhi Leonard and rapper Offset also made their way to Boulder.

Shilo Sanders commented on the atmosphere surrounding the pregame, saying, “If I were on the other team, I’d be very intimidated.” “They have Lil Wayne here, Coach Prime doing his thing. They have a whole buffalo running around.”

Alongside the fanfare, Colorado State played a lengthy game, with the Rams unable to break through. They were penalized 17 times for 187 yards, including several personal fouls that came at crucial moments.

In the last 20 years at the FBS level, only five teams have committed more penalties in a single game.

“Obviously, we had a lot of penalties. I can’t even talk about it. It’s hilarious,” Norvell said. It’s truly unfortunate because a lot of those penalties have robbed our kids of their hard-earned efforts.

“I give Colorado credit. They’re an excellent football team.”

For Colorado, this marks a significant boost from here. After going 3-0 in conference play, they will play number 13 Oregon next week before hosting number 5 USC on September 30th.

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