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Trump’s 11th Hour Strategy: Seeking Justice or Shifting Blame? The Battle to Transfer Georgia Election Interference Case to Federal Court

Former President Donald Trump

informed the judge overseeing the formal handling of Georgia’s election dispute on Thursday that they can “attempt” to transfer their state case to federal court.

Trump’s attorneys had previously indicated they would try to move the case forward, which could help them eliminate allegations while demanding exceptions for federal officials.

His lawyer, Steven Sedow, said in a brief court filing, “President Trump notifies the courts that they can request the removal of their case to federal courts.” “For timely removal, the notice of removal should be filed within 30 days of his arrest.”

The 30-day clock started ticking on August 31 when he was served with the notice to appear at his hearing and requested not to be prosecuted.

There are several potential benefits for him if he can move the state case to federal court.

If the case stays in federal court, all judges will come from Fulton County, which President Joe Biden won by a margin of 47 points. If the case goes to federal court, the jury pool will be drawn from a region near Atlanta, where Biden won by 32 points, which is a tight but still comfortable margin.

Many of Trump’s 19 co-defendants are already trying to move their cases to federal court.

His former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, testified as part of an effort to advance the case in a hearing last week. Further hearings are scheduled later this month to determine whether any federal judges will consider the same requests from former Justice Department officials Jeffrey Clark and other co-defendants.




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