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During the U.S. presidential elections, back to back campaign tours emphasize the significance of working-class votes in key states.

Former President Donald Trump of the United States made a trip to Michigan to bring auto workers to court, just one day after he walked the picket line to show support for their labor union in President Biden’s Detroit rally.

Trump’s 2024 Campaign in Rust Belt Battlegrounds

The 2024 presidential elections loom, highlighting the importance of battleground states in the Rust Belt, which remains a pivotal battleground between Biden and Trump for the second time.

Before his visit on Wednesday, Trump expressed a desire to “save” auto workers in the Rust Belt, an area that holds a historical significance in American manufacturing, stretching from the Midwest to the Northeast.

“Now, they’re heading to Michigan. I love and will save auto workers. Let’s make America great again!” Trump posted his message on the Truth Social social media platform.

His prime-time address to the United Auto Parts workers in Detroit aligns closely with his second Republican presidential bid, scheduled for 9 PM local time in California (01:00 GMT Thursday).

This event marks Trump’s decision to forego participating in televised prime debates in 2024, cementing his already commanding lead among Republican voters.

Michigan and other Rust Belt states’ voters are seen as key to the victory of both Biden and Trump in the November 2024 elections, should they become the Republican Party’s nominees.

Trump’s 2016 Victory vs. Biden’s 2020 Bid

In 2016, Trump’s surprising sweep in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—the heart of what is often referred to as the Rust Belt—ushered him into the presidency over his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

In these states, his victories were viewed as a way to lift the spirits of residents who had seen industries diminish in recent decades or had felt neglected. Manufacturing’s decline had hit hard, with Democratic voting unions dwindling.

Joe Biden Win After 2020 Election
Joe Biden Win After 2020 Election

During his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden made claims again in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, organizing for his blue-collar support and campaigning in Scranton, Pennsylvania, his hometown.

As he faces another election in 2024, Biden returned to Michigan on Wednesday, where he had famously joined striking auto workers in recent history.

In Detroit, Biden joined forces with United Auto Workers (UAW) leaders in an auto plant in Dearborn, using megaphones to call for a “significant increase” in wages for workers.

UAW began a partial, related strike earlier this month, focusing on wage increases, shorter hours, and better retirement benefits. Since then, workers in 20 states have joined the strike in various capacities.

Meanwhile, Trump has sought to portray Biden’s policies as detrimental to American manufacturing, particularly focusing on his support for electric vehicles, claiming that the shift to low-cost electric cars will hurt traditional auto industry parts.

In a tweet, Trump asserted, “Biden’s stringent and indefensible electric vehicle requirement will devastate the American automotive sector and result in the loss of thousands of jobs for auto workers.”

EV Shift Sparks Auto Industry Concerns

The Biden administration has maintained that the shift to electric vehicles will create more high-paying union jobs and has allocated billions in grants and loans for the transition. Nevertheless, this remains a contentious issue for auto workers.

On Wednesday, Trump will speak at 8:15 PM Eastern (00:15 GMT Thursday) at Drake Enterprises, an auto parts non-union supplier located in Clinton Township, Michigan, which manufactures components for medium and heavy-duty trucks.

The company’s president, Nathan Stemple, has argued that the company will incur losses by shifting to electric cars.

Many current and former UAW members, along with members from plumbers’ and pipefitters’ unions, are expected to attend the speech.

UAW’s Stance in 2024

Although UAW has not officially endorsed Biden for 2024, the union previously supported his 2020 campaign. UAW President Rory Gamble spoke with Biden on Tuesday.

They are critical of Trump’s upcoming campaign, given his strong criticism of Trump during the 2020 race.

Biden's Auto Worker Rally
Biden’s Auto Worker Rally UAW Strike

“I don’t think he cares about the working class,” Finn said about Trump’s upcoming tour. “I believe his primary focus lies with the billionaire elite, and his attention is directed towards corporate interests. I think he’s just trying to hoodwink people and tell them what they want to hear, and that’s a shame.”

UAW represents a crucial voting bloc. It represents nearly 400,000 active members and over 580,000 retired members in the United States and Canada.

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