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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Backs Trump’s Presidential Bid

Mount Rushmore, just a few miles away, saw South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem endorsing Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations. Noem, a key ally of the former Republican presidential candidate for the past year, lauded his presidential record during a rally in Rapid City.

Strong Support from an Important Ally:

Speaking at a rally in Rapid City, South Dakota, Noem described Trump as a figure of significance.She stressed, “He embodies leadership and resilience, which are exactly what our nation requires.”

Endorsement for the Presidency:

“He has my complete and total endorsement for the President of the United States.

Trump Acknowledges the Support:

In response, Trump expressed his gratitude during a fundraising event for the Republican Party. It’s a strong endorsement from a state with a significant electoral history that many presidential contenders often overlook.”

Trump’s Track Record:

Having won the state in both 2016 and 2020, Trump has been a prominent figure in a state with a lower population for the past five years.

COVID-19 Response and Policy Differences:

Notably, Noem has taken a different approach to handling the national COVID-19 pandemic. She has resisted mandates and social distancing measures, citing the use of political tools.

During Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020, she was invited to participate in the Fourth of July fireworks display at Mount Rushmore, where she also spoke against social distancing measures, issuing what she called “new normal nonsense.”

A Potential Running Mate Audition:

Noem’s endorsement reshaped perceptions about her political future. She was once considered a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2024. Now, this event is fueling speculation that Noem is keen to work alongside the former president as his running mate.

Her previous vice president, Mike Pence, is now challenging Trump for the Republican nomination, and Noem and Trump appeared together on stage Friday night, presenting “Trump 2024” briefly on the big screen. Some individuals in the audience even made supportive gestures for both of them.

Defiant in the Face of Multiple Investigations:

This appearance marked Trump’s first significant public appearance since his failed attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss through a failed attempt to influence the results.

Claims of a Flawless Record:

“Our record is unparalleled, and we hope it cannot be stopped, and that’s why Joe Biden ordered 91 fake and counterfeit claims against our leader,” Trump said, alluding to his legal strategy contesting the allegations.

Facing Multiple Charges:

In separate cases, state prosecutors in New York and Georgia have levied allegations against Trump. Additional charges are anticipated from special counsel Jake Asmith.

Ethical Defense and Legal Battles: Asmith has vigorously defended his team’s ethical rigor.

Former President Donald Trump Endorses South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s 2024 Presidential Bid.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s candidacy for the 2024 presidential race during a campaign rally in the state on Friday.

Noem addressed the crowd gathered in Rapid City, South Dakota, telling them that Trump has her “complete and total endorsement for President of the United States,” citing his decisive actions on key issues.

In this competition, the only individual I perceive as having the necessary qualities to address the challenges our country is confronting is President Trump.I didn’t see these other candidates step up when it really mattered, when it was tough to do the right thing for our country,” Noem said.

This endorsement solidifies Trump’s dominance and continued influence within the Republican Party and during the GOP presidential primaries.

Trump’s first public appearance since the 2020 election interference allegations occurred in Fulton County, Georgia, at a rally. For Noem, this endorsement presents an opportunity to establish a strong alliance with Trump and position herself as a loyal surrogate for his latest presidential campaign.

“We will stand united in our battle, we will achieve victory together, and afterward, we will pursue justice hand in hand,” he also expressed.

However, he still faces serious legal challenges with four ongoing investigations into his administration.

On Thursday, Peter Navarro, the former director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy during the Trump administration, was sentenced to contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a House Select Committee’s subpoena investigating the Capitol attack and efforts to overturn the 2020 election results.


Trump’s emergence in South Dakota also highlights another dynamic in the primary race: most Republican governors have so far avoided committing to the presidential primaries.

Two current Republican governors, DeSantis and North Dakota’s Doug Burgum, are running for president, and Trump has endorsed South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy, and West Virginia Governor Jim Justice.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s announcement stands out as she has now garnered Trump’s endorsement, a significant factor in a race where many Republican governors have remained noncommittal.

Why It Matters:

Many Republican governors have refrained from seeking endorsements in the primary, and Noem’s announcement is fueling speculation that Trump views her as a potential running mate.

In Her Own Words:

“He’s a leader, a fighter that our country needs,” Noem said in Rapid City on Friday. “He has my complete and total endorsement for President of the United States.

When asked by Fox News earlier this year if she would consider being Trump’s running mate in 2024, she replied, “Absolutely, I will consider it.”

Donald Trump Heads to South Dakota for Republican Fundraiser

Donald Trump is heading to South Dakota to raise funds for the Republican Party, as his rivals are spending time in early voting states, town halls, and meetings.

Trump Joins South Dakota Republican Party for “Leaders of the Past Rally” in Rapid City:

Donald Trump will be joining the South Dakota Republican Party for the “Leaders of the Past Rally” in Rapid City. He is expected to appear alongside former presidents and is anticipated to vouch for their endorsement
This union is creating an image that Trump’s allies hope will resemble a presidential ticket, which is in line with his thinking. This is noteworthy because some senior Republicans, who had previously refrained from committing to this ticket, have now lent their public support.

Trump’s Decision on the Scarlet Event at the Republican Race:

Trump’s decision to participate in the Scarlet Event on the Republican race makes his dominance clear to the extent that he faces four separate allegations and 91 criminal cases. South Dakota has been late in holding its primaries and is non-competitive in the general election.

However, with a significant edge, Trump is leaving most of the traditional primary campaign behind. Instead of large-scale rallies, he is focusing on state party events, which present a large, friendly audience without the expense of his political organization, which incurs millions of dollars in legal expenses.

Friday’s Event Significant for Noem:

Friday’s event is significant for Noem. She had planned the event with the expectation that both would make their endorsements and spend as much time as possible with Trump, given their theoretical allies in 2024 and members of the cabinet, according to a Republican familiar with the matter. The governor’s spokesman denied commenting on this.

Noem’s Term Limited in 2026:

Noem’s term will be limited in 2026, and after declining to run for president, she is keen on maintaining her importance in the GOP on her next move.

Opinions on Trump’s Election Chances:

“In my opinion, Donald Trump is 50-50 on being elected at this time, so if you can, why not put your wagon in his direction?” “Michael Card, a seasoned observer of South Dakota politics, who suggested that Noem could potentially lead the National Rifle Association or become a prominent conservative thought leader.”

Voting Months Away and Legal Troubles:

Voting is months away, and Trump’s allegations and impending criminal cases create an unprecedented situation. Many experts suggest that this race can be influenced in unexpected ways, not having deterred people who see Trump’s running mate as open to overt candidacy and willing to make deals with him.

Caution on Serious Talks:

Officials caution that serious talks are a long way off. However, Trump has hinted at negotiations that he is interested in electing a woman this time around. Other names that have emerged include New York Representative Elise Stefanik, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Arizona’s unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, and Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn. Florida Representative Byron Donalds and Senator Tom Scott are also mentioned.

Trump’s First Visit to South Dakota Since 2020:

This visit to Iowa marks Trump’s first to South Dakota since the summer of 2020 when he lit the fireworks on Mount Rushmore on Independence Day. At the time, he was in search of a location after the page-turning of viral diseases and racial justice demonstrations. The event in Mount Rushmore was notable for being exempt from viral restrictions.

A Unique Souvenir:

He gave it as a gift in a small reproduction of Mount Rushmore, which featured a caricature alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.


She rose to national prominence largely by taking a hands-off approach to the pandemic, earning praise from conservatives and sticking to Trump’s usual message of returning life to normal.
She cruised to an easy re-election last year, even besting other Republicans on the ballot.

Despite not running for president, Noem has maintained a national profile. She’s been a vocal champion for the National Rifle Association, so much so that during the gun rights group’s spring convention, a fundraiser was held for her 1-year-old grandson “already” has firearms. She’s also defended South Dakota’s strict abortion ban and she’ll be in Rapid City at the end of the month for a fundraiser for Republican Sen. Mike Rounds.

During the first GOP presidential debates, she appeared in an ad touting the state’s business and families as an “America’s freest state.”

As for the first presidential debate, she says she expects nearly 7,000 people will attend the sold-out fundraiser. It was originally planned as a smaller fundraising dinner in the style of the traditional Lincoln Day events that are usually put on by local Republican groups.

But it later morphed into a rally with the change in venue and state party revenue.

“I had a lot of questions at first,” said South Dakota GOP Chair Dan Lederman about Trump’s decision to visit the state, which kicks off the presidential nominating season with the overdrive of the Labor Day weekend.

“But as you can see, wherever Trump goes, it becomes a media spectacle,” remarked Lederman. “He could rally on the moon, and he’d get his message out and get that many people, so I’m glad he’s chosen South Dakota.”

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