Tyrod Taylor Relationship Status: Meet His Model Soulmate Draya Michele

Tyrod Taylor Spotted with Draya Michele
Tyrod Taylor Spotted with Draya Michele

Tyrod Taylor’s NFL Debut and Connection

Tyrod Taylor made his NFL debut with the New York Giants on Sunday night. Taylor has played for six different NFL franchises, but he found a spiritual connection with his current wife.

From the current NFL standings to in-depth coverage of every game in the 18-week NFL schedule, we’ve got all the league’s surrounding news to keep you up to speed.

Who is Draya Michele? Is she Tyrod Taylor’s wife?

Since Taylor has played for multiple NFL teams and had to relocate, he has benefited from having a partner in Draya Michele.

Draya Michele: Media Personality

Michele, who is now 38 years old, is a media personality and fashion designer with some acting credits to her name. Michele hails from Reading, Pennsylvania. Little is known about her early years in the Keystone State, but VH1’s reality show “Basketball Wives LA” fans are familiar with her. The reality show aired between 2011 and 2016.

Draya Michele: Actress and Designer

She also appeared alongside Terrence Jenkins, Lauren London, R&B legend Brandy, and hip-hop superstar French Montana in the 2016 film “The Perfect Match.”

Draya Michelle
Draya Michelle

As for her fashion design credentials, she is the force behind the Mint Swim line of swimwear, which she launched in 2011. In 2016, she also introduced the fashion lines Beige and Coco.

Draya Michele and Tyrod Taylor Relationship 

The couple began their relationship in 2020, at a time when Taylor was a backup quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers. For the most part, the couple has kept their relationship private, although they publicly celebrated Taylor’s signing with the Saints in 2022.

However, information has emerged that Michele and Taylor have rekindled their relationship once again, and in this picture, they are joined by an NBA star and an R&B sensation.

Was Michele involved with other A-List Celebrities? Her name is linked with R&B superstar Chris Brown.

Draya Michele’s Past Romances

Michele , however, is not romantically linked with the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills despite appearing as the Week 6 SNF starter.

While it has been several years since she was involved with Taylor, she dated R&B star Chris Brown. And this relationship surfaced after Brown had become extremely famous for his hit songs with the renowned singer Rihanna.

However, the couple did not stay together for a year and, after several months of their relationship, they parted ways.

Michele’s Relationship Speculations

But another prominent name was rumored to be associated with Michele. In August 2023, speculations circulated that she had split from Taylor and is now dating Houston Rockets’ NBA top pick Jalen Green.

Recent Relationship with Jalen Green
Recent Relationship with Jalen Green

Although there is no formal confirmation that Green and Michele were ever together, Taylor and Michele are linked, and both still follow each other on Instagram.


  • Why is Draya Michele Famous?

Career: Michele first came into the public’s attention as the girlfriend of entertainer Chris Brown. In 2011, she was part of the latest cast of VH1’s series Basketball Wives LA, and that same year, she made her scripted acting debut on TV One’s Will to Love, alongside Keisha Knight-Pulliam and Marques Houston.

  • How Much Does Tyrod Taylor Earn?

Tyrod Taylor signed a 2-year, $11,000,000 deal with the New York Giants, including a $4,200,000 signing bonus, $8,170,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $5,500,000.

  • Who Administered the Puncture to Tyrod Taylor?

Gasaniga, while attempting to administer an injection to numb Taylor’s ribs, accidentally punctured his lung, which led to Taylor’s consecutive struggles against the Bengals.

  • Who Replaced Tyrod Taylor in the Chargers?

Afterward, Taylor was replaced by Baker Mayfield and then Justin Herbert for the Los Angeles Chargers, and later he secured the starting position for the Houston Texans. However, due to injuries, he was released and was replaced by Baker Mayfield.

  • Who is Tyrod Taylor Dating?

Draya Michele publicly acknowledged her relationship with Tyrod Taylor in 2020. On August 2, 2022, Tyrod Taylor was with the Giants at Quarterback. On August 5, 2022, he was #2 under center during Giants Fest.

  • Did Tyrod Taylor Go to the Saints?

One of the latest members of the Saints is experienced quarterback Tyrod Taylor.


Tyrod Taylor’s NFL debut with the New York Giants and his connection with Draya Michele have been notable aspects of his career and personal life. Despite past relationships, Taylor and Michele remain linked, and rumors of Michele dating Jalen Green have surfaced. Their evolving relationship continues to pique interest among fans and on social media.

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