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Unveiling the Ultimate Summer Vibes: Bad Bunny’s Epic Selfie Drop

“When some artists were wrapping up the summer season – Taylor, Addison, Miley – and some others – et tu, Pete? – or Scooter Braun (basically, everyone else), Bad Bunny dropped something extra towards the end of the week. On Sunday, he posted a photo-video dump (at least 57 snaps, exact count) on his Instagram stories about his recent escapades. There’s even a candid selfie included.

Twitter Image

While the picture doesn’t reveal everything, it leaves very little to the imagination. Standing in an outdoor shower, the image cuts right above his genital area, but right below his navel, which translates to “Benito,” the term that trends mostly on Twitter during the day. Certainly, it’s not the first time Benito has been uploading risqué images on ‘gram, but this might be the clearest one yet, and based on the rest of his IG story, he’s spending quite a bit of time in Jamaica. So, who can blame him for wanting to show off a bit?


It seems the rapper also has a little message for those folks. Perhaps denying it until now that whether he’s actually dating Kendall Jenner or not, he’s sharing a video where he’s clinking two cocktails with the letter “K” on them and a bottle, a clear nod to Jenner’s 818 Tequila. And if that wasn’t enough proof, he shared a video with a woman from a hike where the voice is unmistakably Jenner’s, where, bothered by mosquitoes, he tells her, “Stay careful, mommy.” Mommy.”

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