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Sony Pictures Television revealed on Tuesday that Vanna White will continue to grace the “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle board with her letters through the 2025-26 season. Reports surfaced in June that the 66-year-old White was in discussions about her future with the show. Since its syndication debut in 1983, she has been co-hosting alongside Pat Sajak. Sajak had announced in June that he would retire after the current season, which marked the beginning of the show’s 41st season and premiered last week. Two weeks later, Sony disclosed that Ryan Seacrest would be taking Sajak’s place.

White’s contract was originally set to conclude along with Sajak’s departure, indicating that she would work with Seacrest for at least two seasons. Ryan Seacrest, the new host of “Wheel of Fortune,” is expected to bring a similar fast-paced style to the show, following in the footsteps of Pat Sajak. Seacrest, aged 48, revealed on Monday to “Good Morning America” that he’s preparing for the role, which he will take on starting with the 2024-25 season, by practicing at home and playing the long-running game show for years. “I’m stepping into some big shoes, and my dog is already tired of it,” Seacrest humorously commented. Just making sure I’ve got the rules down.”

In a 2019 interview with USA TODAY, Vanna White had a down-to-earth approach. “I can’t imagine someone else taking my place on my puzzle board,” she said with a laugh. “It’s a scary thought. It’s mine!” In this upcoming fall season, there will be some new “Wheel of Fortune” episodes without Vanna White, potentially hinting at her farewell. However, her long-time hosting partner, Pat Sajak, is sticking around for now. Sajak had announced in June that he and White would bid farewell after the current season due to the show’s demanding schedule, but there won’t be any “farewell tour.”

Bridgette Donald-Blue, who was named one of California’s teachers of the year in 2023, filled in for White over five episodes. The episode that White missed due to illness was rescheduled one day later, according to an insider familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly, as reported by USA TODAY in August. It’s possible that Pat Sajak might bid farewell to “Wheel of Fortune” next year, but his long-time co-host, Vanna White, is here to stay for the time being.

CNN reported on Tuesday that Sony Pictures Studios, the studio responsible for producing “Wheel,” confirmed in a statement sent to them that White has extended her contract for two more years and will remain on the show through the 2025-2026 season. White will continue to reveal letters on the iconic word puzzle board, even as it undergoes a significant change next season when Pat Sajak takes his final spin as the host, and Ryan Seacrest steps in. Sajak announced in June that he and White would bid adieu after the current season ends due to the rigors of the show’s schedule, but rest assured, Wheel of Fortune fans, there will be no “farewell tour.”

¬† ¬†Vanna White’s Remarkable Journey on “Wheel of Fortune”

vanna white's
Vanna White’s
  • Vanna White has made a significant change to the game board, all in pursuit of solving verbal puzzles on “Wheel of Fortune” for over 7,000 episodes. Alongside host Pat Sajak, they’ve provided entertainment along the way, even though they didn’t always wear the same outfits (except for that one time).
  • Currently, Vanna White isn’t quite ready to hang up her evening gowns.
  • The co-host of “Wheel of Fortune” has recently extended her contract for an additional two years, a confirmation made in a press release on September 19. This extension ensures that she will continue in her vital role, revealing letters and adding to the excitement during the 2025-26 season.
  • This contract extension arrives at a time of significant change for the beloved game show. The long-time host, Pat Sajak, will be stepping down after the current season, marking the end of an era.
  • Pat Sajak humorously remarked, “Alright, the time has come,” in a statement on June 12. It’s been an amazing ride, and there’s much to say in the upcoming months. Thank you all very, very much.”
  • Pat Sajak and Vanna White began their journey together on the syndicated show’s nighttime version back in 1983. In 1996, Vanna even took the reins to host the bonus round when Pat’s voice temporarily abandoned him. Then, in November 2019, she temporarily stepped away from her hosting duties to recover from emergency surgery for a blocked intestine, at the age of 76.
  • So, as contestants continue to buy vowels in the upcoming seasons, Vanna White will be there, but with a new host. In fact, for Season 42, the new host will be none other than Ryan Seacrest, known for his role as the host of “American Idol.”
  • The youthful 48-year-old will take over starting from the next fall season, steering the ship in a new direction. Shortly after Pat Sajak announced his retirement, Ryan Seacrest promptly confirmed his excitement about his new role.
  • In a tweet on June 27, Seacrest stated, “I truly stand in awe of the legendary Pat Sajak and his incredible journey with the wheel. I can say, ‘Buy a vowel,’ and invite Pat and Vanna to hang out anytime. They are television legends, and they bring joy to our homes every night.”
  • He remarked, “Pat, I admire the way you’ve always made contestants feel welcome and viewers feel at home. I’m looking forward to learning during this transition.”
  • When it comes to working alongside Vanna White, he concluded, “I can’t wait to continue the tradition of spinning the wheel and working with the incredible Vanna White

    Vanna White’s New Chapter on “Wheel of Fortune” 
  • After the retirement announcement of long-time host Pat Sajak, the seasoned co-host and puzzle board extraordinaire has extended their extraordinary contract for an additional two years. In other news updates, social media representative Maggie Sajak has joined, embarking on her third year, presenting “Vanna’s Showcase,” a new weekly segment for viewers to win prizes, merchandise, and much more, along with the iconic red dress.
  • Alex Wagner has recently retired and will take the place of the departing Robert Ennis as the show’s director, who returned last week for Season 41.
  • White’s return was amid negotiations where she demanded an increase in her salary, the first in 18 years (although she did get bonuses). White, who has been part of the game show for over four decades, reportedly earns nearly $3 million in a year, whereas Sajak earns approximately five times more (Sony Pictures Television declined to comment on the reported difference).

    Sajak’s Retirement and Seacrest’s Arrival
  • As far as Sajak is concerned, he announced his retirement in June but mentioned that he would remain as a consultant for three more years. “Well, the time has come,” Sajak, who has been part of the show since his late-night debut in 1983, stated in a recent statement. It’s been a fantastic ride.” He promised that he has “more to say about it in the coming months.”
  • White had revealed last year that she had struggled with the idea of hosting the game show with different hosts, likening it to “Ken and Barbie.” She said, “We’ve been in people’s homes for 40 years, so it would be strange for someone else to turn my letters.” She also noted that without Sajak, the show would feel “depressed,” saying, “I don’t even want to think about it.”

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