$100 million Verizon settlement$100 million Verizon settlement

Verizon users, brace yourselves for an unexpected windfall! In a surprising turn of events, some Verizon customers will find a unique proposition in their inbox this week – a golden opportunity to claim a share of a staggering $100 million settlement. This unexpected development stems from a class-action lawsuit, granting eligible users a chance to reclaim funds as part of a resolution to legal disputes involving Verizon’s billing practices.

The Settlement Details

Users have been receiving postcards and emails notifying them about the opportunity to file a claim and potentially receive up to $100. The focal point of the legal dispute revolves around Verizon’s “administrative charge.” According to the plaintiff, this charge was misleadingly implemented, as it was not transparently presented in the advertised monthly plan costs. The lawsuit alleges that Verizon collected this fee in a manner deemed “deceptive and unfair.”

Verizon’s Response

Verizon, however, staunchly disputes these allegations. In an official statement, the company maintains that it consistently discloses the wireless administrative charge during various customer interactions – from sales transactions and marketing to contractual agreements and billing. The charge, according to a company spokesperson, is essential to offset regulatory costs and network-related expenses.

The Legal Landscape

This settlement marks the conclusion of four distinct cases consolidated in a New Jersey court – the very state that houses Verizon’s headquarters.

Legal Landscape
Legal Landscape

While the settlement received approval in December, a “fairness hearing” is scheduled for March, ensuring all aspects of the resolution align with legal standards.

The “Junk Fee” and Government Intervention

The lawsuit’s amusing moniker, the “Junk Fee,” not only sparked jokes among users but also attracted the attention of the Biden administration. In a move aimed at protecting consumers, the Federal Trade Commission proposed rules in October of the previous year. These rules, if implemented, would prohibit businesses from imposing hidden or misleading fees and compel companies to transparently disclose all charges.

How to Claim Your Share

For users eager to seize their portion of the settlement, a dedicated website has been established. Here, individuals can complete a straightforward form, providing essential information such as their Verizon account details and preferred method of fund disbursement – options include checks, Venmo, or bank wire.

The filing fee for users looking to claim their share is a minimum of $15, with the potential for an increase based on the duration of Verizon usage and the total number of claimants. Filing a claim is imperative to secure the payment, and only users with postpaid wireless accounts or data plans from January 1, 2016, to November 8, 2023, are eligible.


As this unexpected financial opportunity arises, Verizon users find themselves at the crossroads of a unique settlement that could reshape the narrative around billing transparency. Whether you choose to file a claim or not, the developments underscore the growing emphasis on fair and clear pricing practices in the telecommunications industry. The Verizon settlement not only addresses the concerns of affected users but also sets a precedent for greater accountability and transparency across the corporate landscape.

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