Views on Israel-Saudi Relations Framework and Complexity
Israel-Saudi Relations, According to the USIsrael-Saudi Relations, According to the US

America says that there is a “basic framework” in place to normalize relations between Israel-Saudi Arabia. The White House announced on Friday that they are pushing towards a historic American-brokered agreement to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

President Joe Biden is hoping to transform the Middle East by securing acceptance of the Jewish state by the guardian of Islam’s two holiest sites, Saudi Arabia, and winning diplomatic recognition this year.

National Security Council Spokesperson’s Views on Israel-Saudi Relations Framework and Complexity

John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesperson, expressed his perspective to journalists, stating, “From my standpoint, there exists a fundamental framework, and we have a clear direction to follow.” However, he acknowledged the complexity of the situation, emphasizing that, like any intricate arrangement, it will require effort and compromises from all parties involved.

Israel, after establishing relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Morocco in 2020, is now being pressed by the United States, its main ally in the region, to normalize diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia. Previously, Israel had established relations with Egypt and Jordan.

Crucial to Palestinian negotiations, President Biden has pressed Israel to offer concessions to the Palestinians as part of a possible deal, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been pushed by his right-wing coalition partners who oppose actions in favor of the Palestinian state.

Israel-Saudi Relations
Israel-Saudi Relations

The Palestinian Authority has presented a list of potential measures that they would like to see taken as part of normalized talks between Washington and Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia has demanded that the Palestinians be granted multiple concessions, having abandoned their previous demands in the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative that called for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told Fox News earlier this month that “every day we are getting closer to having normal relations with Israel,” making it clear that the Palestinian issue is still an “extremely important” part of this process.

In exchange for normalizing relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia is also seeking explicit security guarantees, including an agreement with the United States.

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