Warren Buffett Portfolio Move to $600 Million Investment in Occidental Signals Confidence in Energy Group’s Latest Deal

Warren Buffett Portfolio $600 Million Shift
Warren Buffett Portfolio $600 Million Shift

Warren Buffett portfolio (the legendary investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway), made headlines this week with a substantial investment of nearly $600 million in Occidental Petroleum during the first three days. This move signifies Buffett‘s confidence in the energy company and suggests a positive outlook following recent fluctuations in its shares.

Berkshire’s Purchase Details:

According to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, Warren Buffett portfolio conglomerate acquired approximately 10.5 million Occidental shares for around $589 million. This increased Berkshire’s stake to nearly 239 million shares, equivalent to a 26% ownership in the company. At the market’s close, the position was valued at approximately $14 billion, making it one of Berkshire’s top 10 holdings.

Strategic Considerations:

Warren Buffett portfolio additional purchase of Occidental shares this week indicates a continued interest in the integration project. It is possible that he sees an opportunity to capitalize on Occidental’s current undervaluation, as the company’s shares have dropped from a peak of around $67 in September to approximately $57, reflecting a 15% decrease.

Collaboration with Occidental in the Past:

In 2019, Buffett and his team aided Occidental Petroleum in its takeover bid for Anadarko Petroleum by obtaining preferred shares and warrants in exchange for financial support.

Occidental in the Past
Occidental in the Past

Initially holding nearly $10 billion in preferred shares, Berkshire’s position in Occidental has evolved over the recent months.

Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations:

The recent decline in Occidental’s stock can be attributed to the overall decrease in oil prices in recent months. Concerns among investors have risen due to fears that economic slowdowns in China and other countries may reduce the demand for petroleum. West Texas Intermediate, a benchmark for U.S. crude oil, has experienced a significant drop from around $94 to $70 per barrel since the end of September.

Warren Buffett portfolio Investment Strategy:

Known for his global reputation as a savvy investor, Warren Buffett portfolio specializes in identifying undervalued stocks. His decision to invest in Occidental suggests that he believes the company’s shares are currently trading at an attractive price. In the past, Warren Buffett portfolio has expressed support for companies that focus on strengthening their operations, debt repayment, increasing dividends, and generating stable long-term free cash flow. He commended the leadership of CEO Vicki Hollub last March, stating that the company is being run “in the right way.”

Berkshire’s Previous Involvement:

Berkshire initiated its position in Occidental Common shares in the spring of the previous year and secured regulatory approval for up to 50% ownership. With an annual 8% dividend payout of the $8 billion preferred stock, Berkshire also holds the option to purchase an additional $5 billion of common shares at a predetermined price.


Warren Buffett portfolio move to invest in Occidental Petroleum reflects his confidence in the company’s long-term prospects. As oil prices fluctuate and market conditions evolve, Buffett’s decision to increase Berkshire’s stake indicates a well-thought-out investment strategy. Only time will tell how this move will play out, but with Warren Buffett portfolio track record, many investors will be watching Occidental Petroleum with renewed interest.

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