Warriors' Trade Offer for LeBron James Rejected by Lakers,..
Trade OfferWarriors' Trade Offer for LeBron James Rejected by Lakers

Introduction: Trade Deadline Drama

Last week, the Warriors and Lakers were active on the trade deadline. A groundbreaking inquiry, featuring a notable Trade offer, surfaced on Wednesday, shaking the league. Are you ready for it? The Warriors, via ESPN, mounted a real pursuit to acquire superstar LeBron James from the Lakers, who ultimately expressed their desire to stay in LA for the time being at least. Amidst the flurry of last-minute trade discussions, the Warriors boldly extended a trade offer for LeBron James, but the Lakers’ commitment to keeping their star player in Los Angeles remained steadfast.

It started with a call from Warriors owner Joe Lacob to Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, which wasn’t of much interest until LeBron became potentially available. It seemed like a possibility as his social media vibe hinted at restlessness (he tweeted a glass emoji for an hour, likely a portrait of impatience as the Lakers’ deadline approached). Taking it to the Deadline, the reality is James has remained silent about his potential free agency this season, creating an intriguing backdrop for a potential Trade offer.

Buss Directs Warriors to LeBron’s Agent

Buss sent the Warriors to LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, who also represents Draymond Green. Green, as it turns out, was the one who encouraged Lacob to pursue James aggressively. So much so that Green sent a text to Paul indicating his client’s and friend’s willingness to sell on the idea of joining forces with the Warriors. Sources said that when Dunleavy Jr., Lakers GM Rob Pelinka’s counterpart, reached out before the trade, he too was told the Lakers wanted to keep James, despite the enticing prospect of a potential Trade offer.

At this stage of their careers, LeBron and Curry forming a team might sound like an internet fantasy. Neither is the player they once were, but both are still legitimate superstars and would make for quite the basketball duo, considering their respective skills.

Warriors’ Trade Offer Pursuit for LeBron.

LeBron James
Warriors’ Trade Offer Pursuit for LeBron.

Who would the Warriors have had to trade to get LeBron? They could have paired up Chris Paul and Andrew Wiggins for salary matching purposes (let’s say, for argument’s sake, that Christian Wood is in the Lakers, just for the sake of argument). Or they could have made something around Klay Thompson. The Lakers would certainly have asked about Jonathan Kuminga in the discussions surrounding a potential Trade offer.

Nothing came to fruition. No deal happened. But the Warriors, as it turns out, weren’t the only team to reach out to LA about the possibility of obtaining LeBron. Philadelphia 76ers President Daryl Morey did the same.

From the ESPN report:

Sources said Dunleavy Jr. was Pelinka’s second-team executive call regarding a potential James trade. A dirty social media post of James’ glass for an hour a week before the trade deadline caught attention. Philadelphia 76ers basketball operations chief Daryl Morey summoned Pelinka for inquiries about James’ trade and was immediately told that James was unavailable. Pelinka, in turn, responded with a question, asking whether Joel Embiid was available, sources said. And that was the end of the brief conversation, leaving no room for a potential Trade offer involving LeBron James.

Morey’s History of Bold Trade Calls

Sources said such daring trade calls are a common occurrence in Morey’s history, which also included a call to Phoenix Suns and inquiring about Dario Saric before the deadline. When Dario wasn’t available, Morey asked about Devin Booker and Bradley Beal. It was surprising that they weren’t available either. Trust Morey to take big swings. He wasn’t completely out of the running as the Sixers were tradeable for Kyle Lowry, and who knows, maybe the Sixers, who could use a 10th player, might make a real run at LeBron this offseason if they can afford to let go of their player. The Lakers’ option for a potential Trade offer remains uncertain.

It won’t be the last time we speculate on this possibility. But for now, LeBron James is still a Laker, regardless of whether the NBA’s biggest names are trying to sign him.


The Warriors made announcements just before the deadline when they tried to get LeBron James through a frenzy of trade discussions. But they weren’t the only teams competing for the best player on the Lakers. The NBA is aflutter with ideas that the Lakers have received and turned down trade proposals from other teams.  The Warriors’ audacious trade offer for LeBron amid the craze brought a new level of drama to the story and demonstrated the importance of the NBA trade deadline.


  1. Why did the Warriors make a trade bid for LeBron James at the deadline?

Ans:    The Warriors, seeking a strategic move, made a bold bid for LeBron James, aiming to shake up the league dynamics.

  1. Did just the Warriors express interest in obtaining LeBron through trade?

Ans:   They weren’t, to be honest. It was a broad chase, with the Lakers receiving and rejecting trade offers from other teams.

  1. Did the Lakers entertain any trade offers for LeBron?

Ans:    Despite the interest from various teams, the Lakers reportedly rejected trade offers, signaling their commitment to keeping LeBron James on their roster.

  1. What impact did the Warriors’ trade bid have on the NBA landscape?

Ans:    The Warriors’ pursuit of LeBron added significant drama to the trade deadline, intensifying the league-wide speculation surrounding player movements.

  1. Is there any information on other teams the Lakers rejected for a LeBron trade?

Ans:    While specific details are not provided, the report suggests that the Lakers shot down trade proposals from several teams, creating a buzz around potential blockbuster deals.

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