Warriors vs Lakers: Curry's 32 Points Propel Warriors Past..
Warriors vs LakersCurry's 32 Points Propel Warriors Past Lakers 128-110 Despite LeBron's Absence

Introduction: Warriors vs Lakers

In the recent Warriors vs Lakers game, Stephen Curry played a pivotal role in leading Golden State to victory. Despite LeBron James being sidelined for the Lakers, Curry’s stellar performance, where he scored 32 points, was crucial in securing a convincing win for the Warriors. Throughout the intense game, Curry showcased his exceptional skills and leadership, guiding his team to a final score of 128-110 in favor of the Warriors. This matchup underscored Curry’s ability to excel on the court, demonstrating his knack for delivering when it counts. Once again, the clash between the Warriors and Lakers treated fans to an exciting showcase of basketball talent, with Curry stealing the spotlight with his outstanding display.

Curry Leads Warriors to Win

Stephen Curry wasted no time in making an impact, sinking crucial shots right from the start. In the highly anticipated Warriors vs Lakers matchup, Golden State emerged victorious over the Los Angeles Lakers, who were missing LeBron James, in their recent clash. Despite a tough battle that extended into double overtime, the Warriors received some assistance towards the end to secure the win.

Stephen Curry played a key role in the victory, contributing 32 points, including six successful 3-pointers, and providing eight assists. The final score stood at 128-110 in favor of the Warriors, as both teams returned to action after the All-Star break. Notably, Curry’s aggressive approach from the outset has become a defining feature of the Golden State roster.

“It takes a lot of energy just to keep him and the crowd engaged,” said a pleased Trace Jackson-Davis, who scored 17 points off the bench on his 24th birthday in the thrilling Warriors vs Lakers matchup. “After you hit a couple of shots like that with a caliber player, you want to feed him as much as possible because you know it’s hard to stop him when he’s in that zone.”

Curry Joins Elite NBA Players

Curry marked a significant milestone in his career by achieving his 6,000th career assist, a testament to his exceptional skills on the court. This achievement places him among the NBA’s elite, as only the eighth player in history to reach both 23,000 points and 6,000 assists. Joining the likes of James, Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, and John Havlicek, Curry’s legacy in the sport is solidified.

In the thrilling Warriors vs Lakers game, Curry displayed his prowess by sinking five 3-pointers out of his initial 12 shots, totaling 16 points by halftime. Despite facing a 67-56 deficit, Curry’s remarkable performance helped the Warriors stage a comeback just before halftime, marking the 16th time this season he’s scored at least 20 points in a half.

“I think he’s feeling confident about his game,” remarked Coach Steve Kerr, discussing Curry’s role in the intense Warriors vs Lakers showdown. “He adds value to the team,” noted Coach Steve Kerr. Curry, a two-time MVP, continues to impress with his exceptional skills, sinking six or more 3-pointers in six recent games and scoring at least 30 points in four of his last six matches. His impressive performance included making 12 of 24 shots, resulting in 24 points and 12 rebounds, marking his 12th triple-double of the season.

Lakers’ Winning Streak Broken

Stephen Curry
Lakers’ Winning Streak Broken

Los Angeles ended an eight-game winning streak in three games with only its second loss in the intense Warriors vs Lakers matchup – and it was a much different ending than the last meeting when the Lakers pulled away for a 145-144 win in double overtime on January 27th. Andrew Wiggins contributed 20 points to the Golden State team, while Jonathan Kuminga achieved a career-best 34th game by scoring 12 points and reaching double figures. Their efforts helped the Warriors secure their ninth victory in 11 games since their previous loss to the Lakers.             

James had 36 points, 20 rebounds, and 12 assists for his triple-double in the intense Warriors vs Lakers game. Los Angeles coach Frank Vogel called James’ injury a “day-to-day thing.” “We’ll see how he feels when we wake up in the morning,” Vogel said. James has a peroneal tendinopathy in his left ankle and soreness in his knee outside of his foot.

Thompson’s Struggles, Contributions

Klay Thompson didn’t have the best start in the intense Warriors vs Lakers matchup, missing his first six shots and two 3-pointers. But when it mattered, he came through with a key basket just 45 seconds before the game ended. Even though he only scored three points on 1-for-9 shooting, Thompson still made a big impact with five assists and four rebounds. Coach Kerr is hopeful as he looks forward to the return of Chris Paul, who’s recovering from surgery for a fractured left hand, for their next road trip.


In the highly anticipated Warriors vs Lakers matchup, Stephen Curry’s outstanding performance led Golden State to a convincing victory with a score of 128-110, despite LeBron James being absent from the Lakers’ lineup. Curry’s impressive 32-point contribution highlighted his influence on the game, reaffirming his importance as a key player for the Warriors. Although the Lakers put up a strong fight, they couldn’t keep up with Curry and the Warriors’ offensive prowess. This game underscored Curry’s exceptional skill and the fierce competitiveness between the two teams in the Warriors vs Lakers rivalry. As the game concluded, it was evident that Curry’s performance played a crucial role in determining the outcome of this exhilarating match.


  1. How many points did Stephen Curry score in the Warriors vs Lakers game?

Ans:    Stephen Curry netted 32 points during the match.

  1. What was the final score of the Warriors vs Lakers game?

Ans:    The final score ended 128-110, with the Warriors clinching the win.

  1. Who was missing from the Lakers lineup during the Warriors vs Lakers game?

Ans:    LeBron James was absent from the Lakers team during the match.

  1. By how many points did the Lakers fall short in the Warriors vs Lakers game?

Ans:    The Lakers were defeated by 18 points in the Warriors vs Lakers game.

  1. What stood out as the highlight of the Warriors vs Lakers game for Stephen Curry?

Ans:    Stephen Curry’s remarkable 32-point performance shone as the standout moment of the game.

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