Getting Accepted to College Before Applying with the Common App Recruitment Strategy"

student receiving a college acceptance letter

The Common App is a non-profit organization that provides a single application form for more than 1,000 colleges and universities. 

student filling out a college application

Common App Direct Admissions is a program that offers admission to qualified students before they apply.

student receiving an email from Common App Direct Admission

Participating colleges set a minimum GPA for students in their home state. The program also targets first-generation students and students from low-income households.

student smiling and holding a college acceptance letter

Students who are admitted through Common App Direct Admissions are more likely to apply to and enroll at the participating colleges.

student looking at a college website

Students must meet the minimum GPA requirements for their home state and be either a first-generation student or from a low-income household.

student creating a Common App account

Students can apply for Common App Direct Admissions through their high school counselor or by creating a Common App account.

student graduating from college

Thousands of students have been admitted to college through Common App Direct Admissions.

group of students walking into a college building

Common App Direct Admissions is a promising new program that has the potential to make college admissions more equitable and accessible.