Alina Habba Faces Allegations of Attorney/Client Privilege Breach: Insights from Former Trump Lawyer

Alina Habba

Trump lawyer Habba accused by Cohen of breaching attorney-client privilege. Habba denies.

Michael Cohen

Disbarred ex-Trump lawyer Cohen, sentenced for crimes, criticizes Trump.

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Attorney-client privilege protects lawyer-client secrets for best legal help. Breaching it can lead to punishment and evidence exclusion.

Alina Habba

Alina Habba, a lawyer for Donald Trump, denied allegations of breaching attorney-client privilege. She accused Michael Cohen of making false statements and plans to defend herself.


Habba risks disciplinary action (reprimand, suspension, disbarment) from Texas Bar and lawsuit from Cohen if found to have breached attorney-client privilege.

Donald Trump

Trump lawyer Habba's legal woes could hurt Trump's reputation and future legal options. Lawyers may be hesitant to represent him due to the privilege breach association.

Future unclear for Habba after Cohen's accusation. Possible charges or out-of-court settlement. Both parties may seek to avoid litigation costs and risks.

unclear what will happen in the future of this case

Alina Habba

Trump lawyer Habba faces serious allegations of breaching attorney-client privilege. Potential consequences include disciplinary actions, lawsuits, and reputational damage. However, Habba is innocent until proven guilty.