Prison Break Drama: 'Escape from Pretoria' Movie in Review

Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee

Escape from Pretoria: Two white South Africans, Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee, imprisoned for fighting against apartheid, hatch a daring plan to escape.

Pretoria Central Prison

Pretoria Central Prison: One of the most notorious prisons in South Africa, known for its brutal conditions and high security.

Wooden key

Wooden keys: The key to their escape, meticulously crafted by Jenkin over many months.

Ventilation shaft

Ventilation shaft: Their exit route, a narrow and cramped shaft that led to the roof of the prison.

Prison guard

Text: Prison guards: Unsuspecting guards who were fooled by Jenkin and Lee's elaborate escape plan.

Prison courtyard

Prison courtyard: Where Jenkin and Lee made their final preparations, waiting for the perfect moment to escape.



Freedom: Jenkin and Lee successfully escape from Pretoria Central Prison, a victory for the anti-apartheid movement.

Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee today

Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee today: Two men who risked their lives for freedom, and continue to inspire others in the fight for justice.